Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Museum Cafe (Jonker Dessert 88) at Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat)


This is the most famous place in Malacca town to hop in for 'tong shui' namely the cendol and the laksa. We went here for dinner at Day 1 and breakfast at Day 2. Let's see what type of delicacies they offered.


The inherited home cooked recipe


 Enlarge the pic to see the menu and the prices. Prices range from RM 2.50 to RM 3.50 for most common foods.

Well, we can judges whether the food is nice or not by looking to the 'full house' of customers.

It's a self service cafe which you need to wait and pay for the food ordered at the stalls. Look at the crowded entrance, hardly to move.


Some of the displayed collections


The morning crowd as early as 9 am ++.


Potraits collection
It is named as Museum Cafe as one can find uncountable collections and antiques everywhere inside the cafe.





 Charlene recommended us for the famous baba laksa and nyonya asam laksa.


 Famous baba laksa. Highly recommended. RM 3.50


Famous nyonya asam laksa. Highly recommended. RM 3.50


Nyonya nasi lemak with baba rendang chicken. RM 3.50


Baba rendang chicken and rice. Rm 3.50.


 Fried fish ball (Rm 2 for set of 5 fishball) and fried tau fu (Rm 0.60 each)

 *Baba ice kacang. We also ordered baba durian ice kacang. Both are highly recommended.

 *Baba cendol.
There is also baba durian cendol. Both are highly recommended.

* The unique taste is mainly due to the use of gula Melaka.


 Honey sea coconut ice kacang

 Honey mixed fruit ice kacang

 Mango ice kacang

Can you see the long queue? Glad that we need not to wait long for our seat. So, if you do not want a long wait, do come early.

Jonker Dessert 88 (Museum Cafe),
88, Jonker Walk, 75200 Melaka.


xin said...

i was there 2 weeks ago too :D but i had only the chendol tho since i had chicken rice for lunch before having dessert. i still remember the smell of the asam laska from my neighbor table...yummm

KwOnG FeI said...

dat would be a waste if do not taste it..
perhaps in ur next trip, u can share with your friends and dun eat too full in each station/places u going..

acura said...

I have been to this place before. Yeah, there is always a large crowd. That's because the food is good, I love their ais kacang. And the ambiance is very nice too

Shu Yi said...

eh....i went junker road b4 but din notice tis place....

KwOnG FeI said...

acura: the only thing is you must bear with the long wait.. as for my experience, it never happens to me..hehe

shu yi: haiz how come u din notice? it is the shop with the large crowd...

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