Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pastis, The Gardens, Mid Valley

Well, it is a wonderful holiday and I am enjoying it so much! I went to Gardens and Mid Valley on last Monday which is the public holiday. I didn't realize it was a public holiday until I saw super jam at the roads heading to the Mid Valley. It is not recommendable to go there during public holidays unless you take public transport. Few parking zones were full and it wasn't easy to find a parking. Inside the mall, you will be 'sardined' and you won't have sufficient time for shopping. It was just too many people.
Tired of window shopping at the Gardens, we went to the Pastis, being attracted to the design and its location. Taken from the 1st floor. Adapted from one blog with no comment enabled and no e-mail for me to get the permission. Owner please acknowledge me~ Taken from the website:
Oh friends.. It was my first time I visited the web and I felt so impressed with the web. The music make me so grand to be one of the viewers. From the web, we can know the background of the Gardens and its subsidiary including the malls, hotels, residences and offices.
The menu book At here, the waiters will serve you and you don't even need to go to the counter. Range of coffee Range of tea Range of sandwiches (i forgot I enabled the flash) Range of milk shakes
Range of special coffee... Molecular coffee which you can eat? Sounds interesting? Look at C1.. it wont fall down even down you turn the cup upside down. So, I ordered C2 as it has two types of flavours.
Marble cheese cake..highly recommendable.. it is so cheesy! The taste is excellent! English black tea with a crunchy cookie I think this is latte also with a piece of cookie xpresso macchiato
Thought of trying something new.. it is just like mouse type of coffee + cream. And ironically, the size of the cup is as small as the cup of milk for the coffee.
And it cost rm 10 for that molecular coffee Iced coffee So, no choice but to order another drink. See the shape of the glass..kewl? CONCLUSION: Don't simply try the stuffs you don't know in pastis or any cafes. Haha.. This is the container for the sugar I requested for the coffee. Nice shape..thinking to steal one for decoration. Moist chocolate cake A very disappointing that it wasn't nice as I thought. The chocolate is not thick enough and the cake wasn't nice to eat at all. Every month, the Pastis has promotion of 50% off the price of the original selected cake per month. We thought that normally the promotion items wasn't that nice. Who know it is more tastier than the other non promotional items. Should choose another type of cheese cake instead.
Then, I brought Jun Jun to this tweety bird alike cage which is one of the Christmas displays in the Gardens. He enjoyed it very much and jumping like no other business inside. Haha. Between, i think I asked him what is his age. Again, he can't project out 2 fingers but it is always 3.
Then, I asked him to pose for pictures. Sometimes, he will listen and sometimes he will 'sell high price' in which he know we want to take photos but do not want to look at the camera. Naughty!
This is my nephew, as for now, very obedient and will not simply cry like other kids.


Anonymous said...

ur nephew is so cute!!hehe..muz be a leng zai in the future lo..

KwOnG FeI said...

haha... yea and quite obedient too..

However, he is a bit slower learner as he cant really speak a sentence.

He always speak his own language which we called it as baby language.

Few words which he already mastered such as Jusco, Tesco, Watson, kai kai (outing), leng leng (beautiful), mum mum (eat), mm moi (don't want) and etc. At his small age, he already a regular customer to McD for French fries.

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