Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Decoration at 1 Utama New Wing, Damansara

Before we go to the main topic, let's have some intro. After eating at Zanmai Sushi, we divided ourselves into 2 groups in which one look for clothes and another one for movie. So, my group went to cinema and chose to watch Lady Cop Papa Crook.
It was our first time watching movie here. It is so high class that we needed to take the elevators up to the cinema.
Spotted this and asked them to pose for a picture.
Actually, I am yet to watch Bedtime Stories. Any1 have the CD? Between, nice pic? Alright, no camera was allowed during screening. After the movie, the girls started their routine to do window shopping. Meanwhile, I walked around till I saw the decor for CNY. Stalls selling the new year decors were seen in the left and right corner of the centre court. The Chinese house and mountain background Red lanterns decor symbolising the Chinese New Year The lanterns were hung on top floors surrounding the centre court. It gonna be a lion dance at 4 pm. How lucky I was to be able to spend the time here and taking pictures while the ladies carried out their duties. The two big lion's heads Awaiting for the starting of the event. And here it begun. The place I stood was blocked by a lady in front. I needed to wait for the lion to come forward and raised up my hand high to capture the pictures. Compare this pic with the earlier one. The whole place was packed with people. Yea.. the lion was seen coming to the front poles.
I was glad that the pictures taken were clear. Normally, my camera with zoom on hardly take a nice picture. In addition, I needed to take without flash in which meant steady hand throughout the event.
After the main blue lion finished the performance, the rests of the lions joined in. There were altogether 6 lions on show. The lions were being caressed by the public as a sign of luck. That was the end of the show. Feel sad can't show more photos as I was BLOCKED. The back view of the stage Team works to remove the poles and supporting structures Should the earlier picture was clear, maybe I can send the picture to the Star. Haha..
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