Monday, September 29, 2008

Digi Advertisement is the BEST!~

At last I found the video clip. This is the latest shown in the tv ads. I found it funny and creative. That's why I've been looking for it. Well, Digi ads is the best, full in creativity and new things. Besides that, I can say that most of the malaysia tv ads are creative.

The latest

The usual

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teresa Kok home attacked with molotov cocktail

OMG! When i first get to know this news, this is what i said. Am i still living in Malaysia? What happen to the mentality of the people till they use such resort in showing their dissatisfaction?
This stupid idiot job is believed to be linked with certain party that is facing their own internal political tsunami. I just dun understand how can a person act above their own religion. Hey, it is now the Ramadhan, the holy month! Should the molotov cocktail burst, it may cause injuries!!
Who is a Teresa Kok? Let's not look to her political career. She is a woman , of coz.. and the idiots are attacking her and her family with elderly people! What a GAY job of the idiots! Be gentlemen, check your **** and make sure you have it. Be a man and act gentlemen way to resolve a problem.
I am in doubt whether we may achieve the Vision 2020 or not. Since 'postponement' had been used quite frequent nowadays, we may also see postponement to Vision 2050. The UMNO GE has been postponed to next March claiming for smooth transition of power. Well, it just an excuse~ The main reason is to solve the internal party and how to face the heightened pressure to ask HIM to step down. You know politican, when they lost, they have no face to step down immediately. So, they come out with so called transition people. Meantime, they can 'try' rebuild the party so when they resigned later, ppl wont labeled them as loser or main factor of defection. Same goes to the Woman wing where transition power will be held in June 2009. Come on, be rational. GE will be make in Mac.. and after few months.. you make the transition of power. Then, why dont at the first place you dont contest? Reason is malulah, coz nt chosen as Minister and had served so long bt was ashamed in such a way. That's why both never condemned each other on transition of power..they too facing the same thing and doing the same thing. While DSAI has promised the take over of Govern will be 16 Sept..yea today date is 29 Sept..postponement again. Well, such big event in the history of the country need time.. So, just be patient and see~
Back to Teresa, from her blog, you may see that she is well accepted by the Muslims. So, Utusan Malaysia should stop making allegations she is the 'pemusnah dan pencetus isu perkauman'. Talk on something new and not the dog food again~ It's alwiz hard to be a politician that you must bear all the allegations that will tarnish your image.
As for me, I feel pity to her. Be strong and continue to serve the Rakyat! We know what you do and will alwiz support you!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A Malaysian act.. The new label of Malaysian~
Pictures source: Teresa Blog

Break time! Friday, 26 Sept 2008

So, it is the end of first half. Now is the 1 week break time (Raya Holiday) be4 second half kicked off right after the breaks end. Means there is NO holiday NO play NO fun. Alright, leave it aside ... should nt talk so long on sad things.. Friday was a day good for some ppl and bads for mosts. As for me, it was still unknown but it seems towards no good based on the response given by others. Well, again leave it aside! So, we decided to go Mid Valley for a movie + walkaround + dinner. I couldn't recall when exactly was my last time to step in there, but glad at least I made it this sem be4 next visit predictable to be another sem. Unbelievable? Believe it! Although the distance just merely 15 minutes drive (nt including the jam), we hardly pay a visit. We may actually go earlier but due to the happiness of our friend, we delayed it to 3 pm. Too bad that it was raining at that time which then predictable to have a longer journey. Upon reaching, we headed to the cinema. There were too many movies to choose. So, we decided to go for 1 day old latest movie, Painted Skin. I had no idea what this movie is all about.. and from the poster, it seem to be in mandarin language. Alright, majority wins! This wasn't my first anyway. Price for the ticket was rm 7 with student card (it's alwiz good to be a student).


