Monday, December 15, 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, 1 Utama Shopping Centre + The Curve

To begin with, my hair still curly. Haha.. thanks for concern, Mr Mazlan.
it's sort of mushroom hair =P if i did not gel my hair
The first stop is to the Curve..this kid play non stop at this children playground
Now Jun Jun very clever already, he knew I want to snap his photo and he purposely look another side. At here, he bullied another toddler till he cried (bad boy) and then he cried for help when he saw another 18 months foreign toddler playing around (he scared of mat salleh)
At different site Again he is avoiding the camera
In the Gardens, there is touchable screen while in the Curve, there is a keyboard and a monitor screen where you can type and search your queries. I have tried it but is not functionable. It will direct to an error page. (useless)
Nice pic? It's a mirror effects...
The Curve X'Mas displays is very nice. The concept is a garden with few animals display as seen in this photo. (dunno what it is called) There are also nicely decorated Christmas trees which can rotate 360 degree. Sigh..I didn't take any photos as I was taking care of this kid. Some photos are taken using my sis's camera.
The next stop is to 1 U. There are too many choices to choose and since we are very hungry, we chose the all time favourite, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. This restaurant is HUGE which is about 3-4 shoplots. A must and always, ying yong HK style Coffee Shanghai sauce roasted honey spare ribs with mixed vegetables and rice, RM 9.50 (should be) The vegetables (good taste) and meat are nice but the portion of rice given is very small. Not recommendable for males. Buna shimeiji capelin fish with mixed vegetables NOT recommendable to try. Weird taste and the sauce is nothing but curry powder and other unknown ingredients. RM 9.80 lalwre
Chinese baked rice with sliced pork in Szechuan style + Italian red sauce, RM 13.50
Taste as usual.. just want to comment those days cheese baked rice is with a lot of rice but nowadays even though they use the same container, but the inner height has been raised up. Thus, the content is lesser..same goes to Kim Gary restaurant.
something (vegetables) wrapped using bacon, RM 10.20
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng F225, First Floor, Promenade Zone, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Tel: 03 -77108611

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