Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati CONQUERED!

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Worlds Longest Crystal Quartz-Rich ridge-Crystal walk conquered!
Adapted from: endemicguides: '' This Tabur Ridge is a long and narrow series of karst hills with a high content of Quartz crystals. The ridge itself, averaging 200 feet high, runs in a semi circle bordering the eastern edge of Kuala Lumpur city. The Tabur Hill Ridge is rated the Longest Quartz-Rich Ridge in the world. Quartz is one of the three common components in the formation of rocks. '' wow! longest in the world! does it look challenging looking from the pic? shall we make the challenge now! yeah...let's go!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting As you can see, there is a lot of haze due to the rainy day yesterday night and the day's morning.
Rising sun
great sun rise~! Love this pic so so much~
Klang gate dam Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gurindam Jiwa tagged this as his favourite..erm not bad..haha Here is the view from the top of the hill. We can't see anything other than the thick haze.
Nonetheless, I guess I haven't seen any blogs of Bukit Tabur with thick haze. We are the first perhaps~
We can't see anything
This pic was taken when we were climbing down the hill. At that time, the weather started to be hot and the haze are gone so we are able to get clearer view. Addition bonus for us to see both thick haze and without as well.
KL city view

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting And the survivors!

Well, what a great day! We are not expected to be here, Bukit Tabur as safety has become our concern since it was raining till late night the day before and even early in the morning today itself. Our initial plan is to go G-Hill, another hill nearby which does not require us to climb but just involves walking, yea..its kind of boring but we have to change plan due to the weather and safety reasons. Out of expectation, we are here at Bukit Tabur to challenge the impossibility and the world longest quartz-rich ridge. It is destined for us not to go G-Hill when we are already at that area but just couldn't find the entrance. So, after some considerations, we are going to challenge Bukit Tabur!

Well, get ready with a bucket of popcorn and a glass of pepsi. You gonna watch the slideshow of the whole event FOC~ Part 1 of the journey:

Part 2 of the journey:

Part 3 of the journey:
Selected scene:


Selected joys:



We have conquered Bukit Tabur! Bravo to every1~
* All photos taken using my Olympus digital camera.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Deputy Education Minister Razali dies

Shocking news!
For those who attended the GPF 2008, the Deputy Education Minister Razali dies today due to unknown causative disorder yet at the time of writing.
Taken from the Star.
KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Education Minister Datuk Razali Ismail died at the Aminuddin Baki Institute in Genting Highlands at about 6.30pm Friday. This was confirmed by Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom when contacted by Bernama today. It is believed that Razali, 59, who is the MP for Kuala Terengganu, collapsed while playing badminton at the institute. Alimuddin said the body would be taken to Hospital Bentong, Pahang.Razali leaves a wife, Datin Nooraini Lob Yusoff, and five children. A staff of the institute said Razali had been playing badminton with several staff members when he collapsed. "He did not have any specific function there. He had come for recreation," he said. Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, when contacted, said Razali’s death was a great loss to the ministry. "I’m deeply saddened. It’s a great loss," he said in a text message. Hishammuddin said he was at the institute and was engaged with the funeral arrangements.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

CBC Steamboat Restaurant (Pulau Ketam Seafood), Yulek

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Pulau Ketam Seafood as it claimed is located at the Cheras Business Centre in Yulek. We ordered for 10 persons means there are 10 eggs and 4 plates of raw foods. The range of raw foods Tom yam and chicken soup. It is sweet and tasty even for tom yam soup. I love sweet soup. Ironically, we are given one pot only for 12 persons. So, we need to sit in a very limited space. Do you notice we are eating under the blue tent? It was specially set up for us because it was raining at that point of time till now...look alike the port klang seafood..where can I go there and eat? They charged us RM 1 for ice cubes and RM 9 for the chinese tea. (free refill) L- This is the portion of food that ones get after each round of boiled foods
R- We ordered 2 side dishes, one is fried dumpling (14) with rm 1 each and fried chicken wing (5 pairs) with one pair RM 2 each pairs. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Here is the Makan Team..lolx.. haPPy HolIday~!
Total persons : 12
Total damages : RM 164.00
Damage per person: Rm 13.70
CBC Steamboat Restaurant (Pulau ketam Seafood)
47, Jalan 3/101C, cheras Business centre,
Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-3456992/019-3898084

Finally, I have a Facebook account!

