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UCSIPSS Kanching Waterfall 'Family Trip' 17th August 2008

16 August 2008.
Went to Suk Yen house at about 11 am. Then, we started doing the preparation and discussion on the activities the next day.
L- Hope Poh Xuan wont kill me by psoting this pic.. She was shocked when i took her pic w/o her notice.
R- Suk Yen pouring the konniyaku powder powder into the boiling pot.
L- Ask her for this well prepared pic. But sorry, I cant find any interesting thing surrounding us. So, i chose the wok~~haha R- Suk yen squeezed the orange into juice to make flavouring for the jelly.
To stop me for taking pics, Suk Yen asked me to pour the orange juice into the mould.
L- Both of them are working happily in the kitchen. It is the first time for both of them.
R- The finished product ready to be refrigerated.
After finished doing the jelly, we started the discussion for the later activities. The time was 1200 am sharp. While discussing, I was watching the Olympics and discovered that there were good looking athletes in trampoline. We discussed till 3 am. Poh Xuan bro then fetched her back.
We continued doing the preparation of games till about 4 am.
17 August 2008.
Woke up at 6am planning to blog but at that time i thought nobody else were awake. So, I continued to sleep till 640 am. Meanwhile, Suk yen and her neighbour were alrdy in the kitchen preparing the fried meehun. I was incolved in the packaging department and also quality control (to taste the hotdog and the fish/chicken ball). The hotdogs were yummy~
Reached school about 745 am. Almost are were there except predicted Poh Xuan. Has tried to cell her continously but forgot what had happened to her.
L- Mr Allan and her cute little girl..Some called her small little Snow White R- Picturing in the bus
L- Dats the OC for this event. R- The participants were divided into 4 groups in which one leader was selected from each group. The first break was the time to go to washroom led by Mr Allan. haha..jk only.
Then, we had a group photo at the main entrance.
click for larger view
And the trekking began.
L- Mr Allan and her daughter R-Mr Jony
The first stop at one of the waterfall for picture session. It was the first time i did not take any pictures as I was entrusted with a super multipurpose job. On the paper, I was Trekking, Medical Aid and Security Oficer. Lets see wats my duties on later part. Besides, we have a newcomerS in UCSIPSS.. anyway it somehow changed to Family Day. Nt bad...
L- Kean Tatt and ??
R-This underwear was found and picked up by Kah Keet (nt by hand)
Second stop for photo session
L-Wow..Jason looked cool dis pic..Wats he was pointing at?
The Year 3 seniorS.. yea time has passed so fast that we were in the stage of aging.
L- The caring dad taking his precious daughter pic R- And here we reached the waterfall. Not the biggest one but due to security reason, the comittee had choosen this site. If you see throughly, I did not include any of the scenery pictures here including the waterfall. If I were to insert those pictures, then it would be 180++ pictures. As I had posted the pictures of this Waterfall in my previous post, u may have a look at the post.

L- Who was dat photographer? So stylish..
R- The Year 1 girls who did not enter into the water. Besides, we have Mr Kuan Poh and Jivanraj who did the same thing.
L- It was great to know Dr Nala was being united wit his family despite of intial immigration problem. The cute baby gal has grown up~
R- Yellowish matched couples enjoying the waterfall
L- I like this picture with those effects R- It was the time for the game to get started.
Two ppls from each group have to make a water ballon form the plastic bag given. Then , they have to throw to their teammates facing in oppsite direction. The last person have to carry the water ballons and placed it to a located site few distance away.

The second games.. Each group was given sufficent bottle caps. They have to transfer a bottle cap ull water from one person to another while the last person will transfer it to the 1.5 ml bottle.
L- Mahmood in action...How come he was there? R- Since the Y1 gals have nothing to do, so i asked them to become the supermodel not promoting any F1 cars but to hold the 1.5 ml bottle
The competition get intense with some one were trying to play cheat..
After the game ended, we went for lunch break which was about 11 am. We have fried meehun with hotdogs and fish/meat balls, ribena and jelly.
L- Did you see Dr Loga who was enjoying splashing the water..Hmm the soft side of him
R- Dr Nala.. Wonder why the phtographer didnt take his pic wit his dear wife..
L- Guess wat Mr Jony was doing. He was splashing water to Dr. Loga i supposed.

Then, come to this unexpected act. I think Jerry started it. All of us (those in pics) joined together to have natural water massage by the waterfall. While, the group of non water resistant stood on the dry ground and looked at us. We then began shouting to each other seeing which group cna make the loudest voice.
After enough of shouting, we packed and headed down the waterfall to another site for >> scroll down
But be4 that, lets take the last photo..R- please enlarge to see.. most of them were jumping
R- We reached to another waterfall. It was actually the punishment time for the loser group. Lets have a look of the loser group.

