Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prof. Noran Theory of Sperm Degradation

Today, i just finished one of the controversial test paper. Not going to comment here but i think most of us are really fired up!!
After the exam, it is supposed to be Prof. Noran class. However, due to 'unavoidable' delay, Prof Noran is very angry as she is very particular on time punctuality. The whole class maintains the pin drop silence for the first hour as nobody dare to make any noise. Just when her mood is back and settled down, the atmosphere changed 180˚ (nt 360 as it never be..haha). We want her to remain in her good mood so that the teaching in the class wont be so boring and tense..hmm its physiology!~ Occasionally, she did make joke but her seriousness in teaching take most of the time.
I didnt pay much attention to the class for the first hour as I am busy thinking what to write for some 'form' to be given sooner and keep 'thinking' of 'somebody'. My focus is back when Prof Noran cheerfully continued another half part of the lecture on something about erection. She told us a theory which i think is quite interesting that make me blog this. I even jot down it in my note books in bigger fonts.
Theory of Sperm Degradation.
So, what would happen to the sperms in the journey towards the ovary? Of coz, one sperm will fertilise with an ovum. How bout the rest of the sperms?
1. The will be degraded by white blood cells present in the uterus.
2. Some are very stupid as normal sperm with swim towards the ovary but this bunch of sperms will swim out of target that mean towards the bottom of uterus/cervix.
3. While the sperms are swimming half way, the head of the sperm will be chopped off.
4. Due to the matter of survival, the sperms will kill each other. Wonder how they did so?
This facts make us puzzled as it is the first time we hear such interesting points.
Besides, she also asked us about Osain Bolt as she was relating to the fast speed movements of the sperms. Then, she asked us whether we watch Olympics or nt? Of coz I do bt nt sure about the rest, his timing was 9.69 sec. But, I think she shall relate it to Michael Phelp who won 8 gold medal in the recent Beijing Olympics. Seem, I am the only one who watched the game.
The middle pic that i found explain the theory well. I thought it was a joke~
Photos: Google Search.


xh said...

i tot d middle photo u drew urself :p

KwOnG FeI said...

haha....well i am not that talented..
if dont believe, u can see my uterus aka zorro drawing..

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