Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The nomination form for DSAI

Argg... Too stress studying.. take a 10 minutes break to blog this. Newly discovered today. It is raining now. Wonder why the previous few weeks, the wheather is so hot and dry. And now, evryday raining since last Thursday.. but it is a good one just dun make it in the morning.. need to walk to school.

First time I see the nomination paper.

Who say Malays and Chinese cant work together? The only diff may be perceptions in the view of religion, the rests are the same. If we put aside the diff, we may work together for same common goals.
It is predicted tomolo to have rain. It wont really affect the no. of voters as tomolo or shall i say now.. is the public holiday for Penang. Again, who will win the battle???

Btw, 2day went to fuk sing. Even a foreigner also said 15 cents reduction is too low. She knew who is Anwar Ibrahim and asked me when he gonna take over the government. Also, she asked me how much Anwar will reduce the oil price? Wat a shock~! The impact of petrol price increment is to all regardless you are Malaysians or not especially in this case, the food industry. Fewer come to her stalls or the restaurant as many tend to find alternative like cooking maggie mee or eating biscuits or breads. Pictures courtesy of Kickdefella. (with permission)

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