Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two kampung chickens invade my kitchen!

My cousin who came to my house for reunion dinner last night brought along with 2 kampung chickens. These 2 birds are meaty and muscular in size. They are raised by my auntie back at my hometown.
Earlier in the morning, these two birds seem quite obedient. They did not move a lot and their waste is just very little. Between, I wonder why my mum did not tie them. My sister take it as an excuse for not cooking the barley drinks for me. She said she scared if the chickens fly towards her.
Now, they become violent. One bird fly to the top of the water container. Look at the destruction made by these chickens. The floor is bombarded with their non stop natural bombs.
Guess my mum will be shock later when she saw them. Between, they will be nicely chopped off by my mum soon. These chickens are very different compared to the one sold in market. They are raised for personal diet.


Josephine said...

My mom just bought 2 live chicken. they are now in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

lol...sweet revenge on the chicken. happy chinese new year

KwOnG FeI said...

at the point of writing this, the chicken have been sent to the freeze room aka refrigerator..
to josephine: hope ur mum wont ask u to clean the waste~

Unknown said...

these chickens are the best!

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