Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drawing and me never be associated

Endocrine Lab.

Haiz..never expect that i need to draw even though in Uni. As been told to my fren, i even quarrel with my Pendidikan Seni teacher on why the subject needed to be taught in shcool. The Seni teacher had always claimed the subject is the most relaxing subject but for me i think in another way. It is the most head cracking time. Everytime when comes to the subject, I prayed hard she not going to aks us to draw but unfortunately there some times where it is unavoidable. It just need more time for me to complete a drawing which any kindergarten kids can beat me. Haiz.. Looking for an art teacher...:(

Back to the lab, i alrdy tried my best and these are the outcomes.

Argh.. For this placenta pic, MF kept on laughing at me claiming I was drawing Zorro headmask. Well, dis was wat exactly seen from the stained slides under microscope. Better than wei yau who took so long to draw it and claimed his better.
Pharm Analysis Lab.
Haiz. My lecturer change 6 statements for this experiment regarding total volume of silver nitrate solution needed.
Dosage Form Lab.
Angle of repose.
How do I know why the sin θ method not working? Still want me give reasoning and ways to overcome.

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