Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woman fell to death at a shopping mall at Jalan Bukit Bintang

The Star. Tuesday, Dec 30, 2008. KUALA LUMPUR: A woman fell seven floors to her death at a popular shopping centre at the heart of the city around 4pm yesterday. The deceased, Tay Lay Hown, 35, from Serendah was believed to have fallen from the 10th floor to the third floor of the shopping mall located at Jalan Bukit Bintang. An eyewitness, known only as Nga Yuen, said she was shopping at a stall with her friend on the third floor when she heard a loud crash at a nearby stall. “We heard people screaming and upon checking we saw a woman had fallen onto the stall from the floors above,” she said, adding that efforts to resuscitate her by some members of the public failed.
The incident happened on Monday at the said shopping mall. I wasn't around at that time but my sisters were there. The woman had fallen to the 3rd floor of the shopping mall where there is many stalls there. You should know where right? Accordingly, many news reporters arrived very fast and every one is puzzled on the main reason behind. The Star info may not be good enough. Have a look on the news by Sin Chew Daily. (my first post in mandarin but not mine actually)


(吉隆坡)一名華裔女子週一(12月29日)下午與家人到首都金三角一間著名購物廣場逛逛,不料過後被發現自廣場10樓處墜下,猛撞3樓處的首飾小攤後蒙受重傷,急救15分鐘後逝世。 這起墜樓事件發生於週一下午4時左右,死者為35歲的陳麗香(未婚),來自雙文丹,在7名兄弟姐妹中排行第6,她因身體多處受傷而不治。 患上憂鬱症失業在家 據悉,死者是一名車衣女工,但自患上憂郁症需定時服藥,因此失業在家。她週一下午與家人分乘兩輛汽車到首都遊,她與妹妹在廣場6樓逛逛後先自行離去,過後就被發現墜樓。 一名目擊者指出,當時她正與友人在3樓小攤中心處逛街,忽然聽到一聲巨響,回頭看時赫然發現其中一個售賣女性首飾的攤子已被撞毀,而地板處則躺著一名蓄短髮、身穿白色短褲及線條T恤的女子。 公眾施救不果 “她當時還有氣息,一名公眾見狀立即施予急救,但15分鐘後卻斷氣了。” 據瞭解,曾有人目睹她在10樓的小食中心近電梯處,跨過圍欄後跳下,但駐守10樓的保安受詢時否認曾看見死者在此處徘徊或跳下。 此外,攤子遭死者撞爛的胡姓攤主在受詢時指出,當時他只是聽到一聲巨響,只是以為有異物掉下,卻沒想到原來是有人墜樓。 記者較後到管理層詢問時,一名發言人表示對事件不願置評。死者遺體在傍晚5時45分左右被送至中央醫院,死者家屬接獲噩耗後已前往醫院辦理領屍手續。

Do you understand? The woman went to the said shopping mall with her family (2 cars) . She has depression and was on medication. She climbed over the wall and jumped off to death. Conclusion: Life is sometimes so fragile. Treasure your loved one and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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