Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Discovery Cafe & Guest House, Melaka

Looking for a budget accommodation? This is the place. It is located along Jalan Bunga Raya, next to Chan Koon Cheng Bridge and near the St. Francis Xavier Church.

 The left beer 'mountain' is installed with the multicolour lights which will be switched on at night.

 Suitable to its name as Discovery Cafe, one can discover many antiques displayed. Among them are the wine bottle, guitar, typewriter, radio and etc.

 sewing machine, music player and etc.

 There is uncountable collection of antiques.

Top pic: The boss, Mr Teng Kim Sia Bottom left: WIFI is available at the lobby (ground floor). There is free internet access for first half an hour for online bookings. Bottom right: Thats the entrance to the stairs to go up to the room.

 Along the corridor, there are pictures of old Malacca.

Here comes our ROOM. Looks nice?? A room for 4 persons which cost us only RM 70. Cheap isn't? *Updated:By right it costs Rm 25/person = RM 100 with a bathroom attached. However, the bathroom is located outside.

Well, it doesn't look nice at this angle. Not only this place has the collection of antiques, it also has the 'antiques' wall as well. Well, it does look dirty and moulded. Just make sure you do not touch on it. Charlene changed her mind to stay with us for the night. Haha.

 At least, there is an air conditioner. The right lamp look nice? Well, as for now it is for display only as it is not functionable.


We bought this Kampai for RM 3. Initially, we thought it is a real kampai. But to our surprise, it is a non alcoholic kampai and instead it is a fruit juice with 5% concentration. As seen, there are many flavors including apple, pineapple and lemon.

 Just awake Suk Yen

 cam-whoring me


 Well, it will not complete if I do not put the picture of the toilet. Let's investigate~

Each floor has two toilet. The first toilet is for mainly small and big business. While the second one, ONLY bathing. For bathing toilet, there is a water heater. Look at the bottom right pic. This is the way in olden day generation to lock the door.

 Parked my car opposite this 'hotel'. Can you spot my car?

We check out quite early even before this guest house open its doors. Since the front entrance is closed, we need to climb down the backstairs in green. It is a narrow stair and it's a long journey climbing down as we stayed at the highest floor. Then, we can put our key into the key deposit box and thats it. So simple. They cant even track me should I steal anything. Between, this is the first time I went to such guest house. Nice experience indeed. *Facilities:
  • Food & Beverage (Local cuisine, Western, Seafood)
  • Antique & Collectibles
  • Travel Guidebboks Library
  • Live Band Music / Karaoke
  • Music & Cable TV / Cinemax
  • Photography Studio
  • Internet / IDD Services / WiFi-Service
  • Bicycle rental available - RM 7 - RM 15 per day Return before 12am regardless pick up time
  • Motorcycle rental also available
  • Pool tables & Darts & Carrum by the riverfront
  • Daily bus ticket to KLIA / LCCT available
  • Taxi booking & Bus ticket reservation services
  • Tourguide with transport available.
  • Dormitory RM 15 (A/C & Locker)
  • Room RM 25 onwards (Fan)
  • Room RM 40 onwards (A/C)
  • Private Functions - Approx 150 pax (Birthday, Reunions, Gatherings with buffet facilities), Live Band (4 ppl) for hire
  • Bicycle rental available - RM 7 - RM 15 per day Return before 12am regardless pick up time
  • Motorcycle rental also available
  • Pool tables & Darts & Carrum by the riverfront
  • Daily bus ticket to KLIA / LCCT available
  • Taxi booking & Bus ticket reservation services
  • Tourguide with transport available .
*Adapted from http://www.discovery-malacca.com

No.3 Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka. Tel: 06-2925606


sabahking said...

the room look not that nice !! nad the toilet look dirty leh !!

KwOnG FeI said...

dats is called budget hotel and antique hotel..
by rite it should costs higher which is rm 25 per person = rm 100
however they charged us RM 70 only.
i think preferably because of the seen condition of the room.. haha

Joanne Chan said...

It seems you had a nice experience staying in Discovery guest house. Do you really enjoyed yourself there?

KwOnG FeI said...

good question..
as for me, this is the first time i went to a guest house (hotel)like that..
for me, most important is to have a place to sleep and secondly, the price must be affordable..
since both are ok, i dun really bother whether it is moulded or not..
to say enjoying staying there, the answer will be a NO. There is actually other guest house that offers similar price.
but to stay with friends, chat till early in the morning, playing chor tai dee and chatting + gossiping around are definitely an enjoyable experience.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, the room is ...errr i would not dare to stay in there

KwOnG FeI said...

haha.. many say that..
no choice lor.. alrdy make the payment..
i would say its a 'good' experience but i dont think will come back again~

Unknown said...

but to be honest, seem like they din clean the room or change the bedsheet one. the next day, my back got rashes d. so u all know how is it loh. i think no more next time at here d.hehe

KwOnG FeI said...

no change??
at first i also felt same thing..
the bed sheet irritate my skin actually..
but i didn't say anything coz i thought its normal..

Anonymous said...


we have a group of fren would like to book budget hotel at malacca. any recommended? i saw ur thread saying there is other who offer similiar price as Discovery guest house, can reply mi at sookfern@gmail.com?



motornomad said...

The pics are really of the worst room in the guesthouse, why you didn't ask for another room?
A fresh renovated extension of the discovery guesthouse will open next week opposite the old location.

KwOnG FeI said...

first, we already paid and then only shown to the room..
2nd, thats the only room available..
since we want privacy so that we can talk as loud as possible at night, we just 'try to ignore' and have the 1st time experience of being in such conditions.
Actually, there is a dorm which can accomodate 10 persons... another fren of mine went and it seemed no complaint which I shall say newer or no moulded wall..
well.. let it be the first and the last time.. haha... thats the norm of traveler, rite?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is the best place I have stayed in by far on my three month travel through South-East Asia. The staff are the most friendly I have ever met, and are more than willing to help you in everyway possible. We had the priviledge of meeting the owner of the Guesthouse and he was so kind. He shouted us free lunches, dinners, and breakfasts, as well as beer, discounts on everything, and free internet. We weren't going to stay here, but we are so so glad we did, it really made our experience in Malacca all the better!

We were planning on staying two nights, and ended up staying a week. Mr Teng gave us the opportunity to try local cuisine, and truly experience local culture.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to stay here, it was the best place I have ever stayed, truly!

Unknown said...

Interesting and informative :) Thanks. Hope my melaka trip turns out fun!

Misha said...

Ooh the photos of the room you stayed and the toilets aren't very pretty.

I stayed at the hostel last weekend with a friend and we got the (I suppose) new rooms across the street.
If we had been placed in the rooms above the cafe my experience would have been different (in a bad way).

It was my first time staying at a hostel and it was pleasantly memorable for me.
Except that I couldn't sleep well because the air-cond that was always on full blast, I have no other complaint.

Love the ambiance at the cafe in the evening :) They have a live band and also tv (on a big screen).

And the staff, especially 2 guys called Ash and James (there was another nice Chinese guy whom I thought looked like Allan Wu from Amazing Asia Race!!!)
.The guys were very friendly and helpful. They made my stay even more memorable.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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