It is Day 1 of my HOLIDAY but yet I still wake up early at this hour. Surprisingly, I did not set alarm and was expected to wake up at earliest 12 pm. Sob.. not enough of sleep again.

Well, I take this oppurtunity to register a account in Facebook. TQ so much for so many lectures to me on facebook and the critism for not having one. I told be4, I lazy to maintain Friendster and FB together.

To Ms Kitty, I had registered mine. Guess it is your turn before more and more lectures to come to you too.


Here is the screen shot of my account. The image is a bit yellowish as there is problem with my graphic card.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exam period over!

Finally, the dreadful period has come to an end. Here is the summary on my past 6 weeks of war time. I took 3 days off including the days I attended the Global Peace Festival 2008 before I started my study week. The first week was slow as the longer period of study break made me kept thinking ‘aiya, still got 2 more weeks to come’. In addition, the first 2 weeks is just enough to cover 2 subjects which are deemed to be the killer subjects. There were just too many things to be studied and memorized and it was exceeding a normal person capacity to cover all. But still, I had tried to give my best. In the second week, out of expectation, I had a one day trip to Cameron Highlands. Oh…cool.. holidaying during the study break. I somehow do not know the reason of my presence on the trip. Perhaps, I felt something just not really unusual that I nodded to accompany my mom to CH. In the third week, realizing that time was a factor and I need to adhere to the study timetable as planned, I took the move to tar pau foods by my own and to save some time and energy. I had applied for a loyalty card with Ali Baba (mamak restaurant at Angkasa Condo) which I made my purchase of food daily. And here are the menus;

Nasi kandar Nasi goreng paprik Nasi goreng ladna Nasi goreng hai lam Nasi goreng samurai Nasi goreng tom yam Nasi goreng biasa Nasi goreng seafood Nasi lemak ayam and Salad chicken rice at Fuk Sing (the best food which I bought on Tuesday, the last study day)

That was just food. Next is my sleeping time. The average sleeping was 5.5 hours with 2 hours nap time during daytime. Initially was only 1 hour, but gradually it getting increased. Battling every single minute just to cover everything was really hard. Of course I do online frequently.. haha.. to make sure my friends do me a favor..and to celebrate my blog birthday last week. I do check the latest news daily and to hop in some blogs and forums occasionally. Next are my brain cells, I do not know how many millions of my brain cells die every single day for the continuous 6 weeks. And how to replenish them? I can't think anything deep now. And now, it has come to an end. I can be happy that every single minute now onwards is free of burden, free of stress and free of STUDY time. It is the time for me to hibernate and compensate my sleep time and to play to the fullest! Why life as a student is so miserable? My friends and I will be going to Mid Valley later, guess it is the first for this semester. We are planning to climb hills and to see sunrise on Saturday. On Sunday, the whole bunch of UCSIPSS students will be going for a camp at Dusun Eco Resort at Bukit Tinggi, near my hometown for 3 D 2 N. Hope more events to come after this.

Signing off. Nap time before the proposed 3 pm.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Blog 1st Birthday!

Yo... Happy Birthday to my very own blog!!!

First and foremost, I would like to thank to the continuous support from my friends and online friends in their contributions in development of this blog. TQTQ.
I started this blog a year ago with doubts on what will be the outcome. At that time, I was very new to blogosphere and the biggest obstacle is that I will not update my blog frequently which doesn't make sense for me to blog. Despite that, I gave myself a probation period to cultivate my interest in blogging and to see how long I can end up. The continuous critics from my friends at the early stage has make me to update my blog as frequent as I can provided I have the free time. They had given their 'demands' on what to put and what to expect and I had tried my best to fulfill their wishes. Sorry for those who experience 'com hang kei' those days and your complaints had contribute in making the changes today. (I hope you all won't experience again)

