Monday, June 29, 2009

Standout Party with Tiger & Nuffnang at hQnine

I was invited to join this great party after making a post on how standout am I in my life. Check the post here. Joining me along were my fellow blogger friends including MF, Vun and Suk Yen who also made the same post. Invited guests were Jacyln, CC, Xiao You and Tomas. The venue was at hQnine, a club located at TTDI Plaza. I wish to thank Nuffnang and Tiger for organising such a wonderful party to all standout Nuffnangers.
Nuffnang crews We met with Moo moo aka Benard Yap and captured him. Besides, I met with Jeffero who attended a gathering at Pavillion (click here for the post) and he was kind enough to be the photographer for my group of friends. Thanks. It was my first time to meet with WenPink, his friend. We met with Ven Bee and Carrie. (If not mistaken, Ven Bee is Carrie sister?) The night will not be perfect without the Tiger beer!! We had free flow of Tiger beers in limited edition bottles. We kidnapped the Moo Moo and squeezed his milk. The Spartans came to invade the territory. Foods foods foods... ALL of these was FOC. We went to take pictures around with those who were in costumes. In the pictures, we have Kennysia, PinkPorkChop and Jocelyn aka Coco. What a fate to meet Kalai, my primary school mates after 11 years~ She said wanna yum cha but up to now haven't reply my message. Jess with her super hot costume. Random Tian Chad and Kennysia were competing to see who can pull their opponents down with pantyhose covered in their head. (Pantyhose-of-war) What a silly game. Just see the size and we will know how are the winner. Next, finalists for the standout King & Queen were asked to perform along with music. Most chose dance but for Kennysia, he had not choice but to follow the people voice to have himself 'flashed'. The finalists with JoJo and Liang, the co-emcee. And the results were: Standout Queen: PPC (brought home a coach bag) Standout King: Joseph, the Edward Scissorhand (brought home Xbox 360) Consolations: Kennysia, Benard, Jocelyn and Carrie (brought home a pacifier, a bolster, Top shop voucher) WenPink bid 360 Nuffnang dollars for a toilet bowl brush. Armani exchange belts Taking pictures with the emcee. The Spartan by Kelvin Chan won the most eccentric blog bringing home a HP HP Pavilion Notebook. Lih Ren got himself a mirror and also TGIF voucher worth rm 100 for the In-Need-of-Self-Reflection Award. It was the 25th birthday of Timothy Tiah, the big boss of Nuffnang. Big surprise celebration for him. Wish notes were sticked all over his body. Susan Boyle landed in hQnine that night. Nicol KY who stole the foods I was carrying. We went to celebrate WenPink for her super expensive toilet bowl brush. Max, Jackie, Me, Greg and Diese (finally I remembered her name) SuAnn who claimed to be Cecilia Chung. Actually, the rests didn't get her words except me. Haha. Ev aka Yenniedoll Emeryn, she is a very nice and warm person. The night continued with dancing till 12 ++ am. Fellow bloggers. Me and my hand prints.
Once again, tq to Nuffnang and Tiger beer for organising such a wonderful party!! *It is already 5.30 am. It took hours to write this post. Hence, it justify why I didn't managed to blog during my working time. Sigh.


Borneo Falcon said...

Free food and beer. Wish I was there

Pork Chop said...

nice meeting u...
n ooh i will inform kalai! hehe :P

Puiyee said...

looks very enjoyed that night..haha

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

hehe i actually saw you that night ^^

KwOnG FeI said...

@borneo falcon: Try join for the coming event. It was a great experience.

@pork chop; thanks wor and kill her if nt replying me ASAP

@puiyee: yup..felt very 'high' after beer but not as much when i drink red wine

@akiraceo: really? i don't recall ur face..u put so many miao in ur blog

ai wei said...

whoaaa! u guys seems to have real lots of fun!!!

great event e

DiEsE said...

kwong feeeeeeeeeei

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