Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A' Famosa Fort: Porta De Santiago

The back view of the A' Famosa Fort
History time:
The Portuguese built a massive fortification encircled the base of St Paul's Hill known as A ' Famosa. Inside the A'Famosa, they were the governor's palace, bishop's palace, state halls, five churches and two hospitals. Most of the village clustered in town houses inside the fort walls. Under the Dutch, the fort is still remained. They renovated the gate in 1670 in which you can find the wording "ANNO 1670" inscribed on the gate's arch and the Dutch East India Company logo above the arch.
However, when the British took over, they ordered for tearing down of the fortifications in 1808. Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore stepped in and prevented the complete destruction. Unfortunately, only the gate remains as in what you can see today but fortunately we can still see a part of the grand construction of the fort. Thanks to Sir Stamford Raffles!
Initially, I thought there is a sale inside the fort's gate. It was so crowded inside.
photo shooting with the canon..nice pose? A'Famosa: Porta De Santiago Save and enlarge the picture to see the wording of ANNO 1670 and the logo. Spotted this Aussie couples Title: Wondering Description: Why these people took so many photos of Famosa Fort non stop? I better get myself covered under the plant. Charlene and Wan Nah The guys with the canon The stylish girl taking photo for Vun? Photobucket We managed to ask the Aussie man to take photo with us Photobucket
Then, we asked again for a family photo with us. To our surprise, he has a big family tree including the locals. What a lucky one for us to have such a nice and memorable photo. Thanks Suk Yen for the pic and her sacrifice for not included in the photo.

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