Monday, December 22, 2008

Korea Stone BBQ Steamboat

The speciality of this place is that the frying pan and boiling pot are separated (in comparison to Talipon Restaurant). Thus, it is better in terms of hygiene and allows you to cook more foods with the more space.
Choice of soup includes chicken, tom yam and bak kut teh (as to what I recalled)
The only ONE and biggest DRAWBACK of this restaurant is the SOUP. It is very dilute and tasteless. And it never changed since last time I dined in.
yummy~ Most of the time I preferred to eat grill foods than the steamboat. The seafood is OK but the soup is really terrible. The cooked food and sushi There is also a pot of 'shark fin' soup (free refill and full with 97% chicken slices) All the raw food is quite good and fresh The choice of pickles Sauces, vegetables, varity of noodles and eggs The quantity of food offered here is VERY sufficient. Surrounding environment This place is quite big and the above pic is the non occupied area.
Another advantage of this place is FREE FLOW of drinks with only RM 2 which I considered as very cheap. However, as can be seen from top left, the price per head has been increased from Rm 18.80 to Rm 22.80 which i think is sort of expensive (not sure how bout others steamboat buffet prices currently).
Another advantage that is not offered at any other place is the 'ais kacang'. Having wondered to have hand on experience to do your own 'ais kacang'? You can do so here from blending the ice using the typical machine to mixing the ingredients based on your own preferences. Sounds easy? Well, I can say your first time trial will always either too sweet, not enough of sweet, too many ingredients or having a weird taste (wrong combination).
This is the melted 'ais kacang' Front view Side view It is located at Ampang Water Front but there is no water front here but this river.
My review: It is a good place for first timer as you can try hand on experience of the' ais kacang'. The free flow of drinks with RM 2 is lucrative enough. If you want an ample place with a clean environment as well as hygienic foods for your steamboat, this is the place. The only thing is that if you were looking for a nice SOUP (soup will affects the taste of the food), then this is NOT a right place. Just focus on grilling the raw meats and etc.
Korea Stone BBQ Steamboat, 33A-1, Jalan AWF 1, Ampang Water Front, 68000 Ampang, Selangor. Tel: 016-2713888


Anonymous said...

duno why they called it ampang water front

KwOnG FeI said...

hmm i also not sure..
the only possible reason is that the whole stretch of shop houses are located in front of the river aka water..
so, the whole place there is called ampang water front business centre

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