Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chong Wei into Finals, will a gold medal being taken home?

Great news for all Malaysians..perhaps evry1 should know by now.. Sorry for not having the time to post this earlier as my schedule was really really tight..In the road to finals, he has beaten SUSILO Ronald, NAVICKAS Kestutis, KUNCORO Sony Dwi and LEE Hyunil (rising star of Korea). While his opponent, Lin Dan of China has beaten NG Wei, PARK Sunghwan, GADE Peter Hoeeg amd CHEN Jin in all straight game in comparison to Lee. I would say Chong Wei has seriously improved a lot in terms of his skills. Nowadays, his shots and net skills are precise and accurate. He is able to return almost all the difficult shuttle and able to control his tempo in the game very well. The question now is who will win the Olympics 2008 gold. Previously in Athens, both has failed to march to the final..not even a semi final..CHong Wei in last 16 while Lin Dan in last 32. Surprisingly, the previous gold defending champion Taufik was beaten by Malaysian VETERAN Wong Chong Hann which easily gunned down by HSIEH Yu-Hsing of Chinese Taipei. He for sure will retire after this Olympic..HOPEFULLY..
By storming into Finals, Chong Wei has alrdy earned himself a silver and Rm 300 000. in terms of pressure, he should nt be having dat high levels compared to Lin Dan who definitely has to grab a gold for China dignity in the game. Watever the result is, Chong Wei has created a new history and new positive development in the country's badminton. This is the first time we enter into the Finals of the world most precious award, the Olympic gold medal. I would say this is the best chance of Malaysia getting a gold medal, but we let the time to tell us the final results. For Lin Dan, he is a highly skilled player and has high stamina with good speed. And for Chong Wei, he now is considered highly skilled player but stamina wise still lower compared to lin Dan. One good advantage of Chong Wei is that he able to control his tempo and mood especially during the tension moment. Rmb how he able to 'crawl' back from 13-20 end route in winning Malysian open those days beating Lin Dan. Nothing is impossible and if he keep the good game, he will definitely success provided he did not make minor mistakes especially at the net like wat he had done while playing against LEE Hyunil. On the other hand, China be4 hand has aimed to clean sweep all the 5 golds offered. However, it seem not a good fortune for China namely in badminton for this Olympic. For the women singles, XIE Xingfang (gf of Lin Dan) was beaten by her senior compatriot ZHANG Ning 21-12 10-21 21-18. Zhang Ning defended the Olympic gold she had won in Athens 2004. Should Xingfang won the game, the latter can be planning for retirement(age=33)and she can be the right replacememt. However, it seem her service may still be needed but i doubt that as China is constantly pumping in new and fresh player all the time with exception of her. For the woman doubles, DU Jing & YU Yang of China bt LEE Hyojung & LEE Kyungwon (Korea) for a gold. I can't comment much of the woman doubles as I do not really follow to their progress. In the men's doubles, the gold is won by SETIAWAN Hendra & KIDO Markis beating Chinese pairs FU Haifeng & CAI Yun. I managed to watch this game only for 3rd set at my fren's house. No doubt Markis Kido (the key player but nt the better one) has made no mistake this time. Normally, he most likely unable to cope with tension and easily lost his concentration when sumthing went unexpected to them. A gold is taken away from China and the Indon pair proved they are the bets in the world. Both Chinese pairs make lots of simple mistakes and lack of communication especially in the 3rd game towards the ending of the game. No doubt as well they received a high pressure from the audience as well as their peoples to ensure China remain the powerhouse for the game. In the mixed doubles,WIDIANTO Nova & LILIYANA (Indonesia top pair) will be facing LEE Hyojung & LEE Yongdae of Korea. Luckily, Korea pair beat another Indonesian pair in the semifinal, if not it will be all indonesia Finals which then they will act sombong to Malaysia. another gold is atken away form China. By comaparison, tehre is similarities btw Lin Dan and China. Both are their country top male single players. and both gf are their country top woman single player. If China has been stripped off 2 golds (having only 2 on hands now), how about the final game of the men singles? Will China finished the Olympic with only 2 golds? Will Malaysia create a new histroy by taking home the first gold medal? All this can be answered at 8.48 pm live from ASTRO and RTM1. I pray and hope the best for Chong Wei to perform his best. And I hope we will be able to have our national anthem played in China for the very first time.

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