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Mister Potato Fiesta 2009, Mist Club Bangsar - Pictures

This event was held in Mist Club, Bangsar on 19 December 2009. Me and my friends got the invitation by writing a blog post on why we should not compromise in the quality of potato chips. You can check my blog entry here. Thanks to Google Map. I was able to reach here in time and did not miss my way perhaps for the first time. This place is quite near from Mid Valley and also Bangsar Village.
Me, Lim Di di, CC, Charlene, Heather & Nicole
We reached here close to 6.30 pm which was just in time according to the invitation. However, bloggers were allowed to enter at about 7.15 pm citing reason of the technicians were testing the sound system. Many of us have to wait outside which started to rain gradually. While waiting for entrance, we took pictures around. As you can see, we were given a goodies bag and also a hat painted with red. The goodies bag contained mister potato chips, roller coaster potato rings, Corntoz chips, Twisties, Mamee and also a can bottle of mister potato chips. Solo picture except mine. The crowd was unexpected 'very low' compared to the Tiger Standout Party. There were more Malay bloggers than the non Malay. Since I do not read Malay blog, I do not know any of them. Perhaps, the only one I knew was Red Mummy which as usual clad in red. Ironically, not many take picture with this background. When we started to take the pictures, every one was looking at us assuming we were doing something unusual. After our shots and the appearance of the Mister Potato promotional video clip' model, Mr. Sham, then only people start to flock to this place to take photos. It was unexpected for us to meet with the Mister Potato model in person. When I first talked to him, I asked about his identity to double confirm. Mr. Sham is a nice person and will not reluctant to take photos with anyone who asked him. Between, he is a quite funny person too. While taking picture for CC, he was 'molesting' CC stomach making CC burst into laughter. And for Di di, he was asking him few questions while staring at him. Charlene and me do not want to miss the chance to take photo with Mr Potato aka Mr. Sham too~. The best part was when Mr Potato enlarge his eye while taking the photo. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Beside given goodies bag and the red hat, we were also given a mustache. The staff told us we need to wear that at the entrance. We thought it was a joke and so we put everything into the car. Random pictures. There was a Mister Potato Mascot at the bottom centre. I thought it was really the official Mister Potato Mascot which for me, not that nice compared to the real video clip model, Mr. Sham. Later on, I found out that it was a blogger who wear that costume. It should be a high cost for him/her to do so. At the bottom right should be a mummy blogger, Atiqah and her son. We peeped into her son quite some time as we wanted to take picture with the little cutie but we didn't managed to do so. When it was time to enter, everyone was asked to wear the red hat and the mustache. Failing so, you were barred from entry. OMG! Wearing a red hat and mustache into a CLUB? This must be kidding! We went back to our car and took the stuff before queuing again. That delay cost us to have no place to seat inside the club house. After passing the security, we had our hand stamped with a transparent stamp. Silly me for asking the security whether he had stamped on my hand or not as I saw nothing. Then, the security staff called me back and used a UV lamp directing at my hand to show me the fluorescent stamp on UV light. Inside the club house. Since there was limited place for us to seat, we have no choice but to stand throughout the night. Was that properly planned? Was the organiser tight in budget? As usual, Liang was the emcee of the night. I guess he got a permanent contract with Nuffnang. Anyway, the event won't be happening without him. One floor above was the sort of VIP lounge. This was the place where the organiser seated on nice sofa or chairs and having the best view of the place without the need to push around with others. That's what the VIP stand for right? The event started with a game. Liang will mention an item and the crowd would need to find the item or through their belongings and showed to him. In every round, winner will be given a hamper. Nicole was the lucky one among us. She walked up to the stage when Liang called for a red earring. However, the one she shown was actually a pink earring. So, Liang asked the crowd was it a red earring and the they replied 'NO!'. Then, when Liang asked wheather she should be given a prize or a hamper, the crowd surprisingly said 'YES!!'. Haha. If not mistaken, there was 6 winners in this game. After the game, Liang called out Mr. Pierre, Marketing Manager of Mister Potato. (sorry if i get his name and title wrong). The crowd cheered for his appearance. Mr. Pierre was giving out a speech. He looked very young to me. But, it was no surprise as both the Big Boss of Nuffnang is very young too. Then, Liang called out the two Nuffnang Big Boss, Timothy on the bottom left and Ming at the bottom right. Ming gave his speech first before passing in a hurry to Timothy as he said the latter can give public speech better. Haha. After all the speeches, it was time for dinner. As usual, we need to queue for our food. We were so hungry at that time. The first table was the main dishes such as fish, meat, rice, mee, vegetables and etc. The second table served the dessert, kuih, fruits and etc. Standing at the table while eating. Pity right? We were also served with soft drinks with choice of Sprite or Coke. Too bad there was no beer or wine.
