Thursday, August 28, 2008

DFD Final Lab

hAIZ..another rainy day.. predicted to be jam when i go back later..2day is quite tiring day. Again, it is DFD lab.. boring and takes time. Great that it is the final lab for the subjects@~
All pictures here are taken by Ah Mei using her hp. Thanks very much. As my hand is dirty with the sands and lactose, I didnt take any photos. The picture is sand flow properties detemination.
Determination of flow properties of powder
L-Mixture of lactose and sand, R-Lactose
Lactose flow properties determination
We measure the time taken by the substance to flow through orifices in different sizes (8, 10, 15 and 18 mm). Its all together 53 times if I did not calculate worngly.
After the tiring day, I have my very first self service soya bean drinks. The woman is busy packing tau foo fa for ah Mei and boon Jin. So, I make a request to do it by my own.
Special thanks: Cameraman Yen Moi.


Anonymous said... pixs, I like the dropping of the powder. Very 'cun'!!!

Since when are you selling tau fu fa outside UCSI? Can give me a free cup???.

p.s : Testing to see if my comment can record my name (like the way u teach me), if boh then u need to give me xtra tutorial classes liao. Gee...old auntie learning how to blog.

Anonymous said...

I saw my name liao!!! :P

wah...not bad I know how to leave a comment with my name ^___^ hepi...maklumlah...old auntie very ET-wan...

so, next lesson??

Anonymous said...

haha..u're most welcome~! xD

KwOnG FeI said...

ur next lesson ar??
hmm.. no problem..
u belanja me soya bean drinks first la..

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