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080808 My sis marriage registration

Today marked an auspicious day for the Chinese. 8 is the lucky number for the Chinese which brings luck. So, if it is triple 8--> 080808, you can expect how much importance this number to them. Thousand of new couples in the world would like to have this special date printed on their marriage certificate in addition to the special meaning of 080808. As for my sis n her bf, they take this sole oppurtunity of life time to register their marriage. I wake up as early as 530 am (after morning call at 5 AM) but my sis and parents alrdy dressed up by that time. Wonder why they so excited and so scared to be late while the event will start at 8 am and the distance from my house is just about 20 minutes drive!! After some consultation to my parents, I managed to delay the time and started to take photographs.
L- My dear parents
R- Me and my mum
My sister and I. I purposely bring back one red and this pink shirt to be choosen to suit to the ambience of this special day.
We started our journey at 630 am and reach there by 7 am. By that time, many people alrdy reached Tian Hou Temple and waited for the official ceremony to start. The hall is still closed and thus many have to stand while waiting. So, we took photos around the place.

L- Guess wat it mean? My sis is twisting the ear of the monkey, the zodiac of her bf.
R- Finally, her bf reached at about 720 am and get scolded from my sis for being late.

By 7.45 am, the crowds entered into the hall. There is limited space as the front till the end row were reserved for the couples (2 ppl of coz) and their 2 witnesses ( 1 witness from each side). There is only extra space allocated for the public on the left and right end corner of the hall which is not enough to accomodate so many people. So, the youngster are cordially invited to stand to make way for the elders to have their seat. Even though that, the hall is too small to cater so many people.

Malaysian are never punctual. Haiz. Those couples are told to reach be4 8 as the planned to start the event on 080808 and at 8 am. But, it just dun work. So, they changed the plan to 8.08 am. It somehow dont work as it offically starts about 810 am.

L- All are required to stand to greet the Master Sifu (dunno wat name) R- After that, couples are being called according to number to go out for a grand photography session.

L- The 'backstage' R- The Sifu is being escorted out by some committe members and the Marriage Registar Officers

Family, friends and relatives take this oppurtunity to snap photos of the couples. My sis bf punya sister and I have to find both of them out of so many couples standing there. If nt mistaken according to the speech in mandarin, number of registered couples are 400 for today with 268 in the morning session and 128 in the afternoon session (extended due to overwhelming request). Ms Wong will come for the afternoon session nt for herself but for her friends. Haha... as predicted for cancelling the class.

R-Check this out. The distance of the Sifu at the centre to the right of the picture is just half of the number of couples. So, x2 of the pic will give you the total.

R- Check out the couple next to my sis. The bride is the prettiest among all I had seen on that day. Was trying hard to get her pic.

R- I spotted this couple of diffrent races..only and the only one

While the couples are so enjoying taking the group photo, the family/relative/friend are taking their the best effort to get good view, zooming in and capture the nicest moment. I stand beside this blue shirt guy. The security keep asking us to stand behind more and more as the cameraman cant cover all in the photos. They know they are blocking the view but yet still unreluctant to move.

Wonder the couples sitted in front need to pay additional money for the seats.

As soon as the photograph session ends, the F/R/F immediately move forward to take photo of the couples.

L- My sis and her bf, nice match of colour

After that, all of them walked back into the hall using the main entrance while F/R/F have to use the side entrance

R- Thats the pretty bride with her nice curl hair.

The couples headed straight to the stage where the Sifu will splash some holy water to them.

L- I didn't know she is seated beside my sis.

L-Next, is the talks by the Sifu. Based on what I understand according to my Mandarin profienciency level, he said a marriage must have 'yuen li' and 'na li'. It is not important whether your spouse is pretty or not, if not look at her mother...hahaha..Being together is not the binding of two perfect human. Example is we have perfect choi sam ( in quality, colour and taste) and perfect bitter gourd (in quality, colour and taste as well). if they are mix together and fry, the outcome will not be nice. Thus, one shall not ever think to find a perfect one (as there is no PERFECT one in the world) and complain on the negative drawbacks of their spouse. This Sifu accordingly to him was the first Chinese Malaysian to study electrical engineering in UK during his time and when back to Msia has no job because no electricty at that time in the country. Dunno after how many years, he give all his faith to Buddha and become a monk. He stressed that if you work hard for a goal, it does not mean you will achieve it. But, if you give up and never try, then you will NEVER gain it. He said some work hard equally to other, but other fare better is duely because of his previous life. However, the faith of yourself is not detemined naturally but is on your hand as your hold the power to change. Other than that, I dun und alrdy.

Then, the oath taking ceremony begins. It is conducted in 3 versions, BM, English and Mandarin. The couples are agreed not to marry others and their are offically bind by the law for at leas 7 years. (not forever?)

Then, proceeds with marriage ring exchanging session and singing session.

L- Here comes most awaited moment especially for the bridegroom. The signature of the marriage certificate to be officialy bind by the law. Couples are called according to their number to come up on stage. R- The God that bless the new couples.

L- The cameraman is my sis bf punya fren. If i know he has this big camera, i need not to come alrdy. R-My sis signing the marriage certificate

R- My father as the witness

The Mariage Registar officers.

L- They are looking to the fren camera R-The pretty couple

L-Praying for blessing R- Those who cant get space to enter the hall waited outside.

A 8TV newsreporter is making report of the event. The balloon is for the background for shooting purposes but the couples are taking the photograph with the ballon while on shooting. She get frusfrated but yet keep her smile.

L- Just married R- A group of tourists form middle east is making a tour to the place.

R- What they are doing? The shooter is asking the the husband to talk sumthing to his wife. But, dunno what the guy beside the shooter is doing..

Compunds in the temple.

Wonder why no full group photos? Is all with the bf fren camera. Will get the pictures from him and upload soon. We headed back home by 1230 pm. This time no 'eating winds'. Although not very sure, managed to reach back using correct way. Hahaha. Btw, I think I saw Karen Fong, me ex boss of Ninja team punya boss (have 2 diff boss in same company). Recognise her thru her chubby face but if it is her, she gained weight alrdy. Means i nt very sure.. for those who know me..again..haih my syndrome. She did look at me but she didnt call me... perhaps too long didnt meet alrdy..about 2 years. more thing to clarify. My sister only registered their marriage and nt yet married. Two different things. Hope wont be so fast as I not ready yet. Sob Sob.

Perhaps, the happier thing is to get my attachment approved. I re-visit the pharmacy and deal with the Ph. He is kind enough to allow me although he said his boss will call me which nt yet done. Haha.. taking me in w/o offical boss permission.

The sad thing is i had taken out some emergency money from the bank. Sob sob. Have to pay to my friend as well as my sis. Still not enuff to celebrate birthday for one of my fren which has been delayed. Have to delay another week alrdy~

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