Thursday, December 4, 2008

Team Building Camp, Dusun Eco Resort, Day 1, 30 Nov 2008

We reached Dusun Eco Resort at about 1030 am, a bit late than expected due to the bus drivers problem.
There are 2 lorries to ferry us up to the hill and to the resort. The road is too narrow and too steep for a bus to enter. Thus, we spent quite some time waiting for transporting all of us. Photobucket Top left: Upon arrival, we had our tea break. Popiah + milo
Other pics: Awaiting instructions from the committee on the coming activities Photobucket We are waiting to enter to the hall, Dewan Bentong. While the committee members are busy cleaning up the hall, we took this opportunity to take photos around.
The male toilet facilities..far better than expected~ Photobucket
Top left: Walking towards the flying fox area..far far away Top middle to right: We are required to cross a bridge linking to the flying fox area. The bridge can only support 8 persons at one time. Photobucket I think it is the first time for all of us except Jee Yang who experience the game before during his national service. We are preparing to FLY...but out of expectations.. the 'fly' is quite slow and 'no feel'. With exception to Shuennie, she can explain to you well how fun she was flying in the air with high pitch of scream~
Photobucket Top pictures: The Chalet type A
Bottom pictures: Fish ponds
Left: Me, Jee Yang, Tomas, Meng Fai, Suk Yen, Hui Hoon, See Bee, Xiao You
Right: Felicia, MCC?, Wan Yee, Angeline
L- The top committee members..they are so relax.. throughout the night, they are seen sitting on the front talking, giving lectures and waiting others to report their activities.
R- A nice concept. Each of us is given an envelope which we will write our name on it and the envelope will be pasted on the board as seen. Any1 can make their secret message to the rests. This envelope will be given to the respective person at the end of the camp. Well, I got 17 messages with 1 is in Mandarin...sorry I dun understand Chinese words. At that particular night, we have a Treasure Hunt around the compound of the resort. We are required to use only one torchlight per group. (sot was very dark and the road ways are with holes) Some even denied to walk in dark area as they really scared. However, the spirit of togetherness among the team mates did overcome the fear. There are all together 6 stations with basically we are required to run here and there. My group did quite well in performing all the tasks given except the first station. Here are the challenges we need to endure: Station 1: Finding coins of 1 cents and 5 cents on the basketball court again in the dark with one torchlight. We are the first group for this station and guess what.. even the committee members do not know where they throw the coins. Sigh Station 2: We are required to grab the angpow thrown by one of our group mates from top using the wooden chopsticks. I do not know how other groups perform, but if they can do it, they can consider to catch the mosquitoes as well. It is hard unless you think of a strategy. So, what my group did is me and Jason bend down and let others to grab the angpow fall on our back. Station 3: Sudoku game. haha..sudoko.. level 4 stars.. Initially can't really do it fast but after 2 clues given out of 3 offered, we managed to finish it in time. Btw, we needed to pass through a dark and long distance to reach this station. I guess at least 8 minutes.

Station 4: Erm... was given wrong clues of next station. We reached at Shuennie's station. We are asked to choose one of angpows provided. Luckily, there is nothing inside which meant that we are safe. If we had chosen blindfold, one of your member will be blindfolded till the next station. i heard Jee Yang very geng carry one of his members who was blindfolded. Bravo~

Station 5: We need to go back passing through the dark area again to reach this station known as Dewan Haruan next to station 3. This should be station 4 supposingly. Here, we were ask to form 4 triangles using 3 straws and to solve 2 iq tests. IQ.. i dun think I have it.. So, Min Lu is in charge of it with the rests while I spent some time to explain to Kah Kit on the confusion of the station. My group mates solve the question quite fast. Kah Kit asked us to get the clues from station 2 as it is needed to complete the game. We thought it is an oral clues because we are not given back the clues. Station 6: Again, we need to walk pass the dark area to the next station which is the final stop. It Seang grabbed 2 of members and dunno what they are talking that bring them to a place like a sink. Then, he asked us to identify the treasure nearby the area. There is virtually nothing so Jason suggested the broom hide inside the sink. Hahaha.. Then, we saw a lamp post nearby and he said 'Are you sure it is a lamp post?'. Huh.. it should be.. until we went closer and see (it's in the dark) to find out that it is actually a tree. So, he asked us to guess the tall of the tree using whatever way. We actually sort of hear the range of the tree height from other group. If we given a wrong answer, then we will be punished. So, we discussed and discussed and I came up with idea of 18.8 metre, a lucky number hopefully. And BINGO~ the correct height is 18.5 m and our answer is within the range. Next, we are required to make a line in which one of us will act as narrator to act out some words given by It Seang and pass the massage to the rests which the final person need to guess the word. The first few attempts was unsuccessful. (books, dunno wat racing, pencil) I forgot what is the word that we finally can guess until It Seang scratch his head to ask us to act a dog as the last resort.

Final round: What a disappointment that when we reached, we are not the first but the forth. Every 1 seem sad to see others have been searching the treasure for some time. The area is so small to accommodate so many people.. We hardly move around the area and it is just too late to find clues and to find the treasure. I can see the disappointment of my group mates who really worked hard for the game plus me and Min Lu are the past winners. We did not discuss any strategy as space does not allow us to do so plus not dat 'semangat' already. The winner goes to Jee Yang's group. Bravo!~~

After the treasure hunt, we gathered back at Dewan Bentong to as usual to check 'any1 missing' or 'any injury'. Haha.. The committee then discussed with us about the treasure hunt and give away prizes to the champion. Congrats again!~
It was 12 am ++. Sleeping time? Me, Tomas, MF and JY are chatting till 2 am before we go to sleep. Can't use go on bed.. there is no bed and we have to sleep on the floor. The juniors have to many topics to chat till the committee members need to order them to sleep and to go back from the canteen to the respective chalet. Guess, they are chatting till 230 am++.
Did I sleep? Argh.. I did not sleep at all. From the holidays start till that day, I haven't get a proper sleep. I can't sleep at late hours preferably used to be awake that time for a month~


Shu Yi said...

u r right,at a camp site,a clean toilet is very important

just apple said...

nice trip there! but you should show some pic where u guys had the fun...><

KwOnG FeI said...

shu yi: dats the most worriest thing among the gals..

just apple: haha.. wait ar..dats only day1 ..thinking how to make post of day 2 with 200++ photos..hmm

thanx both of u for de comments

shuennie said...

WONG KWONG FEI!!!!!!since when i stepped on your tail?? EVIL~~~ btw, my name is typed wrongly at certain spot!

KwOnG FeI said...

to shueenie:
wei.. i where gt write anything..
ragarding ur name will rectify soon.

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