Monday, August 18, 2008

A silver for Chong Wei + rm 300K

Today, is the final countdown for the most awaited game of all Malaysians. Me and my friends went to Wok n Roll to watch the live telecast of the finals. Hmm.. it is a disappointing game.
Wat can we say upon seeing the performances by Chong Wei against Lin Dan??? Lin Dan is definitely in his top form to claim himself the best in the world and a gold in Olympics which is the very first for him too. He is full of energy, every shots is landed to the opposite court with full power and his sharp eyes can detect the area that is unreachable by his opponent.
Well, we can just admit that Chong Wei is not in the same level with Lin Dan ...far behind to be compared. The very obvious diff is the stamina that Lin Dan has. We all know well bout Chong Wei. His style of playing is always defensive and would like to play long rally with his opponent. He will only changed to attacking style in game 2 or 3 but never the 1st game as i think he lack of stamina. Lin Dan will always take every chance to smash down the shuttle with great speed and yet not tired by that. Chong Wei totally lost contol of the game and maximum consecutive points is 2 if nt mistaken in 2nd game.
Looking to the score of 12-21, 8-21, it tells you how great Lin Dan is and how unresponsivenss Chong Wei is. Perhaps, Chong Wei has never expected that Lin Dan will start the game with attacking style all the way en route in winning the gold medal of men's singles. I predicted it to be 21-6 in the second games but Lin Dan by that time has started to relax and enjoying his final moment to claim the top title.
However, we should be proud that Chong Wei is able to enter into the FINAL for the very first time and obtained the very first silver medal for the country in men singles. Bravo for Chong Wei..!!!~~ Hope the govern will keep the promise to reward you Rm 300,000. I would say that this Olympics is the best platform for us to clinch a gold. It may need another 10 or 20 years be4 another Malaysians will be able to storm into final for the second time. We had just waste for the golden oppurtunity but for the spirit of sport, we must admit we lost because our skills and levels are lower.

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