Sunday, January 25, 2009

My 2009 New Year Eve

The great day started with the meeting with Dr. Yeong. (not great anymore rite?) As usual, it was for the proposal thing. Her mood seemed better on that day. Things went so smooth till I can't believe myself. Guess she haven't really checked the exhibition material drafts made by the juniors. Luckily, I went early and kau tim before her mood swung. Then, me and Vun went back to my condo to check my computer namely the graphic card. It was certified that my graphic card spoilt and needed to be replaced. While at the car park, I received a sudden call from Wei Yau. He informed me that the Banquet Manager of Bukit Jalil Golf Club would like us to pay a visit to the place and to discuss the ballroom stuffs. After spending some time in my condo, we then headed to Sri Petaling to meet Wei Yau. Suk Yen did not want to join us because she said she was not interested in those stuffs and her car run out of petrol.
This is the car park bays. It's FOC and is a big area. This is the Perdana Ballroom. The view of the golf course. There is also a swimming pool. This picture was to show we had do our job. I knew Shell is common but this picture was to tell you guys it was about to rain. We headed to this restaurant. Can you read it? It is owned by Wei Yau's relatives. You guess it right. It is a paid meals not FOC. Then, we went to find Thien Jian at Bandar Puteri 12, Puchong. Sorry to drag both of you for this photo. Then, I was introduced to this Wii. I was not joking that I had no idea what was it until I saw the joystick/controller. Ok..I admitted I was outdated. TJ showing off her skills. Was caught capturing the photo Then, we went makan at Medan Selera Everyday, Puchong. That's TJ dinner. Why girl need to suffer themselves just for a nice shape?
Then, we went to the hillside to chat while observing the KL night view. My groups of friends used to come here and 'eat wind' just slightly at lower part of the hill. Wow.. it was totally different view at the upper side here.
Took extremely long to set up a temporary tripod using the bricks meant for bbq. This area is a bbq area for the residents. Wow.. bbq at top of the hill.
TJ, where were you looking at?? Nice photo~
Let me clarified. If it was not Wei Yau who wanted to go back earlier to the function at the church, we were able to see the fireworks later at 0000 of 1/1/2009. Miss the chance! I should have drive and let him take cab. Haha.. joking. I told TJ I will be visiting the place again next year should I owned a DSLR camera. Well, it was nice to hang out with friends on the New Year Eve.

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Unknown said...

yaloh. nice experience and relax way to spend a day without lecture or anything. haha

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