This is the best size of copyrighted pic i managed to get
While waiting for the screening time, the gals carry out their duty which is shopping and SHOPPING~~WL bought a new skirt while CW was her 24hr companion. So, where do the guys went? Yea.. no where than the entertainment (games) centre + window shopping + MPH. So, I had my first time ever playing racing car using manual gear. It was first for MF too. He did better as I do not know how to control using the push up and down gearbox. Argg..lost to him this time@! We had fun trying new games besides the all time favourite Daytona. The one that caught our attention and burst us into laughter was a car racing with normal traffic. MF accidentally chose a bus as the vehicle. While you on wheel, there were others cars on the road and at the same time the opposing road as well. Hitting a car is a normal excitement in arcade racing but in this game, hitting will cause a loud screaming of passengers + the loud siren. So, the whole game was like competiting on who get the most scream.. The unclear road pathways + the car speed contribute to the screaM. Alvin was looking for a battery charger. Recommended him to buy 2500 Mah capacity as my 2100 were always run out very fast. He had always wanted to have one but couldn't do so as we have no time to step out from our condo and uni. Well, this Sony charger with 2500 Mah with 4 rechargeable batteries are damn CHEAP! I too wanted to own one but it may takes longer time to come out with the budget. Sigh.

My next target~
Then, we went to the cinema. I was well prepared to read the sub-title as we all strongly believe the movie will definitely in Mandarin language. If not mistaken, the first word said in the movie was Jeneral (in Cantonese). We were then shocked and looked each other into disbelief. Worse still, we need to wait for a long delay be4 second and theafter words are said. I was so surprised! It was really in Cantonese language~ Yea.. no more possibiltiy of falling asleep..haha..
Painted skin is casted by Donnie Yen (Jeneral's wife ex-lovers), Zhou Xun (demon), Zhao Wei(Jeneral's wife) and Chen Kun (Jeneral). Who are them? Haha.. This movie is about a demonic jinn woman who eats the heart of humans to preserve her skin. If not, the skin will be degraded and turns to the actual demon appearance. She then falls in love with a human being namely, the Army Jeneral. The Jeneral has a wive who have been suscipous of the demon background. She tried to tell to the General but he does not believe to his wife. He actually fall in love with the demonic woman but chooses not to spoil his current marriage. The wife had sacrificed herself to drink a vulnerable poison for which the demonic woman promised not to kill her husband and the rests of the people for their heart. Upon drinking, her hair turns white and her skin turns old. She then had to confess involuntary to the people and made them to believe she is the real demon. The demon has an aide, a frog-like beast who is in love with her too. The Jeneral's wife ex-lovers has turn in to help solving the mystery of humans being killed and heart taken away. He is aided by a ghostbuster (Sun Li) whose generations had the ability to catch vampire. The ghostbuster is unable to perform the superpower inherited unless she truly understand meaning behind her job. The ghostbuster presence made some sense of humours in the movie.
Besides, do not said I give you my heart to your lover as in this movie, your heart is really TAKEN away. The moral from the movie is be royal to your loved one. However, does this still apply now? I don't think so preferably there is always an exception to everything which known to follow normal order. That's why we had twins out of thousands single babies. It is more important to give true heart, true love and true sacrifices lacking which will just deviates you!


Oops.. it is my first time to write short review of a movie. Hahaha..
After the movie, we went for dinner. It was close to buka puasa time. So, we left with only few to be exact 3 choices only. We chose Yoshinoya as the queue was shorter plus I had never dine in the restaurant be4. It turned to be a good one. The food was nice and tasty but portion wise the guys complained of a little small. However, with the current inflation and good economic as claimed by the Government, the portion was a standard one. I had a chicken and salmon rice which was served with a drink (100Plus).
Beef and salmon
After the whole day at MV, we decided not to end the day so fast. Perhaps, we shall go for McD as I have the discount vouchers (Chui Wei has it too but as predicted did not bring along, luckily I managed to steal 2 from her earlier in the day). The small McChicken value set costs RM 5.80 instead of usual Rm 9.80 (not inclusive of tax). Isn't it cheap? McD prices are very expensive now yet the queue in the restaurant never ends. Wonder why there are some many rich fellas??

So, we spent about 2 hours ++ sitting there, enjoying our meal and chit chatting about our childhood stories. It's great knowing and sharing each other past experiences as it recalled our 'sweet and sour' memories.

Group photo~~(tradition to have one)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pasar Ramadhan, Taman Melawati

Finally, I managed to visit Pasar Ramadhan in conjunction of Hari Raya Puasa. Stalls are set up as early as 3 pm and the tradition night market alike is packed around 5 pm. The only difference is after 7 pm, they will start pack off their stuffs. If you are thinking to pay a visit, go EARLY..preferably 4 pm..or nt, get yourself enjoyed of being 'sardine' all the time.

