Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jay Chou at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Jay Chou, Lin Chi Ling & Director Kevin Chu went to Pavilion, KL on 21st December 2009 to promote their latest movie, The Treasure Hunter.
Photo credit to Wens & Jay 2u fans club.
Same photo credits.
According to the radio, Jay Chou appearance is scheduled to start at 7.30 pm. My sis & I arrived just in time but to our surprise the whole Pavilion was already crowded with Jay' fans.
Photobucket Sea of humans Photobucket See the orange card by Streamyx. Photobucket That blue 'monster' aka mascot greeting the crowd. Photobucket
I was at the ground floor but I can't see anything from my position. This picture was taken at high angle with both of my hands raising up straight.
Photobucket This picture was taken at 1-2 floors above as I tried looking around for a nice position. Photobucket Same floor Photobucket
This picture was taken at another another floor at different angle. This place was not good as I can only see the backview.
Photobucket Another angle. Photobucket
Top left: The front area was crowded with Jay2u fans club. Top right: The staff were seem distributing something to the public. Bottom: What else? The front crowd pushed against each other to grab the free gifts!
There were two emcees at that night. Event started with the battle between two group.s I'm not sure about the details as I can't really understand the language but I knew one of the group was from Jay2u fans club.
The battle was won by the Jay2u fans club. This mean that they got the privilege to take pictures with the three VIPs later on. They cheered and jumped happily.
Photobucket These pictures showed you how the mascot being molested by 2 diferrent people. Haha. Photobucket
This was the best postion I can find for. I waited quite some time before finally the people beside me made some move to allow me to stand close to the mirrored wall.
After long waiting at about 8.15 to 8.30 pm, finally the three VIPs arrived escorted by many bodyguards. Some fans were waited at the entrance to the backstage.
Then, they are called one by one out to the stage by the emcees and the crowd were uncontrolledly on loud screaming!
Photobucket The three VIP were officiating the launch. Photobucket Some small sparks from the launch. Photobucket The winners for earlier battle taking picture with the three VIPs. Photobucket
After that, they took oppurtunity to shake hands with their idols. This was the time the body guards came in to call them out. It must be a lifetime opportunity for them and I'm sure they can sleep very well ad happily that night.
Photobucket Photobucket That was the best zoom already. Photobucket The same heavy crowd when the three VIPs went back. Photobucket During the officiating ceremony. Photobucket The crowd that went forward to take the picture above. Photobucket
After that, we went to watch the movie. When we entered into the cinema, suddenly we heard Jay Chou voice in the cinema lobby. Jay Chou was having a short session with the media and fans at the entrance to the Gold Class Screening which I learn that Chee Boon was there. As we were watching Premier Screening, others without the Gold Class tickets were not allowed to enter and join the session. Arghhh too bad! About the movie, it was okay for me. There is some love element inside between Jay Chou and Chi Ling. Throughout the movie, whenever there is Chi Ling appearance, her hairs were seem blowing. Her clothes and appearance were still very clean despite being at the desert compared to others. For Jay Chou, as usual for his movie, he speak less and most of time there is silence moment while he is posing. Haha. However, I want to comment on the ending. It seem like no ending story or no further story between Jay Chou and Chi Ling. We were puzzled on the message towards the ending of the story.


Su YSW said...

hahaha! jay chou! my friend watched gold class for this Tresure HUnter and she fell asleep during the show

ai wei said...

the crowds @@
but heard my fren said, this movie not nice at all

Horlic said...

tot wana go to watch the movie de.. so badly commented by bloggers.. sienzz lor..

KwOnG FeI said...

@Su: haha... a bit boring in the front part

@ai wei: erm ok la.. jay movie is sort of like that added with a model who looks perfectly nice, clean all the time in the movie.. its like dat de la..

@Horlic: haha.. can buy dvd geh..

Kitkat said...

I'm a big fan of Jay Chou too. Wanted to support his latest movie but there are WAY TOO MUCH of bad comments about the movie. Anyway, I might still support him if I have the free time to watch his movie in cinema before the show being taken off. :)

Br@dley said...

Not a fan of his. Anyway, thanks for the sharing

Racheel Yap said...

im his fans but i seldom support his movie,haha

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie. Thought it was quite entertaining and Jay does fight well. The desert scenaries are breathtaking.

Izzah Khalil said...

hey! stumbled ur blog looking for some malaccan food bt ended up looking at this post! hehe.. anyways, OMG!!! i wanted to c jay chou so badly! din knw he came here!! :( hopefully i cn c him some other time.. :)

help with dissertation writing said...

freaky event!! I'd gave all that I got to just a visit it. sp cool

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