Sunday, August 3, 2008

Petrol price decrease to 2.40/litre by 1 Sept

The thing is even though the price of petrol will be reviewed monthly, it doesn't mean it will ease the burden of the people. For those who drive, yea it definitely help a bit.. But for the majority, the decrease means nothing. Will the price of the foods be reviewed monthly?? A small plate of noodle costs rm 3.80 and for bigger one costs rm 4.20/4.50. Will the price of the food decreased by 1 sept? Now that almost everything has gone up due to the brilliant formula by our government claiming that it's the best way and not burdening the people, life has become difficult. One thing I dun understand is that the current review of price was made in july.. just few days before the august starts.. I thought the decrease shall take effect in August1, but the brilliant government again said it will be implemented next month, September. Why? Today, i went to pump my petrol. The figure 1111 for rm 30 make me to blog this. Wat a nice figure! However, one column of the petrol meter which previously costs rm 20 has rise to rm 30. Thanx again for the brilliant government + briliant formula. Yea.. u give back us the rebate.. but the rebate returned to our parents and will be used for other daily needs. However, our pocket money remains the same. It means life has make hard for us especially if you are a student~ current financial status= EMERGENCY STATE~~!

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