Our food
Top left - My plate with vegetables, salmon fish, beef and sort of pizza. Top right - Watermelon Bottom - Kuih, popiah After the dinner, it was the time for #1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire! Those who had earlier participated the contest and garnered top vote went on stage for a live battle. There were total 6 of them. But, what battle was that? Mr Potato who was uncontrolledly on high estacy for dancing everywhere firstly danced in front of the crowd. Then, he danced again in front of the 6 contestants. They were required to dance according to what had been demonstrated. The first contestant was phatgurl. She dance really well and the moment the other contestant started to dance, I knew she got a bright chance of winning. Her steps were similar to the one demonstrated. The second contestant was Jimmy. Check out his flower hat. Was him a flower type person? Haha. The third contestant was this uncle who dance out of tune. Haha. It looked like a Chinese drunken kungfu to me. The forth contestant was this young lady who can went down and curve up while flexing her butt. This attracted Liang and he asked her to demo again the flexing part. He then joined her on how to flex his butt too. Her performances was the longest among all and that was actually decrease the hope of phatgurl initally. The fifth contestant was this man clad in black. Not sure he was a young or an aged man. It was so difficult to capture his photo as he wore black and his hat covered his face. I need to use ISO 3200 to take his photo. Initially, we thought his performance was the poorest among all as he used his hand to 'jam' around like a DJ. Out of sudden, in the middle of the performances, he shocked the crowd by jumpin backward. That made everyone to start cheering and clapping hands. The sixth contestant was Aja. It was a big pressure for her as the other 5 contestants had danced quite well. She managed to follow similar steps like Mr Potato dance but not a very happening dance compared to others. It was a tough decision to be made. But before that, an official made a short pep talk with Liang. Liang then announced that there was a wildcard match. I thinked this was for those who wear outfit similar like Mr. Potato on that night. So, he called out Adiel, Foong Poh Chan (from Melaka) and Atiqah. They were then asked to dance free style on the stage. Adiel showed better performance with some whacking in the middle. Haha. Naughty. Next, we have a REMATCH. Liang decided to call out contestant 4 and 5. The winner will be based on the audience vote. And as you can see, contestant 5 won the challenge! He was performing down the stage as his jumping was too dangerous on the small stage. Luckily for me and another photographer, his jump was actually approaching the photographer next to me. During his show, he showed two jumping to win the cheer from the crowd. After the Mister Potato Empire showdown, it was the time for band performance from HUJAN. During this time, the judges will choose the number ONE Man in the Mister Potato Empire. Talking about HUJAN, I have no idea who are them. I only knew they are Malaysian Malay Band. Anyone who want to enlighten me on the name of the members? The above photo was the singer & guitarist and should be the band leader.
Any idea who was him?
These two members stood at a darker place especially the most left pianist. It was so difficult to take a picture of the pianist as the place he stood was completely dark. Mr. Pierre was called on stage again for prize giving ceremony. Young and macho right?- Feedback from the girls. The winner for #1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire was called out. The second runner up went to the Contestant 3 bringing home RM 2000, the first runner up went to Contestant 6, Aja bringing home RM 3000 and the CHAMPION went to A GIRL! Champion, phatgurl won the title bringing home RM 5000 cash! Next was the lucky draw session applicable only for those bloggers registered their atttendance on their night. The guests of the bloggers were not entitled for the lucky draw. Look, the Contestant 3 Uncle won the lucky draw! He must be very lucky that night. There were about 6 lucky draw winners. This was the club house. VIP on one floor above while the rest bloggers on the ground level. We were stood NOT seated on the first few tables near the stage. Next, was the announcement of the Mr. Potato Blog Contest. Have you check my losing entry here? Haha. Winners were being announced by Mr Potato. Third winner went to the young lady who own Mr Pussy bringing home RM 2000, second winner was the egg yolks bringing home RM 3000 while the first prize winner went to a girl AGAIN. She was Nurashikin Mohamad Shukor, a swet girl who brought home with RM 5000 cash.
Mr Potato aka Mr Sham and Liang~
Winners were being called out on stage for a photo taking session together with Mr. Pierre.
Congratulations to all the winners! You guys rocks and deserve the prizes!
Just that when we thought everything was over, Mr Potato called for another lucky draw session. And this was the time Mr Potato called out Wong Fei Hong before Liang called my name out. I had won the lucky draw which was two ticket to GSC Signature, Gardens. After checking the internet, that cinema is a 2 seats cinema with many foods bars inside. Next was another game show. Liang called out 10 people who want to win something to come up on stage. The response was too good till there was 11 of them on stage. The participants were asked to shout out 'I love Mr Potato' and the longest and the most cheong hei people will win. Towards the end, all of them was winners and given a hamper each. The most cheong hei was actually the girl stood forth from the left of the picture. The final event was the introduction of those officials from Mister Potato including Mr. Pierre. It was now party and mingle time as seen. The crowds were told REPEATEDLY that there was a free flow drink optional to you after the event on first floor. Yea.. free flow beers and wines. The winners of the night among us. Nicole & CC with a hamper for game show while me for lucky draw session. We then put all the stuff into the car before coming back again. When we approached the Nuffnang staff on where and when the party was, we were being told different type of stories. We waited and stood for quite a long time. Later on, we were being told that there party was actually started and we can take the beers from the bars anytime. However, there will be no table for us and we need to stand and mingle around. At that time, we saw the Nuffnang staff were seated on a sofa. There were some other bloggers waited too. We did not see anyone taking the drinks from the bar. Next, another staff, Robb told us that the time was Nuffnang event was over and should we need to take the drinks, we have to pay for it. However, we can still mingle around but again there will be no place for us to seat. Seriously, we were disappointed as we had being promised earlier in the event that there was free flow drinks after event finished. We stood and waited for so long and the final answer from Robb really made us fed up. So, instead of that, we went to yum cha at a mamak nearby Bangsar Village. On my next post, I will put all the video throughout the party including the dancing performances from each of the contestants. This is to avoid long loading time for this post. Between, uploading those videos really take up a whole day. I am still uploading the videos now. *Updated. Check the video here.


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