Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Melaka River Pirate Park [Pirate ship, Eye on Malacca and Trampoline bungee)

Melaka River Pirate Park is located on the banks of Melaka River just opposite the old Cathay Cinema near Jalan Hang Tuah bridge. This pirate park consists of a Ferris wheel named Eye on Malacca, a pirate ship and a trampoline bungee.

wow! Captain Jack Sparrow landed on Melaka~

The pirate ship and Eye on Malacca 

This ferris wheel stood at 25 metre high and is a permanent structure compared to the bigger Eye on Malaysia (60 metre). Each pod can accomodate 5 adults at one time. It is recommended to go at night time as the neon lights and colourful lightings will give you a speactacular view of the Malacca town.


 This picture visualize its location on the banks of Melaka River.



 The boat cruising the Melaka River


 Managed to capture these two boats.


 Nice place for couples to hang out


 scenic view of Melaka River


 A nice photo but a little bit shaky.

Operation hours and the price


 There is also a rock climbing activity which should be recently added.

* There should be a trampoline bungee. However, I did not know the existence of this attraction at that point of time and it is not visible during night time.


Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

Hi, just drop here. Nice place in Malacca. Thank you for sharing. :)

bringiton said...

Thanks for the info

bringiton said...

Thanks for the info

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