Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is the first water themed park in Malaysia opened since 1992. It has evolved from 2 parks (Dry & Wet) to 5 parks (Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park & Scream Park). You can check the admission charges here. For MyKad holders, all park is at RM 72. In my opinion, if you plan to play all parks, be sure to arrive as early as possible as time really not enough. All the parks close at 6 pm. You need to pay a deposit of RM 10 for wristband tag and returned before 7 pm on the same day of purchase. Otherwise, your deposit will be forfeited. We came late because CC wanted to upload his video entry for Mister Potato blog contest which took hours and yet unsuccessful.
So, WELCOME to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park! Also, remember that you cannot bring in any outside food or drinks, not even a bottle of mineral water. The staff will do spot check on your belongings at the entrance. Food and drinks are available inside the theme park but expect slightly higher prices. The first park that we went was the Scream Park. You have to put your begs outside but remember to bring along your valuable items along with you. After sufficient number of visitors lets say 10, the staff will then give a short 'shocking' briefing to all. The staff will try to shock you on how scary it is inside before you even enter. For those who stand nearby the staff during briefing, be sure to prepare as they will scare you out of sudden with loud scream and engorged eyes. It was quite a long tour. Discover the Adventures in the Dark headlined by the Prison Break LIVE! attraction. During the tour, you will be ushered along with live inmates and zombies. For girls or those who looked scare, be aware. Those inmates and zombies will recognise and tagged you along the tour. They will come near your stretching their 'ham sap' hands all over you but don't worry, they won't touch you. You will feel wind blow or something caressing your leg as well. You will first reach the ANGOSCIA (Italian for FEAR) theathre. Here, you will stand for quite some time watching the ghost story. Next, should be the Terror Tunnel in 3D. You will be given a pair of 3D glasses before entering. I must tell you that the world like turn upside down for me and I was swaying left to right while walking past the tunnel. There are metal bars for you to hold. The ground of the tunnel seemed like rotating and really cannot stand until I need to remove the 3D glasses. After that, we went through a chain link prison fence. Again, with the special effects, the ground like rotating and the prison fence was like moving towards you. Your sight will be little affected and the walking lane become confusing. After all the obstacles, you will finally reach to the Night Museum where there are a lot of exhibits and cave structures like stalagmite and stalactite (is that correct spelling). Overall, it was a very nice 'Rumah Hantu' but not worth if you purposely pay for it. The Scream Park equals Rumah Hantu only and I don't think you will go in again repeatedly or maximum only 2 tours. Do you spot anything special in these pictures? I coincidentally found a new effect which was making everything in reverse or opposite. Left to right and right to left. Check the wording in these pictures, Wagon Wheel, the signboard and even the position of the girls.
Next, we walked past a fish pond with so many japanese koi fish.
Next station was the Wildlife Park. Charlene and Wan Nah were looking at the two colourful parrots. This spot is located at the main entrance and remember to take pictures with those parrots. It's FOC, so why waste? The colour look like the LUNA pencil colour box. Talking about the pencil colour, when was the last time I used it? Perhaps, during Form 6 Pengajian Am. Taking picture with white parrots but for me its a special one with the colourful parrot as well. Between, look at Chie Chek face expression. Found anything wrong? The white parrot loved him so much till it 'shitted' on his shirt. Hahaha... The best picture was by Wan Nah. The Wildlife wording and the angle were the best. Cheers~ Next, we met Sang Kura-kura. Charlene was too eager to meet her friend and wanted to kiss the tortoise. Between, was she kissing or wanted to try to eat live guai lin guo? Haha. Next, Chie Chek was calling his friend out. See how he whispered to his friend. Hey animal.. I don't know what is your name. But, why look at Wan Nah only? She not pretty at all. Look at my camera better la.. White monkeys! How often you managed to see a white monkeys? We were a bit late and miss the chance of taking photo with it. A group of foreigners managed to do so but when we waited for ours, the staff told us the monkey need to be rested before the coming shows shortly. Apa animal were that?? Don't sleep la.. look at me.. look at me.. Confirmed dead. Charlene, Wan Nah, Chie Chek, Hooi Hoon and Me at the Wildlife Park~ Yeah..look at her (my pet sis).. single but already committed. The reason I put the picture was actually to tell something on the sky bridge with 428 m length. The bridge is very long and it took about 10-15 minutes walk with some 'sia sui' jumping and running act by... you know which monkey la.. Also, the Flying Fox station is located at one end of the sky bridge. Rabbits.. hairy rabbits. The pictures here were so 'lovely'. One bad thing about rabbits is that they are very smelly. To be precise is the rabbits' farm .. for example the one at Awana Hotel, Genting. Those who keep rabbits at home must have bath them uncountable time. After that, we went to the big lake to hop for Arapaima Fish. I dunno what so special about this fish but my friend told me they are very expensive. If you have time, you may try the experience to feed them but you need to wait for the feeding time. Next adventure was the toilet. Haha.. Friends of mine know very well I like to shoot toilet pictures. Haha. To the left is the male toilet while to the right is the female toilet (男左女右). After paying the water bill, it was the time to jump high. Sorry to Charlene as her jumping skills really bad. She need to follow a few lessons from me. My 'anak murid' Hui Hoon learns things faster. Haha. Have you seen the