The type of punishment was decided by the rests. So, the most simple one was singing. So, the loser group sang twinkle twinkle Little Star. After that, we splashed water to them. We disallowed them to do anything and have their hands raised up, but who know they were so clever to use their legs to kick the water to us back. Aiks.. I kena punished back.
Happily after playing with water..
R- The last activity of the day.. which i wasn't sure it can be a success... the Human Tower.
So, we began our strategy on who to build the base, the middle and who will be the top. And of course, the lightest has the advantage to climb up ..
The unbelievable Human Tower had been made to success!! Bravo every1..what a relief for me..
Yup.. That was the last event of the One Day Trip Trekking.....
So, it was the time to get changed.. it was a long one as you need to wait the queue as well as paying 50 cents per entrance
L- Argg.. i was cuaght in wet R- Earlier, there wasn't any monkeys at the trekking area which I would say a waste for them. Then, out of sudden, they spotted the monkeys coming out from no where. So , I brought them to take photos with the monkeys.
These gals were so lucky as by dat time, my job has over and well, let me handle the camera~~
The monkeys were eating banana..See carefully for the baby monkey..
Till know, I dun really know the Y1 ju-juniors name. So, should you see this, plz dont be hesistate to intro yoursle to any of the seniors. We will be counting on u guys to be active in the UCSIPSS.
Great trip.. Hope ervy1 enjoyed it and rmb it..
Forgot to mention, the champion was either Group 1 (led by Alvin) or group 2 (led by Jee Yang). The deciding game was carried by playing 1,2 jus (best of threes). So, you can see these two seniors battling for the prizes. It was won by the JY. Each of the group member was then given an ice cream with 3 scoops of dif flavors. So luxurious~! Hey, I myself a committee member need to use my own pocket money to buy the ice cream. So, what can you expect? Limited budget will have smaller prizes. XD.
So, you may see the unexpected role of mine. tiring... Btw, I was able to conduct the rule as first aid officer as one the participants had a leech bite and bleeding. When reached home, we have only limited time to do our own stuff be4 goin to dinner to watch the so called Grand Olympic Badminton Finals.


Anonymous said...

Great photo. Looks like everyone enjoyed the trekking. Good job. You guys should organized more of the outdoor activities :P. Very nicely planned out. And everyone had lots of fun.

Btw, where's my share of jelly? The jelly looks pretty good ^__^

Miao Miao

KwOnG FeI said...

Wow.. advance to another level..
No more activities alrdy la.. Tired..
Plus now need to focus on studies..
Jelly looks good? Of course la.. i got helped to do one ma..
Next time if got activities maybe we can cordially invite you as you have being supportive and helping us all the time.

Unknown said...

Keep on taking pictures and someday you can have them framed like they do at this shop. Really nice pictures.

px:) said...

wei~~why put tat pic?? haiz~~ somemore spell out my name..haiz..i mo2 min2 kin1 yan3 (cantonese..hee)...u got help do d jelly meh?:P:P

KwOnG FeI said... to promote u mah..
gt la.. i poured the squeezed orange juice..
btw, wats the name of the jelly???

Elizabeth Monteiro said...

konniyaku jelly la doink! so called helping! mr. first aider, ur patient had a leech bite! not swollen! lol

KwOnG FeI said...

thanx for acknowledging..
on top of that, i also helped in pouring the hot mixtures into the jelly mould..
just dat i didnt enter into the cooking place as i dun wan become lamp post..
ooPS.. i blog the event quite some time after the event so forgot the correct presenting complaints of the px.

Anonymous said...

Ya ya, I'm also very happy to advance to next level...Level 2 already...thanks to u..Now, I'm not so "ET" liao...but of course still a long way to go to Degree level. hahahaha..i need to take tutorial lessions from you guys already. But I'm very happy with my progress :) hehehehe...old aunty like me now only learning how to use the paiseh...

oh,ya...don't forget to make jelly for me during ur semester break,ya...hahahahah

Miao miao

Elizabeth Monteiro said...

LAMP POST???? to whom?? lol! haha terrible first aider! next time i come back for follow up then how? :P :P

KwOnG FeI said...

ur next step is to learn how to use a nickname when commenting..
normally when we post a comment we will write a nickname regardless it is the real one or nt..
under choose identity, click name..then type anything..

for elizabeth,
i thought i made it clear in the post itself..
btw, y terrible.. i am trained and certified one la..
i only forgot the your history of presenting complaint but not doin wrong way in first aid...
i know i am old~

Elizabeth Monteiro said...

aik u sendiri admit u old ar! anyways im just kidding..hehe thanks for ur first aiding skills la..:) although it was not big of deal...

px:) said...

WKF!!!!~ swtswt~~ speechless..haiz...

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