Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seoul Garden @ IOI Mall Puchong

Introducing to you another ALL you can EAT buffet; SEOUL GARDEN located at IOI Mall, Puchong.

Ginseng Chicken soup
There are 4 varieties of soups that you can choose including Chinese Herbal, Ginseng Chicken, Tomyam and Kimchi. You can grill or boil here.

Seafod kimchi soup

Wide varieties of seafood products including prawn, lala, kapah, brown squid, bamboo clam, half shell mussel, half shell scallop and crab.

Curry marinated fish
BBQ marinated meat includes beef, chicken, mutton, squid and fish.

Meats are marinated into different flavours including black pepper, Szechuan, Bulgogi, Char siew, chili, curry, tomyam, teriyaki and garlic.

Chili marinated fish

Vegetables section.

Cooked food station.
I would say cooked food is not their specialty and perhaps there was not many customers at that time, there was only few portion left and it seemed it have been remained for long hours.

Fresh fruits section

Drinks section. I am quite satisfied with the range of drinks offered. There are tea or coffee, carbonated drinks and fruit juices.

There are varieties of 6 ice cream at one time and not only that, it also have the corn flakes, blended nuts and raisins. Perfectly nice for those who like to have add on their ice cream DIY type.

Yen Moi and Siew Hoon at the Seafood station.
Please be reminded that no photo taking is allowed. So, pandai-pandai la. There was one staff who kept looking at me so I couldn't take any more photos.

Wee Ling and Chui Wei at Noodles station.

At anytime, should you feel to change the soup, no worry. Just let the staff know and they will change for you with no additional cost. But, be civilised, finished up your remaining soup first.

This was the cooked mee that we taken to fill up our stomach upon reaching here. It was cool and tasteless.

Jambu air
Little did I know, jambu air is from Syzygium samarangense species which is native to Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Samoa. Common names include:
  1. wax apple
  2. love apple
  3. java apple
  4. chomphu (in Thai)
  5. Mận (in Vietnam)
  6. bellfruit (In Taiwan)
  7. Jamaican Apple (in Jamaica)
  8. Jambu air (in Indonesian), 
  9. water apple
  10. mountain apple
  11. jambu air ("water guava" in Malay)
WoW, so many different common names when I tried to find the term in English.

The marinated meat

Our products

This should be chicken meat which taste absolutely gooD!

Top: Yen Moi, Chui Wei, Wee Ling
Bottom: Siew Hoon, Kuan Poh, Me

ME with my DIY ice kacang. I prefer DIY very much as you can try to blend different items and evaluate your outcome. How was my ice kacang??

The happy couples doing 'assignment'

Yen Moi with her DIY ice cream.

Chui Wei and Wee Ling with their ice cream.

There is also a Korean appetizer station (no picture) which includes Kimchi, Kong Namual, Chin Namual, Ya Chay Namual and Oil Namual. Don't ask me what are these as I don't really like the taste. 

The food is really worth it for the price we had paid.

This is the most current price at time of posting

It's always good to be student as you can get student price. I went to dine here with my friends in end of May and the pricing at that time was RM 26.88 per person for student dinner buffet. It seems that it had now increased to RM 28.88. The prices excludes service charge 10%.

Total damages: RM 161.28 (with free flow drinks)
10% service charge: RM 16.13
Damage per person: RM 29.57

Seoul Garden,
Lot EG 9 & EG 10,
Ground Floor IOI Mall (New Wing),
Batu 9, Jalan Puchong,
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor.
Telephone : 03-8076 8726


jfook said...

Is it still valid? Cos you went there during May. Now it's July already.

SonnyKazu said...

man... I hungry for a buffet meal... :D

Dori Lukey said...

wow the student price is definitely worth it with free flow drinks! but it seems to me like if you're not a student u can't get free flow drinks... ouch...

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Idzwan Phoenix said...

I miss Seoul Garden...good place for Korean food...although the kimchi wasn't that spicy the last time I went...i wanna spicy food =p

Hikki aka Amanda said...

haha, i wanna try too, but no time for me to go so far ><

ahmei said...

wei.. u bring up my memories.. duhs. miss hanging out with u all T_T

Ronnie said...

Really miss the foods there.. only been once !

Malaysia Girl said...

Your pictures always make me hungry, lol!

Seoul Garden looks spectacular. Need to give it a try! :-)

KwOnG FeI said...

@jfook: thr is some price increment nw

@sonny: haha go try it!

@Lukey: is alwiz good to be a student

@idzwan: haha.. i dun really like kimchi .

@ahmei: haha.. come lets go more places

@Ronnie: haha.. come again~

@Malaysia girl: yeap!

Jαnnαhツ said...

gotta try this. it looks way too tempting. i almost got myself drooling.

thought of going to SG this Wednesday but since it's public holiday the price would be the same. alas, what a waste!

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