Sunday, August 31, 2008

HapPy 51st MerdeKa DaY!!

HaPpY merdeka DAy!!
We are celebrating our country's 51st birthday@@!! I didnt know that this year celebration is held at Dataran Merdeka. I only get to know when i went back for attachment and heard the loud noise from the Royal Army aircrafts doing training up in the sky which are meant for the mereka parade. It seem like no publicity or perhaps no one talk about it. Seem that the people are more interested on the upcoming 16 September whether there will be a shift in the government or nt.
Whats the theme for this year merdeka? It is still the same 'Keranamu Malaysia'? Each time i listen to the patriotic song, my spirit will boost up. I will try to sing along although i forget most of the lyrics. How about the Setapak High School bagpipe bands? I couldnt make myself available in the morning today to watch them. I think they should be involved as well. Hope the school band is becoming better and the school financial issue will not hold them from progressing further. Haiz... School politics.. I only get to watch YDPA and his Royal Army performing the 'istiadat keberangkatan pulang YDPA' after the parade. Wow.. YDPA is so fit and looked slim in the Army suit. Meanwhile, PM and DPM looked like His Highness bodyguards.
I really miss my secondary school time. During Form 4, me and my schoolmates are lucky to be selected to join the merdeka parade celebration. We are the first batch to have the 'pasukan 1000 kompang' where each of us (all students around Kl and Selangor) is given a kompang for the show. Uni life have nothing about unity btw races especially it is heavily populated by certain races.. but that is not our fault .. it is the government fault for nt providing equal chances for us to further our study in public U. So, whenever the government talk about unity, i always laughed at them. No point if we do this and that campaign if it does not hit to the bigger target group. Best example is the National Service. Whats the point of building the unity only among those selected to the NS only? How about those who are nt selected? Whats the point of Government feeding them everyday with up to 6 meals per day and claimed to instill unity when fights among diff races do occur in the camp?
Next week will be a busy week. Quizzes + Reports will take most of my time. Plus, the long awaited moment, the final judgement will also take place soon. Nothing much can say than hoping for the best~~Cant write more, need to do something which is more important~..sob sob

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