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Chilling Waterfall 4/26/2008 Saturday~

We began our journey as early as 5 am (me and christine 15 minutes later due to overslept..SORRy lor) and had our morning breakfast at McD. (the very first for our fren.. hehe) I couldn't snap any pic there as my camera was well protected with plastic bag and plastic container having scare that high probability in contact with the water. Soon after that, we took the route passing Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Ipoh, Kepong , Rawang then head towards Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. Our destination was the Chiling Fall, visited some time ago by Alvin. (of coz dis site is recommended by him.. good place!)
Taking picture at the entrance.. Ervy1 still fresh and the happy smile being able to go holiday together can be clearly obeserved without knowing the danger and obstacles in reaching to the fall..
The main group with China ORIGINAL 'crocs' (i bought mine at pasar malam for rm 10) and another group with their own sandals. 1-All crocs in action~ 2-The entire map of Chilling Fall.. Click to enlarge for clearer view.. all pics here is the original size.. 2-The river underneath the bridge is the 1st river. We chose not to cross the river as we do not want to wet our ourselves too early... 1-Tomas and his gf.. 2-And here the journey begun.. 1-OoPs m fai still behind me.. 2-The scenic view of the jungle.. 2-Crossing the ngam ngam 'one ppl size' pathway
2-The pathway Soon, we crossed the second river.. The current wasn't strong so it was an easy job~ 1-M Fai The Rope Man.. We have crossed the third river~ Look at our finger.. It indicates the number of river that v have crossed.. Nice mother nature.. with cool waters and cool & fresh air.. Taking pictures again....
Hmm.Here came the obstacle.. The current was getting stronger.. and its not easy to find a suitable pathway to cross the river..As can seen from the pictures, we are looking a pathway for the safe cross of our dear Queens...The MAN jobs~
hmmm.. Unfortunately M Fai dropped his specs while overcoming the sudden strong current.. I do help him searched but ... we still couldnt find.. Looking to the pics.. u can see how the works were divided between us.. Alvin and Jyang were the attacker (due to their height, they are in the front line to cross the river), Me and Tomas were the defender (soon after they found the way, we were cross again and stand at the high risk area namely strong current or where big stones were located) and finally M Fai was the goalkeeper ( he would stand at the end of one point to hold strongly the rope)..and the amazing thing was WE are ALL BeGINNER.. except alvin la..
see.. jOannE crossing the river happily..all safety measurements had been taken of coz no worry lar...hahaha.. be4 i could say she alrdy asked..'gt stone or nt, hav to step or nt'.. making thing easier need to answer yes or no only..while Jyang would ask giv me ur finger...*not hand..
Mfai posing for the advertisement of the rope.. not bad~~Here was the forth river that we had crossed..if u see my hand, it was pointing towards mfai .. where the saddest thing was his spec lost..feel sorry for that...
That was the fifth river that were crossed~~~ SmIle hapPIly.......M fai still can see or nt?? "The final sixth river that had been crossed. YeaH the fall was in sighT!~~We r reaching near~ walau..dis place was full of bees... Tomas got stung by the bee... Well, M Fai was the first to be under the fall. The Chiling Falls.. We have conquered you!!!~~ Taking pics together... The water was CHILLING that initially they all got scared to enter the water.. As usual, I pulled them down..haha
Yeah having fun here.. imaging having to trek the jungle for almost 4 hours, definitely it was satisfactory to reach the fall and being able to enjoy the mother nature~~ the place was clean and kept well in condition..Couldnt believe that Alvin, jyang and Tomas 'scared' of the chilling water..The shoke their bodies in great magnitude...WHile me and m fai was Okay with it only until Ah MEi splashed the chilling water towards us..We also sama-sama got freezed~
L- OMG.~~ Love dis pic so much!! Couldn't have expected some else were there as well at the same time and able to help us capture a group photo! TQTQ .. R- The useful crocs .. Without you, the trip wont be successful~
The pretty ladies~@@

Its time for some jumping action... initially suggested by sorry i dunno why ur pic wasn't attached here..

1-Tomas and gf
2-Joanne capturing the Chilling Fall~
Xiao You doing some meditation by counting the number of breath~~ Haha..
The pretty ladies capturing the nicest moment of all~

THe GuyS JUmped and the GiRLS also FollOWED~~WOW!! its the best moment of flying up high at the fall..(same name for my previous test blog). Wait..see clearly how Alvin jumped.. They said it was a L shape but for me its look like a C (inverse) shape..high skill jump~

The group photo with free style..Every one were enjoying the trip very much~

Going back and crossed the same 6 rivers again.. We took the last photo thr~

The challenges had arrived. As usual, we have to cross the river but the current was stonger and depth of the water has increased. It was quite dangerous to do the task but we had managed to reach back to the starting point in 2++ hours time. This trip really test our TEAMWORK and we had gained unvaluable experiences from it. RMB that we were all beGINNER and know nothing..They should provide us a certificate of SURVIVOR~ After that, we cleaned ourselves and get bathed. Then, we headed towards ULU YAM for 'loh mee'. Not bad..quite fulling..Overall, it was a nice adventurous trip that will be kept in memories~~
Alvin, Kwong fei, M Fai, J Yang, Tomas, Joanne, See Bee, Xiao You, Chui Wei, Yen Moi, Christine and Tomas gf..(wats her name liao)..write in comment sorry~~ Christine was awarded the BEST SURVIVOR.. :P Very sorry to step to ur sandal and caused the string behind got pulled off. I dont really know how and when dat out of sudden the front string also got pulled off nt becoz of me. Luckily, M fai able to tie in triangle shape from the 2 strings to hold her safely down back to the ground level.
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