Thinking of car parks? Well, there will be no car parks as all are full till the stretch of roads nearby..and know wat... this is the time which you will never get summoned for 'park as you like'. (you should know the reason). Another thing to highlight is the prices are extremely CHEAP.. you will never get such at Chinese pasar malam. In terms of quality, you judge by mom gets diarrhea after eating and since then she never eat foods from pasar ramadhan unless it is something still hot. But for me, it never happens till now.

Roti John.. long breads with eggs, mayo and chicken
RM 3.30

Nasi Kerabu (my favourite).. blue rice with some special sauces, taugeh, meats slices and keropok
RM 2.00

Fried chicken and stick of fishball
Rm 1/stick or chicken...CAN you Believe it? Hot sales!!!

Nasi lemak with kerang/ vast choices (sotong, udang, ayam etc)
RM 1

kuih tako RM 2 for 5 pieces

Putu piring
RM 2 for 4 pieces

Wet popiah
RM 2 for 4 popiahs

Murtabak ayam
RM 2 per piece

onde onde
RM 2 for 4 pieces

Fresh juice drinks: RM 1 per cup (Some claim they use the tap water. Is that true? Comment plz)
Ayam percik roasted: RM 2.50 each (nt whole bird)
Kuewtiew/mee goreng : RM 1.50 -2.00 (depend on the stalls)
Roti goreng : RM 1.50 each
Nasi ayam berempah : RM 3.50
Kuih jala : Rm 0.50 each
Mee soup : Rm 3.50

Well, this is how i enjoyed my previous Sunday. And everything is FOC!! So hang fook~

Pasar Ramadhan Taman Melawati,
Car park opposite to old post office,
Bandar Tiga, Taman Melawati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur. (considered as KL but under MPAJ)

* If I put the name wrongly, plz plz kindly let me know. TQTQTQTQ~

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spectrum Pharmacy, GK, Setapak- My non Rx clerkship

