Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jonker Street aka Jalan Hang Jebat

A visit to Melaka will not complete without going to the night market at Jonker Street. Jonker Street is famous for the vast collection of antiques. For the youngsters, although it is not an attraction to them, it is fascinating and eye opener to see the old items sold.
The 'landmark' of the beginning of the Jonker Street. Onde-onde Melaka
Beside Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, there are various more chicken rice ball restaurants along the Jonker Street. Some are air conditioned and most are spacious & well decorated.
Youngsters are more attracted to the souvenirs sold here. There are plenty of such souvenirs shop where you can look for cheap items to be brought back either for yourself or for your friends.
An oldman who initally sat on the stair of this house asked us to take a photo of the house. What a kind man. Behind this houses, there are plenty more. It is actually a small Malay housing area.
It's nothing but a locked door. This stretch of road only sell antiques including old home appliances, casettes, black discs, magazines and many more. The only one mini market at Jonker Street.
Night time : Night Market
The night market.
Well, it is just like Petaling Street or normal pasar malam. The differences are you can see many arts related stuff, antiques many souvenirs. Besides that, ONE important difference is they do not sell pirated CDs. Good job! Keet it up!
The crowd is increasing with time The earlier 'antique road' The Orang Utan House My recommendation => Look for this stall
They sold handphone case and bag personalized with your choice of message. The handphone case range from RM 3-6 while the drawing of the message is FOC. Where can you find such piece of art with that low amount of money?
The uncle will draw on the spot based on your need. There is a sample book which you can choose some of the drawing or wording. Average time taken for one handphone case is 10-20 minutes depending on the difficulty of the order you made. I ordered 2 while Charlene ordered 3. So, if you really interested, come early to this stall and then walk around the Jonker Street while your order is 'processed'.
Just behind the stall is the entrance to the Cheng Ho Tea House. It looks a little bit scary to enter.


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Anonymous said...

Hi .. nice post ..

I visited Jonker Street last December and I was staying in the middle of Jonker Street (Number Twenty One). The street is amazing and the food is so nice. Among all the shopping street in Malaysia, I love Jonker Street .. a perfect place for shopping and food ..

I have posted few pictures of Jonker Street on my blog as well:

Have Fun Everybody!

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