Saturday, January 17, 2009

Portuguese Village, Melaka

The time was about 11 pm ++. We were late from the schedule to arrive here for the famous Portuguese seafood. This Portuguese Village is located in Ujong Pasir, Melaka. Few days after our visit which was on 27 December 2008, this place drew thousands visitors as it hosted the national-level Christmas celebrations.

It is not easy to find this place. You need a local friend or bring along a map.

As we passed through the village, we can see the villagers there were celebrating the upcoming Christmas which fall on the following Wednesday. Should we have come earlier, we may have celebrated with them together.

 This Santa popped up suddenly through the windows of my car and was greeting us.

Each of the houses along the road was well decorated with Christmas deco as well as the Christmas tree. We can see many people were flocking in and out of the village and thus causing a massive traffic jam.

Our destination was to this RM 1.95 million Rest and Recreation food court in the Portuguese Village. It is a newly built building which houses about 10++ seafood restaurants. Wow.. I didn't know that this building costs that much until I read an article in the newspaper.

 This restaurant was claimed to be a better one among all. The best one was closed.

 After that, we looked for fresh seafood offered. As you know the time was a bit late, many were out of stock. (eg. squid)


 This guy know how to speak Mandarin.


 Wan Nah playing around with the crab

This food court is located just in front of the sea. So, one can feel the cool breeze of the air while waiting for the food to be ready here.

Otherwise, you can take pictures around like what Wan Nah did.

 The surroundings was still under construction and I believe will be beautified soon.

 It is windy at the night here.

 Every one seemed to be tired due to the hectic journey of the day.

Orange juice for suk yen costs RM 2.50.

 This is the otak-otak which costs RM 12.00 for 8 pieces


 This is the Portuguese style baked fish which costs RM 26.00. (price based on the weight of the fish selected)

 Best eaten when added with squeezed lime.


Chatting after eating

Charlene did not eat as she was very full. Well, we only ordered two dishes as everyone was full and wanted to test and taste only. We also ordered sky juice for the rest. Then, they gave us two bottles of mineral water with cold glasses without ice and normal glasses as well. Weird? That's the style here.

Charlene was drawing a map for us to show the way to Ayer Keroh, our next day destination. Suk Yen had then became the assistant driver in charge of map & direction.

 Nice environment for late night dining?

J'Splash Five Restaurant,
No.5, Medan Selera,
Kampung Portugis,
75050 Melaka.
Tel: 012-6925177/012-6794069


Elizabeth Monteiro said...

go to Papa Joe's if u r looking for authentic portuguese food...and ya thanks for the call

KwOnG FeI said...

haha.. hope it do not shocked you..
i actually forgot to return a call to you to explain the craziness of my friend..

Unknown said...

hi kwong fei... if J.Spalsh Five was the better one.. wat is the name of the best one? i'll be goin to melaka this sunday. would appreciate if you can suggest afew places.

KwOnG FeI said...

hey shomitha,

I asked my friend Elizabeth and she recommend to go to PaPA Joe (the best among all) and try the devil curry on top of the seafood.

If you want recommendation to go places around melaka, I suggest you to read my Melaka A-Z post (located at all time favourite post list) where I had listed a good itinerary for 2 D 1 N trips with various places around Melaka to hop for. And of course, i blog on each places I had visited.

Enjoy your vacation ~

burnfish said...

Kampung Portugis
75050 Malacca Town, Melaka

hi so is this the address to Portuguese village?

bernice86 said...

what is dat best food at j'splash five

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