Well, let's begin with some introduction. This Non Rx clerkship is part of the subject's module which carries 7.5 marks out of total 100 in my final. For this round of attachment, I only find one place (pharmacy) and succeded for acceptance. I recalled back during Aseptic Dispensing attachment which I struggled to search pharmacy nearby my area namely GK, Wangsa Maju, Gombak and Melawati. Thanx for Mr.Zaino, an UM graduate who is the pharmacist in charge for accepting me! Thanx for Spectrum Pharmacy too especially to the BOSS.
It was me at the prescription counter.
Mr. Zaino and I. Mr. Zaino is a very good and ethical pharmacist. Throughout the clerkship, he has taught me a lot of things, basically all the Poison C drugs available at the pharmacy. Besides that, he also emphazised on the good dispensing practice which he strongly hold till now and against any unethical practice such as selling of codeine and drugs to induce menses (for those who are thinking of abortion).
It was me doing the case study with one of the patients. It was extremely hard to find a patient that will spend their time to do the Patient Customer Database, Patient Medical History and Pharmaceutical Care Issues. However, glad I was able to do so.
The prescription counter. Spectrum Pharmacy is well known for the residents in the community for CHEAP price. Indeed, it is. I was exposed on how to do stock control and how to set the pricing. The prices are fixed but yet remain low as the management only fixed as low as XX % for profits. So, they prices are considered as discounted prices and thus the management do not do any special promotion or marketing.
This is the Poison C cabinet
L- Poison B cabinets (ntg much to learn as most are prescription medicines)
R- Poison C cabinets (creams)
This is the patient counselling area. However, it seem that it was never use be4 and instead changed to sort of storage room. It look better because I cleaned the place be4 i took this pic. Forgot to mention, I was so lucky that Mr Zaino allowed to take pictures compared to the previous Vitacare Pharmacy which is more strict.
Toiletries section
Vitamins, herbal and food supplement sections. Get to know from Mr. Zaino that Himalaya is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world.
Over the counter (OTC) drugs
Rehabilitation and medical equipments
Refrigerator.. Beside it, there is a weighing machine. I had the chance to help calculate BMI for a patient intended to go for a weight loss.
Womens section
Toiletries section
Physical layout
Summary of the clerkship.
Dates: 21, 22, 23, 29, 30 August 20o8
Things I have learnt/done:
1. How to be a good pharmacists?
2. How to practice good dispensing?
3. What are the role of pharmacists in different fields (community, industy, hospital,
4. How to handle arrival of new stocks?
5. Calculate BMI for patients.
6. Patient counselling tips.
7. Management of illnesses with pharmacological and non pharmacological therapy.
8. Help to dispense medications
- Calculate tablets and capsules using counting tray, writing indications, codes of price and frequency of dose as well as explaining the label to patients
9. Interview patient for case study.
10. Patient counseling of minor cases and recommend suitable drugs.
- No doubt this clerkship has develop and boost my confidence in handling real patients. I felt like I alrdy become a pharmacist. The patients give trust to you and seek for proessional advice for their health problems. I dispense mostly expectorant, antitussive, NSAIDS, and antihistamine. To be exact, only these drugs. The rests are high level management which will be handle by Mr. Zaino. Not to forgot, quite many of Postinor 2 (morning after pill) and the buyers are mostly students.
11. Filling of cream, tagging price
12. Perform blood glucose test using 2 different brands of glucometer on patients which are OneTouch (used in the pharmacy) and Accuchek (from the patient).
- Explain on how to operate the glucometer, the results as well as ways to reduce the glucose level
** Pictures of glucometer will be uploaded soon.
13. Record the dispensing pattern at the pharmacy.
Some memories.
1. Mr. Zaino is quitting his job as community pharmacist at the end of the month. (Glad he still managed to teach me a lot of things). Madam Yap, the cashier with about 10 years working experience at the pharmacy break down tears a week ahead of the last week. According to her, Mr. Zaino is the best pharmacist among all previous pharmacists and is well known among the customers for his courtesy, kindness and moderations. I really do not know how to face this touched moment as it occured out of sudden. The tears form Mdm. Yap induced Mr Zaino to follow. Try imaging the scenario where both of them are down with tears and I was left standing aside, not knowing how to response...
2. Mdm. Yap treated both of us teh tarik on one morning. Forgot which date, TQ!
3. An old Chinese lady went to us looking for nerve pain relief. After that, she walked slowly towards the entrance. At the door, her left hand was used to push the door while her right hand was touching towards the end corner of the door (at the joints). While the door is opened, without realizing, her right hand was stuck in btw the joint area. Mdm Yap shouted from the cashier counter. But, it was to late to discover. The old lady had alrdy stucked her middle finger (if nt mistaken) in btw the joints. She then quickly pulled out her fingers. She then left the place. Mdm Yap then told us the incidence cause we were asking her why out of sudden she screamed. Moments later, the old lady came back and asking us for help. She had been bleeding profusely and we were shocked with the incidence. I brought her to the sink to wash away the blood. She had a deep cut. But, when we asked her whether it is pain or nt, she said No.. Not a surprise, as old ppl tend to have less sensory as their nerve system are somehow degraded/weakened slowly. I asked her to raised up her hand to prevent more blood oozing out. But the problem as (not mentioned earlier), she don't und our language. She cant speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English. I nt mistaken, she was speaking Hakka. Arggh.. I need to use sign language. Surprisingly, there is no first aid kits available at the pharmacy. So, Mr Zaino took some gauzes and the gauze roller from the OTC shelves. Then, he took neomycin sulphate cream from the cabinet and applied some on the finger before wrapping with the gauze. Afer evrything kau tim, the old lady continuosly thanks us for the help. The leftovers of gauzes, roller and cream were given to lady and Mr Zaino paid using his OWN money.
Next, Mdm Yap noticed that her husband was waiting outside since the beginning of the incident. She then told us:
' Last time, when me and my husband were couples, he alwiz said he will take care for the rest of my life. Now, when we walked together.. I walk one side, he walk another side. Like what had happened, how come the husband was waiting outside and do not enter together with his wife. She walked so slow, the man should have helped her. At least, accompany her.. She was bleeding and she is his wife.'
4. Conflicts of interests..sensitive..cant write here...
5. One morning, I saw chew and chee hong while walking to the pharmacy. Long time didnt get to see chew and he has changed a lot. Will contact him soon for some counselling.
6. On dunno which day, Kim Hui parents came to my pharmacy..haha.. not Ms Wong.. quite a shock to see them coz they had shifted to PJ long time alrdy. Uncle was saying 'hey, that is kwongfei'. Auntie replied ' R u sure? It is him? '. Uncle replied 'it looks familiar' (sound like me, look like VK Lingam). Without further delay, I greeted them and said yea I am who I am..haha.. Auntie was looking for Difflam. From her, then only I knew Difflam has two colours red with antibacerial while green without.. So nervous when trying to get the drugs becoz i am not familiarized with the location. (from Ah Mei, i get to know got purple..) Die die also i will rmb. Haha..
7. On the 1st dya of attachment, a sales rep lady was trying to market Glucophage extended release in which it can be taken one daily compared to conventional twice daily dosing. Since, Mr Zaino was busy, she then explained all the indications, benefits, pharmacokinetics and clinical studies to me NON STOP. I had no choice to act like an expert to listen to her altough most of the explainations are within the understanding of me. She is a very aggresive type, making me to recall Mr. Jony of the role of marketing sales person. It seems to be very truth and I had experience it. The lady gave me her name card and a brochure on the product.
8. One day, while there was no customer. Mdm Yap was listening to the radio. The DJ was asking the listeners what are the 6 punctuations? And of coz, prizes will be given..RM 100 voucher... Mdm Yap being in the book industry for YEARS (more than 10) definitely knew the answer. She jumped here and there, walked here and thr, correcting the answer given by others together with the DJ. She had earlier wanna call the DJ to answer but she had no idea whats the phone number was.
Overall, I love this clerkship as I learnt a lot on community pharmacists and drugs especially Poison C. That was why my clerkship period was always filled with activities. Every single break time, either me or Mr Zaino will initiate a topic to be discussed. If not, Mdm Yap will come to do so. Haha..
Thanx very very much to Mr Zaino for your guidance!! Good luck for your new place, new field and new experience at the Royce Pharmaceuticals. Study well and do read more books on the industry~ Thank you to Mdm, Yap for making the humours throughout my clerkship. Thank you Ms Wong too for your guidance!
Spectrum Pharmacy,
273, Jalan genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Ratings for service : 5 stars
Ratings for price : 5 stars (during my clerkship)... but now 4 stars (had recently increase price on some products)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mid Autumn BBQ night, Saturday, 13/9/2008