Initially, I had zero knowledge about blogging. I started slowly to learn the basic features of a blog. Adding features and disabling, adjusting the width of the page, adjusting size of the sidebar, adjusting the insane html codes, changing template, changing colour of fonts and background, choosing the right fonts and many more. I am glad I have acquired some knowledge of the elements and I will continue to learn from the senior bloggers around. Do teach me yea~ Today, I am proudly to say that blogging has become one of my top prioritities. Blogging enable me to share my latest happenings and my views with my friends. At the same time, I may get new friends from blogging too. Besides that, I love to take photos. No matter where I go, I will bring along my digital camera and snap eventually everything from A to Z. Then, I will spend my time uploading the pictures into my blog and make the descriptions to provide a full picture of the events I attended. For me, this is very important as those who wanted the pictures and may not be able to get the original files of the photos from me at certain point of time can easily download from my blog for their own purposes (eg putting in Friendster, Facebook & etc.). For my blog readers, they may get a clearer picture of the events even though they did not participate.

In addition, my interest in the current issues is always prevalent. My friends know well on that~ haha. Before this, I used to give comments in the forum but now I added it to my blog as well. Blogging enable me to express my own views on the issues pertaining to the country. Some may ask why you so bother about it? So, I answered.. Hey, this is your country. Although we are students, policies made will affect to us directly or indirectly. Whatever happens today will become history and your grandchildren and great grandchildren will query you one day in future. We need to participate in the country development to prepare ourselves in the future. Besides that, having that particular knowledge will help us to judge thing better and logically.

If you all notice, I am currently having my final exam. My initial plan to make new look of my blog has to be put on hold due to this reason. However, I will resume the plan soon after my exams period is over. My plans are to make a new header, to make new template, to rearrange the categories to make it user friendly, to make a new profile and etc. Guys, I need ideas~ In addition, I have many topics to be posted. New ideas come every single days. Haha. Just look at the anonouncements on the right side bars. I think the frequency for me to posts in Dec will be a post in 2-3 days.

I would like to thank AhWee for designing the current page header despite we are stranger to each other those days and perhaps now. (no time to fully introduce yet) Freezefrost has also contributed in designing one but there is amendment to be made but not now. For the blog enhancement, I had made an appointment with my latest designer, Jackie (haha) to design something on my page in Dec hopefully. Thanks to Vun and latest just few days ago, Shanna for the smart partnership. Thanks to Eddie for helping me to partipate in an experiment. Thanks to Teng Foung for introducing the ads (adverlets not work and cheated me for a MONTH). My blog is not meant for earning but just for my passion of doing it. I placed the ads for trial and to see how well it works only. I also want to thank to Yumika who really helped me a lot in the initial stage especially answering my queries to my alien --> HTML codes. Thanks to Alvin and Meng Fai too for becoming the cameraman nowadays and provide me with photos. (Those days, I am the sole cameraman. Now, both of them has high tech camera that make me goyang kaki, no need work). Thanks to those who exchange links with me as well. Thanks to the critics (quite many so I don't want to make a long list), the supporters aka the readers and the ones who leave comments~!

Thinking of any contribution to this blog? Well, it is as easy as 123. The simplest is to give me valuable feedbacks or comments on my blog on the contents, layout and etc. If you have any interesting topics, do let me know. Next, you all sure can do it. Just click to the ads every time you pay a visit. It won't harm you, who knows the offers may be of interest of you. My blog traffic has been boosting up in recent months as I only get active in blogging recently. So, I do hope it will continue to increase day by day. Besides that, I had joined Nuffnang, the advertisement company for 4th week and the positive weekly 'feedback' may seem the dream to achieve my first cheque would be possible within 5 months. (Well, i am beginner la.. it takes longer time). For Nuffnangers, please help me to nang this post at:

I believe blogger needs the bloggers' community to survive. With that, I hope that I will receive continuous support from all of you regardless your are a blogger or just a reader (by-passer). Last but not least, do congratulate my blog survival for 1 year. Haha.. I will get back to your comments when I am free. Thank you.

Cheers! 1st birthday~
And i got this big apple cake from Apple
** This is a pre-made post. Exam is in progress~
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