post where she jumped about 50x times non stop? Check here. Sitting at the lake side. Try to spot the big elephants on the most right of the picture. Well, of course they are statue and not live elephants~ The most left was the Slow Loris or Nycticebus coucang (not goncang). They live at tropical evergreen, secondary forests and suburban gardens. Slow lorises (plural) feed on fruit, animal prey, gums, shoots and bird eggs. One distinct feature them is they like to SLEEP the whole day. Just look at what they are doing in the picture. They often curl up in a ball with its arms over its head. I wanted to condemn their staff at the Wildlife Park. They treat the foreigners especially from the Middle East better than locals. When the foreigners come near to a spot, the staff will explain to them in a very detail manner but when we, the locals do the same, nobody approach us. If I am their boss, I am going to 'fire' them immediately. Haha. Day dreaming again. Alright, look at her again. This time I wanted to introduce you that this was at the Wildlife Park. Next, we met with peacocks and its surrounding friends. This area is not caged so that these birds including the peacock move freely around. We met with a foreigner who was feeding the birds. When it came to our turn, we have some unexpected lucky event. We spotted this peacock very long time. Do you know the male is know as peacock while the female is known as peahen. I think it knew we were looking for him/her. It came out from a secluded area and then started to spread its plumage?? We took about 20-30 minutes here.. WHY? Whats more than grabbing the chance to take solo picture with the peacocok. Surprisingly, it spreaded its plumage or sort of tail feathers or better known as train feathers for quite long time knewing very much that we were taking its pretty feathers. Cheers.. everyone was overjoyed to see the spreaded pretty feathers. The foreigners spotted us and watched us all the while. While they took turn to take the picture, the peacock ran away. Haha. After that, we changed out clothes and moved to the Amusement Park or better known as Dry Park. Due to that, I didn't bring along my camera. The first station we went was the Pirate's Revenge- Malaysia's first 360 degree rotating pirate ship. OMG!! I must tell you that you will have nausea or feeling to vomit after playing it. I thought those days I was not ready but it was the same when I revisited the 'Vomiting Ship'. We also went to the Wild Wild West. We ride the Grand Canyon River Rapids. The Niagara Falls Flume Ride aka the sampan was closed for maintenance. SOB. Next round..look at my pretty sis again. This time I wanted to tell you that we already at the Water Park. This picture was taken at the lockers area and in the dark as it already close to 7 pm. Between, the lockers costs 1 token or RM 5. Quite expensive so don't bring along bulky beg as it has a small capacity. We first went to play at the Extreme Park. We played at the Paintball Shooting Range where we can practise shooting of about 10 pellets FOC. Then, we played the Power Jump Bungee Trampoline just next to this shooting range. Here, you will jump up and down like a small kid.. quite pak chi la.. If you want some excitement, I can teach you how to play and jump high. The staff who looked after me was extremely nervous when I jumped extraordinary high and jumped in many directions. Haha. What you need to do is simple. When you is jumping up, release your grip on the ropes and when you are jumping down, hold back the rope to control the landing. At the same time, the staff will give you some hand signal saying NO NO .. haha. The flying fox was a short one but quite fun. You will fly down from one end of the sky bridge towards the surf beach at the length of 203 m. You won't be touching the water but upon landing, you will walk down the stairs to the surf beach and wet yourself. I think that all for the Extreme Park. We didn't go for the all terrain vehicle (ATV) as the queue was too long. Other activities that you can play include Kayak or Paddle Boat or Swan Ride. At the Water Park, the best ever was the Waters of Africa. Here, we dive headfirst down the six lanes Congo Challenge challenging each other who dive down the fastest and the furthest. For those who has 'some weight', you will be dive further towards the end. Next, was the dunno what was it called but 3 tunnels dive from the top. As you reach, the closest tunnel to you is tunnel A, middle is B and the furthers is C. A is the most exciting where the whole tunnel was closed or without any opening. The whole journey will be dark not knowing where are the obstacles and when to land down. B is semi open while C is all uncovered tunnel. I would say A (the best) and C are better than B. Though C is all uncovered, there are a lot of small barriers at the bottom compared to the rests. Also, we played the Africa Pythons were we spun around the loops before being propelled out from the gigantic tube. The BEST part was were played these 3 games repeatedly without queuing up. It should be around 5 pm and thus lesser people at here. After a crazy non stop playing there, we finally went to the surf beach. Though at that time, the beach was closed for the beach surfing, we stayed behind the line to feel the waves generated. Silly but it was fun! Didn't I mentioned at the locker picture which we need to rush before 7 pm? We were close to it but still managed to take these photos although it was still raining. The two guys in front were out of sight. Steady la... can reach before 7 pm.. Cheers~~ See I told you, we can do it! This picture was taken nearby the counter where we returned the wristband.
All the happy faces but tiring while at the escalator. See how wet we were~
This was when I was not taking the camera. Blur leh~
Hui Hoon & Charlene
Do you know the name of the sort of mascot of Sunway Lagoon? It is named as Captain Quack. She (I think) will quack till you guys have an enjoyable trip at the theme park. Alright spot my pose.. Haha.. It was a spontaneous pose. Between, we were on our way to the Sunway Hotel before going into Sunway Pyramid. So, wait no more. Go and have fun at Sunway Lagoon with your family and friends~!! Website: (information reference) