Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Passport ready in 30 minutes. Can you believe it?

First and foremost, I roughly know which area this Wangsa Maju Immigration Office branch is located. So, I drove around Sri Rampai to try find the place and stopped to ask the people there for direction. Parked my car quite far because there is no parking bays nearby. We need to pay RM1 for the form (price remained the same) at the Form Counter and need to get 2 passport sized photos. So, I went to a shop nearby to get myself 'pictured' which costs me RM 8 for 4 photos plus rm 0.40 to photostat the IC. The women skill is not really good but I has a long conversation with her. The shop is owned by her husband who is a professional photographer. His job is to take pictures during major event attended by VIPs like Sultans and ministers and even Queen Elizabeth II (there is a certificate signed by Queen Elizabeth to verify that). When I see the photos taken by the Uncle, only one word 'WOW'. Managed to meet him in person and he recommended me to buy a DSLR camera for me to learn more. Auntie asked me to use camera to flirt girls. (she being cheated by him..wonderful). Hahaha.. I replied them that I am still a student + POOR, so won't able to buy one. Only own a digital camera that so so only.
Firstly, I need to go to the Registration Counter and give them a fully filled document with the photos. Then, they give me a queue number, 1252. Even before I left the counter, the number 1252 is already being called. Then, I joke with the officer ' cepatnya, betul ke?' After that, I headed to counter no. 13 and do the usual finger prints. Luckily, the one stored in the chip of my IC works this time. (normally, it won't work especially at banks). The officer told me I need to wait roughly 1 hour for the passport. The time this pic was taken is 2.34 pm.
'' PASSPORT means a valid passport which has been issued to a person by or on behalf of the Government of which he is a subject or citizen and includes any form of valid document of identity issued for the purpose of travel by any Government and recognised as a travel document by the Government of Malaysia''. (Immigration Department of Malaysia)
This is my queue number, wonder why the time is printed wrongly
Wow! Do you see it? It is only 1 day application for passport. It recalled my memory about 5 years back. Those days in KL, we can only apply for passport in Campbell Shopping Complex at around Jalan Dang Wangi (now moved to Jalan Duta). My previous experience was me and my mum needed to reach the complex at about 6.30 am and then start to queue up. The complesx is full with people even before its official opening time. The queue was like extremely LONG. After you get your queue number, the waiting is about 1-2 hours minimum (normally, people take this opportunity to eat breakfast). After everything kau tim, you need to wait if not mistaken 2 weeks to come again to the place and collect your passport. Beside that, there is limited number to be given each day. So, if you come around 9 or 10 am, you will have to come and queue again the next days. Those days the officers service are extremely bad. I remembered a incident where a woman complained to the officer of their stupidity and lack of common sense to write her height as 15 cm instead of 150 cm. (I guess she wrote 1.5 metre or she really wrote 150 cm) Guess what, the officer didn't say sorry at all.
cam-whoring using my lousy SE phone's camera which I think not even reach 1.0 mp even though it is written 2.0 mp
This is the Forms Counter
This is the Registration Counter
terms and regulations for application
fees for application
I still dun understand why we should pay rm 300 for a tiny book with 32 pages only. Nonetheless, I know it is a price to make sure we do not lost our passport and other reasons. Why don't charge Rm 150 for normal application and RM 300 for those who lost it and reapply? Does it sounds better?
the process of application
the big notice board only have these 4 info papers
The next step is to pay RM 300 application fee and you will get this receipt written 'KUTIPAN 2 JAM SELEPAS WAKTU BAYARAN'
This is the rooms to collect the passport. Counter no 17 and 18.
So, I wait and wait. It is true that I need to wait 2 hours. Well, it is still better to come back again in next 2 weeks rite?
Cam whoring again
OMG! At 3.04 pm (rounded system), my number is being called for passport collection. It means that after handed the application form, I only waited for 30 minutes for my passport. Can you believe it? Those who have been experienced applying passport many years back will be shocked to hear this. The pic in the passport is too ugly to display here. Accordingly, the new systems only want your face picture. So, try imagine your face sort of being enlarged. Rmb the size of the passport and now the whole area is occupied by your face~ No comment.
Conclusion: The systems are getting better nowadays. I do recommend to go this Wangsa Maju branch instead of Jalan Duta as my previous experience in Jalan Duta was the same as Campbell (but that time I went to Jalan Duta was during peak season). Hope my post help you to save your time and to choose correct place!
Adapted from: MyCen directions (wanted to take this pic also but it was raining heavily that time)
Pejabat Imigresen Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Wangsa Maju Immigration Office Branch Aras 1 Wisma Rampai Jalan 34/26 Taman Seri Rampai, Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur Phone: 03-41423449 Fax: 03-41423578


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