Thursday, January 15, 2009

Melaka River Cruise

Our next destination is to the Melaka River Cruise Jetty. We actually do not know the way to this place. However, a good Samaritan with her family who were going to the same place led us the way from Pirate Park.

There is a spice garden nearby this jetty. We didn't enter into the garden but I noticed that the plants nearby the jetty is placed with a info board written the name of the particular plants as well as the scientific name.

This place is popular among Malay families to hang out during the weekend. Unfortunately, we were not able to cruise the Malacca river around the town as the queue was extremely LONG. Each boats takes about 45 minutes to complete the whole journey. REMINDER: Do come early and if not, you better bring drinks or snack foods along during the queue.


 This is what one will experienced on the boat.


 scenic view of the Malacca town


 and the Melaka river


 including the colourful lighted building

Zorb ball on the water. Amazing but the area is too small to feel the bigger excitement.


 zorbing or globe riding..isn't fun?

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