Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking news.. or shall i say shocking news~!

Two dead, six injured in Cheras accident

KUALA LUMPUR: A lorry driver lost control of his 10-tonne lorry near Taman Connaught, Cheras, here, at 9.30am Friday, ramming into seven vehicles. One of the dead in the horrific crash involving a lorry at the Cheras-Kajang Highway was a bomb squad specialist.

The lorry driver, who also died in the crash, has been identified as Kang Ban Hin, aged 50. Mohd Nuh Ali, 48, was riding his motorcycle to work with the General Operation Force unit in Cheras when the lorry hit him before it jumped the divider and crashed onto oncoming vehicles on the highway.

Mohd Nuh had in his many years in the Force put his life at risk diffusing bombs, mainly during training exercises. The father of three died on the spot. Kuala Lumpur deputy traffic police chief DSP Ng Fook Long said six people were also injured in the crash. "They have all been admitted to the Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia in Cheras and are in serious condition," he added.DSP Ng said that the lorry was turning into the Kajang-Cheras Highway from the Middle Ring Road 2, when Kang was believed to have lost control of the vehicle before smashing into Mohd Nuh, three cars, a van and an MPV.
Mohd Nuh was riding his motorcycle to work with the General Operation Force unit in Cheras when the lorry hit him before jumping the divider and crashing into oncoming vehicles on the highway.The father of three, who had spent many years in the force putting his life at risk defusing bombs mainly during training exercises, died on the spot.

Eyewitnesses described the scene of the accident as “horrific.”“I saw the lorry coming down quite fast without the signal light on as I overtook it on my motorcycle. Seconds later, I heard a loud crash.“To my horror, as I turned around to look, I saw the lorry smashing into several vehicles,” said Naresh Kumar, 28, an engineer.He said he immediately called the police. Others at the scene claimed at least three other vehicles were damaged.
Kamarul Aizan, 33, whose Perodua Kancil was among the vehicles damaged in the accident, said he was just “seconds away from death”. “I was heading towards Bandar Tasik Selatan when suddenly the lorry came out of nowhere in front of me and ploughed into a Kelisa. I might have been about three seconds behind the car. “My car suffered some damage but thankfully I escaped unharmed,” he said.
The accident caused a massive traffic jam that lasted almost three hours as police and Fire Department officials cleared debris from the road and motorists slowed down to look at the accident.The bodies of Mohd Nuh and Kang were taken to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for autopsy.


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