Friday, January 30, 2009

The Science of Aliens at Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC)

This I would say as Aliens Museum is located at the MITC. It is located just opposite the Wisma MITC. Our trip to this place was unplanned. It was Suk Yen who saw a poster on it at Mahkota Parade. Then, we tried search for this place. Fortunately, we found it or if not, it will be a great lost of not coming to this place.
The grand entrance at MITC.
A photo first. Do you notice I was wearing a sunglass? The entrance.
Look at the square plane at the entrance. It is an animated screen which you will step on it to enter to the museum.
The admission fare is only RM 4. Well, don't get it wrong. We were not children. Those with student cards will get discount from the normal price of RM 8 for adults. There is additional charges for camera.
Our first stop was this dead corpse. Alien cells viewed under microscope. The circular thing was the ocular lens. Information board That was the gigantic owl. A nice place to seek info. Here, one can see, touch and play with the interactive devices. The planets in our Solar system at the top.
I took over Suk Yen camera as she do not want to take photo. So, let me do the job~~yeappie!
This was one of interactive devices. One need to answer 4 questions. For each correct answers, the light will be turned on.
Just like what this lady did~ The questions and the choice of answers. Just press the button and the light will tell you correct or wrong. A good place for kids to cultivate their interest in science. Suk Yen was the pro in this machine. Huge devices There were many smam screens on top. This was the last station. One can type messages which then sent over and displayed on the big screen. The kids seemed enjoying very much. They were wondering how it worked? It was actually the face of 4 of us. However, this pic was 'alienated'. Outside the entrance Both of us were supporting the tower to prevent it from falling. While we used force, Vun only needed to use his finger tip to ensure the tower stood still. Yea.. The aliens have landed in Melaka particularly MITC and this alien is waving to us to say 'Goodbye!'. As usual, jumping up high in the air.
Opening hours: 11 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday * This was the final stop of our trip. We went for a lunch at McD before starting our journey back to KL.


Unknown said...

KF, is not supporting, is pushing the tower.haha

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks to all the information on ur blog about MITC is was awesome~!!! unbelieveable tat melaka is reli change n got a lot of the place to visit especially this...n im will make sure i will bring my family to visit there...i have hear bout it cos im work with contractor tat deal wit MITC but i never know wat is hapen there...just know melaka reli will be developed rapidly...
anyway...have a good day godbless u ^^

KwOnG FeI said...

thanx for d compliment..
it is my pleasure to provide the information to all...

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