Wednesday, December 10, 2008

UCSI University Programmes Fee Schedule

From the Nuffnang analytics, it seem that quite many of visitors came to my site by searching 'ucsi fees' keyword, almost every month. Well, I think they have being directed to my blog due to my previous posts on the University status gained by previous UCSI (university college sedaya international). My purpose of writing these is first, of course, to let the visitors know the fees they are looking for and secondly, to aware the public/visitors that they can make a request or enquiry to the blogger for informations.

At such, you may drop a question to the respective blogger and it depends on whether the blogger would like to help you or not. As for in this case, it will help you to ease the troublesome in calling the Marketing department to mail/fax you. Well, once you called them, it is not easy to get rid of them. They will obtain you necessary informations and called you repetitively on your interest in enrolling the University.

In another words, if you can't find your things in Internet, another option for you is to ask the BLOGGERS. Life made simple with blogosphere, don't you think so?


I had obtained the UCSI University undergraduate programmes fee schedule which was effective from 25 February 2010 onwards (time of printing). Please note that there might be amendments, modifications or alterations of these fees and as such, you should obtain the latest fee schedules.

Fee schedule for foundation programme, A-Level academy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Faculty of Applied Sciences. 

Fee schedule for Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Built Environment.

 Fee schedule for Faculty of Management and Information Technology

Fee schedule for Faculty of Music, Social Sciences and Design.

If you were to enquire about the courses, I can only provide personal advice for Pharmacy course. Other than that, it is advisable to contact the Marketing Department or arrange for a walk in to the UCSI University. 

If you were to enquire about the facilities, you can try search on the label UCSI in my blog. It covers some of the general facilities which might be of interest of you.

If you were to come for a session with the Marketing Department, a few quick tips for you.
  1. If you were to drive to the University, mention to the ticket counter at entrance that you are looking for Marketing Department or going to the Administration departments. You may get a free parking and at specified visitors parking. Otherwise, you need to pay RM 2 parking ticket.
  2. Be ready for questions that you are in doubts so that you can clarify with the course councillors.
  3. Do ask whether the fees will be fixed throughout the 3 or 4 years period of study. Get the name of the course councilors name and if possible record his/ her statement on that. It might be useful should the University increases the fees while the Marketing Department promises that there will not be any free increment. (This situation did happened, mark my words
If you were to look for accommodations, it is 100% advisable not to rent the university's hostel. It is expensive and you are confined to curfew hours. There are houses and condos nearby the university.

If you were to look for PTPTN loan, so far to my concern, there is no issue of you having slim chance in getting the loan by studying here. Ask for assistance from the Marketing Department. They will assist you promptly.

If you are foreigners, there is one Western Union at the shoplots nearby. It helps you in the transfer of money from your own country.

If you are looking for banks, there are Maybanks (nearest), CIMB, Public, Hong Leong etc.

What else? It is a difficult decision to choose where to study. Consult your parents or friends who studying at the University or in a better way, those studying the course you looking for. NEVER trust bystanders who posts allegations, claims or whatsoever in the Internet especially forums as their credibility is questionable.

*It is advisable for you to either click to enlarge the images or save the images before magnifying it for best views. 


AishahMajid said...

I'm sorry,but i can't read those fees :(

KwOnG FeI said...

try save the image then magnify it..
i dunno where i put the original files so i cant send to u..

Anonymous said...

i'm kinda lazy to see in JPG image. Is it UCSI fees expensive? how much one semester in diploma. im planning to study there after get my SPm result nex year. i hope its affordable.

Anonymous said...

Which one is more expensive? Curtin University or UCSI? WHich one is better?

KwOnG FeI said...

For Pharmacy course, there is no longer Curtin programme.

In accordance to university status, the University is now offering its very own bachelor degree. The first batch had graduated.

Anonymous said...

i really want to study in malaysia bt am look for a sch that is cheap and affordable..between inti,legenda and ucsi which is more cheap .pls can u post their tuition schedule.

Anonymous said...

no business fees structure?

Anonymous said...

hey, how's their accounting finance course? is it good compare to other colleges?

Anonymous said...

can you please calculate the total fees including basic fees for pharmacy course for me? thanks ya..hope to get ur reply soon..

KwOnG FeI said...

@anonymous: erm as for now, no.. but i try to get one soon

@anonymous: i try to get one soon

@anonymous: erm... let me tell u the exact ar..

as for before July 2010 (new semester), the fees payable EVERY semester is RM 13900 (there is increase of price).

This fees include:
a) tuition fees
b) laboratory fees

So, for 4 year courses it will now RM 111,200.

Other fees you need to pay throughout the 4 years include the
a) library fees
b) insurance
c) etc

of which either a seasonal or refundable or payable once.

Hope this info helps~

Anonymous said...

may i know what is total course fees md(medicine) in ucsi??

KwOnG FeI said...

do check the fee schedule i posted above with the latest updates..

annasiew said...

Hello...may i ask for ur hlp to hlp me get the overall fee for ''EVENT & TORISM MANAGEMENT'' course??? coz i dunno whr can i get the info of the fee...plz...

Remarks : this course only offer in kuching campus...can u hlp me ask whether KL campus or T'gannu gt this course???

KwOnG FeI said...

@annasiew: hie.. i am nt aware of such course offered in the uni.As such, the best way for you is to contact UCSI marketing department and a course councellor will assist you.

Anonymous said...

hi, may i know is there any scholarship or tuition fees rebate if your results is outstanding(i mean while taking the pharmacy course), like CGPA 3.8 and above...

Anonymous said...

tqvm for the info.

Anonymous said...

is UCSI fee will b increase due to their country money currency?
coz i had heard about it fr some of my frens....

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