Well, it was another round of makan time. After afternoon McD, night time was BBQ to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. Due to tiredness in the afternoon, I slept till 7++ realizing there were so many missed calls. One of them was from Raj who prompted me about the bbq and 'die die' also must come to my house. But then the plan was cancelled after his return from somewhere and thus the others who also interested may not come due to no transport. It was 10 pm alrdy at that time, so cant make a U-turn back to Cheras.
For the first time in the history of years of doing bbq, my 3rd sister finally helped in the preparation! No joke, it was her first time. My second sis wasn't around as she needed to attend a bachelor's night of her fren. It was surprisingly@@~

L- My sis and her fren R- The guests R- My siblings R- My nephew, Jun Jun

Foods served My brother in law and his friends To be honest, I felt like i was the King of the Day. For the first time ever, I didn't bbq anything but just wait for the food to be served to me. Frankly, it was rather surprisingly. Both sis were so nice ONLY on that day. I just simply placed an order and the food will be delivered RIGHT in front to me. What a wonderful night. I wasn't bbq anyhting coz i thought those ppl will come, so I waited for them. At that late hours, I alrdy lazy to 'heat' myself over the fire. OMG! This kid has learned a new thing in his life which was to do posing while taking photos~ Previously, it was hard to capture even a single photo. Now, he has changed. For each photo i took for him, he would ask me to show his photo be4 changing to another pose even though i didn't ask him to do so. Pandainya buat posing~ L- Jun jun grandmother R- I was so pai seh, even Jun Jun gt fren to come along Can you see the difference btw these two kids? Of coz the gender is different la.. The little girl is a year younger than the naugthy boy. My sis even asked me what drugs can make him grow bigger... haha... thyroxine! bro in law's frens Then, this Jun Jun went to kacau this small gal who although elder and bigger size, she is more shy.. it was so tiring playing with him Another round of kacau'ing..wonder how he behaves when he grows up? has gf at 6? haha the round moon..yue liang yuan..on the eve of 15 August in Chinese calendar His cute lantern.. gt another one which has song.. those new generation kids are so hang fook! those days, we only played with the paper lantern~ Lighting of candles.. Now, we didn't put the candles on the gate.. simply becoz I dun want to paint the gate again!!! a scary job..

This weekend really make me becoming a fat man~ receive some 'compliment' on that. On the next day, I have another round of makan'ing celebrating the actual day. I brought back some mooncakes and some junk foods. Wonderful life JUST before the hectic assignments took place in continuous run. As for now, I am a free man...MERDEKA!~can focus on other things alrdy...looking for yum cha session...hehe :)

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