Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gui Ling Gao aka Herbal Jelly in Melaka

The time was about 10.40 pm and the search for food was continued. This round we were looking for the famous gui ling gao aka herbal jelly in Melaka. When we reached this shop, it was about to close. We were glad that we managed to become the last customers of the day.
This pic is little blur. The displayed are white fungus with rock sugar (RM 2.00), honeydrew sago (RM 2.00) and one unknown. Menthol herbal jelly seem to be most expensive one at a cost of RM 5.00. The usual big tank for 'leong cha' The puzzled worker finding it weird why this bunch of people came at the late hours and took her pic. We bought this .. and this.. Eating our late supper in the hotel after dining in at Portuegese Village. Still not full? Well, it served as dessert only. yummy if u added honey with the herbal jelly! (provided) This is the address. See the multi functions of herbal jelly. Incredible?

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