Friday, August 22, 2008

Flip flop PM in action

Thursday August 21, 2008
No new fuel price announcements for now, says Abdullah
KUALA LUMPUR: The Government is not planning to announce the new fuel prices before polling day for the Permatang Pauh by-election. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Government would stick to its decision to announce the new prices on Aug 31, to be enforced on Sept 1. He was asked if the Government would announce the new prices before polling day as pre-empted by certain quarters. Abdullah said the pump prices would hopefully be reduced, due to the falling global crude oil price.
On what would happen if the world crude oil price increased, he said the pump prices would not go up from the current RM2.70 per liter for petrol and RM2.58 per liter for diesel. He said it was too early for him to estimate how much the prices would be reduced. “Hopefully, the current trend will not change and crude oil price will not go up. “If I give any figure now and the price goes up, what I say now will no longer hold and people will say I am lying,” he said after chairing the National Water Resource Council meeting in Parliament yesterday. For full article, please click here.
Friday August 22, 2008.
PM announces reduced fuel prices
PUTRAJAYA: Petrol and diesel price will drop by between eight sen and 22 sen a litre from Saturday (<-- Dear PM, Sept 1 sill far away). The price of RON97 petrol will be reduced by 15 sen to RM2.55 a litre from RM2.70, while RON92 would be 22 sen less at RM2.40, from RM2.62. The retail price of diesel would drop by eight sen to RM2.50 a litre. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah ahmad Badawi announced the new prices in a statement after Friday's Cabinet meeting. He said the prices were determined by taking into account the actual price from Aug 1 to 21 and the 30 sen per litre subsidy borne by the government while the subsidy for diesel, based on the new price, was 50 sen a litre.
"The cabinet decided to bring forward the enforcement date for adjustment of the new petrol price," he said.
My comments:
First of all, our dear PM again made changes to his statement. Earlier, he alrdy stressed that the enforcement for new price will start on Sept 1. Thus, for right now, the Government will not make any changes to the oil price. As usual, he will never stick to one decision and decision made can be changed even only after 24 hours. The best example is the cancellation of the construction of curved bridge linking Malaysia and her dear neighbour Singapore who both are currently in the fight for SOVEREIGNITY and RIGHTS OF LAND. Singaporeans will be celebrating their Independence Day with most joyous celebration ever after able to take over the soveriegnity of Pulau Batu Putih from the dear Malaysia Government claimed to have every rights but lack of evidences. Come on.. if u lost the fight in the International Court (ICJ), just say you LOST. Dont tell to the citizens that we actually should have being obtained the rights on the small little island should we found ONE more piece of agreement paper which couldnt be found yet. How would an educated peson believe to all those statements?
Back to the oil price, I might not have the datas with me now but I believe we can reduce the prices beyond what had been offered now. Singapore has reduced their oil price if not mistaken 2 months ago while Malaysia has a so called systemic way. You review the price in July but you make enforcement in September. It puzzled me why we can't make immediate effects. We should ask the Government instead.
Well, every 1 is overjoyed by any oil price reduction. But, bear in mind, our caring Government in their previous act had caused the increase of price in other sectors namely the FOOD. So, even though oil price reduction is a relief, we still have to bear with hike of prices in other necessarities.
On the other hand, one can see that the oil price reduction it is very obvious is a political motive move. Malaysia is going to have the Permatang Pauh by-election by next Tuesday, 26th July 2008. It's no joke that Malaysia had created another history by making a special by-election on weekdays. What can we say? If that is the case, I hope there will be more by-election so that the oil price can be decreased to the minimum. Btw, DSAI has offered an oil price reduction of 50 cents should the PR take over the Government. Big difference btw the little 15 cents reduction which is going to be implented soon.
On the Permatang Pauh by-election, I actually salute to the well versed BN candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah. He can speak multilanguage includes Mandarin and Hokkien. I am so impressed when I listen to his speech. Very fluent Hakka speaking person, shame on me..haha. However, the top issue still the same. He may be good but the people/the rakyat are now voting not based on the candidates but it is based on the party. Every 1 know the image of his party, more over it is in Penang.
On DSAI, i have the feeling that the majority votes may reduce significantly should he win. He is not only fighting against Arif Shah but he is fighting against the well financially supplied and strong BN macheneries. From Chong Wei using the the air force plane to go Permatang Pauh and giving of the rm 300K cheque at Permatang Pauh and not KL, reduce of the oil price, the visitation and speeches by 4 BN component leaders from Sabah who are 'specially' sent in, Najib assurance to protect the Chinese schools and the vast publicity on the attacking of the photographers.
Argg.. the drama btw both sides has just started. What would be the outcomes. As Malaysians, I hope it will not create a big chaos.. RMB we always write in our school time BM essay. Malaysia merupakan sebuah negara yang aman, bahagia dan selamat. Rakyat hidup bersatu padu dan saling menghormati antara satu sama lain.
Who will win the battle?


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...


the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

to my malay and indian friends
come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
behind DSAI.

forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

Alhamdulilah everything went smoothly during nomination day.

just go all out and vote DSAI for he will not only be our MP but also our next PM for all Malaysian.

long live DSAI and may ALLAH
bless you and your family.


KwOnG FeI said...

Well, too bad i am not registered voter under Permatang Pauh.

Chinese voters will definitely vote a government that can boost the economic development and thus will directly or indirectly benefited to their business. The current government has failed to do so and thus there was a change in government of Penang. With the strong CAT administration implemented by CM Lim Guan Eng,I found no reason for them not voting for a party and the existing governemnet as a whole that will increase their quality of life.

There might be a reduce in number as human are sometimes being attracted to something out to their belief/expectation such as the ability of BN candidates to speak to their language and his statement that he will enter to the polling centre sharp at 8 am.

On the other races, it will depend on the party machineries. If you approach well to the people, they may have voted for you. Example: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak saud that RM100,000would be given to each mosque and RM30,000 to each surau in the constituency of Permatang Pauh and not the whole Penang. Well, how to fight with them??

For Indians, I think it will be 50:50. Should ISA detainee is brought up, they may opt for a PM that can release their leaders in jail. Or else, they may vote for a party that can just bring peace to them.

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