Monday, November 26, 2007

My part time job

It was a stupid and boring job. However, I can say quite enjoy because nvr be4 i work and can chit chat non stop from the time u start working till the end. At least, the boredom of doing the job was compensated with the laughter of jokes and humours from the I named kids. Moreover, no one will supervise you.

Topic of the day
Day 1: Guy's talk and chicken rice
Day 2: Gfs/Bf and paintball
Day 3: I forgot alrdy.

This is my job~ Checking for mistakes in grammar and punctuation just to make sure everything is the same~

Crazy collegue MR Wei Yau

left up -Chee hoe and rab left:rab, suk yen, pui mun
left down- Me and chun hong
middle: Deborah

cute cute cute pic..haha~
Time flies so fast.. and its now alrdy 3months since the very few days v met together..Lot of joys and laughter being together.. will v being able to meet again?

Hindraf gathering/protest

Well, The Bersih campaign just over nt more than 2 comes another one.. but this time..i felt it was a little ridiculous. road blocks. who r the leaders? wats their claim? why i say ridiculous? to be uodated soon when i'm free. photos will be attached

genTing KlanG, the foods hub Sunday 25/11/2007

Back to my hometown...hahaha..I called up my fren asking for latest developement around GK.. nt to disappoint me .. thr are few reastaurant newly opened..wats more..Jom maKaN!~

Station one, GK

supposingly to be a banana boat but it end up become apple boat due to run out of stock~

Chicken chop and spaghetti

Me and kim hui.. old buddy. long time didnt get to see him..
He's now a young entrepeneur entering to the world of business while studying. Later during the night, I was able to meet Fremen Chan also joining the same business. Well, he changed a lot but in terms of attitude still the blur type pao~

Bangi kopitiam, Desa Setapak

Well, this place is just like another version of Oldtown.. The interior design and displays give the feeling of oldies..As usual, i will order yin yong ping~

Sri Petaling Makan Trip 19/11/2007

We were planning to eat the yau char kwai. So, I drove very early to dat place but to our disappointment it was closed. We thought they haven opened the shop yet. But where gt ppl eat yau char kwai nt in the mroning time? We puzzled and still keeping the hope dat it will open. After a second round over the area, we decided to eat at Alison, a food court centre. Yea.. u can see the disappointment on Christine's face. It was her idea to eat thr and her wish too before I making my journey back home coz then they hav no transport. Sadly, we ate at the food court and at the point of time, it started to rain. Alvin was hoping to sit outside as it was stuffy and hot inside the restaurant. However, looking to the wheather, we hav NO choice. Ming fai, alvin and chui wei ordered the claypot loh shu fan but they complained it was salty. Christine ordered the fried char kway tiew and she reminded ming fai that she dun wan dat spicy and I heard he said dat to the cook. The outcome was totally opposite as she got a spicy one and as usual had unfinished portion and given to the Dewan Bandaraya Penang, Ming Fai..hahaha. While as for me, I was looking for sumthing special and Hakka dry mee attracted me for a try. It was good one but the portion was juz too small. I was very hungry actually so i finished it up very fast. Beside the main meal, we do ordered the 'meat bread' as we all were keen to giv a try as it's cheap and had a long queue (sign or good food). It was still raining and me & ming fai went to the auntie stall and were looking to the menu as thr were many choices. I actually wanted all-in-one consisting of egg, chicken floss, dried meat and bread of coz which costs rm 2.60. But wasn't it too much for just a bread? The auntie heard our conversation and she gave her good offer to us. She charged us Rm 2.00 which was for the egg, dried mead and bread PLUS additional a little of chicken floss. A kind auntie maybe she was touched knowing it was rain but we still ordered her products. And she thought it was only 2.. then i shocked her saying i wan 5..she surprised bt at the same time customers wor of coz happy lar... Soon after i finished my meal, an uncle came with the breads guess should be the auntie's husband. Wow... he spoke English to me..I was wat he said: ' young men, dis one is special for you. and tq for ordering'. Special? i was puzzled.. so cheap offer still gave me special bread.. they were being very kind enuff.. hahaha.. I got the better deal while the rest of coz the normal one.. Actually, it wasn't much different .. I think it may be bigger portion of egg and chicken floss. Anyway, i do say TQ to the uncle for his and his wife kindness. Next, i called Suk Yen asking her when the yau char kwai shop open. Oh god.. she told me Now while we were eating. As we were all full, we agreed to go over the restaurant preferably have a very few pieces of yau char kwai..jus to try out new things. So, we walked to the restaurant..Yeah its half open.. We saw sumbody inside and I walked over to ask him.. r u opening the restaurant? Disappointment again.. they actually closed on MONDAYS... the boss said next time i treat you (betul ke?) .. jus rmb me~haha.. Btw, we met suk yen, yy, raj, wei yau and dickson who just finished their sports. As we all had finished our meal, we din join them plus Alvin needed to go back earlier as he has a very important meeting (tea time) with Dr Yeong. hahahaa. Wondered why no pics attached? hahaha...chinese tai pai tong..hw to take pics??

Alrite, during the nite time, i brought m fai and alvin to Yulek. The specialities thr are chee cheong fun and varities of steamboats. Since, Christine not able to come along, v tar pau for her. Then only i discovered her unique character which is she like to use tissue paper to absorb the oil of the yau char kwai be4 she eat them..Not only dat, accordingly she did the same for McD french fries..

Sri Petaling Makan Trip 18/11/2007

Huang Di Noodles, Sri Petaling

Capri aka Kim Gary brother~

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