Sunday, January 11, 2009

My busy week explained and oops school starts tomorrow..

First and foremost, some of you might be wondering why there isn’t any new post and for my friends they can’t even see me online. Haha.. Thanks for the concern. I was busy the whole week starting from Monday till today. Monday-Out with friend Tuesday-Out with sister Wednesday and Thursday- Working till energyless to even switch on the computer Friday-Featuring the Rush Hour My Very Own Version (bp dramatically shoot up) and became emcee for the UCSIPSS Christmas and New Year Party. When back home, can’t even sleep earlier because a late night dinner and celebrate MUM’s birthday. I was even fall asleep at my sister room. Saturday-Went to Youth 2009 at PWTC. Had a great fun but then was summoned by traffic police. Later at night, was driving despite the tiredness to a wedding dinner. Sunday-THEN only free to pack my stuffs early in the morning before going to cut my hair in the afternoon. Back at Cheras, I was cleaning my room and the house. At the same time, inhaled thousand dust particles and luckily didn’t irritate me to flu. After that, about 9pm then only free to start viewing the timetable of next semester. Then, need to call people for tomorrow meeting and prepare the meeting agenda. I hope I can blog something after all this. And that explains how busy I am. Regarding about the blog posts, there are many entries awaiting for me to post. Malacca trip and Cameron Highlands will take some time to finish, the events I attended this week as well possibly upcoming events next week. So, do check my blog regularly for any updates and ‘do what you should do when visiting my blog’.. (u know what I mean rite?) Haha... That’s all for now. Need to continue my works. Sadly to announce, school starts tomorrow. Holidays officially ends. This holidays was the best ever~


Unknown said...

rush hour??? u arrive VERY late wor!!!!

KwOnG FeI said...

i rush hour from my 'office' to the uni ma..

Unknown said...

aiyo,thats mean u have $$, then shud belanja us all makan,rite??

Anonymous said...

I'm quite busy like you. Seven days in a week, I have to hang out with friends for 4 days and 3 days for my girlfriend.

KwOnG FeI said...

well horizon,

since u r attached to, u cant run away~

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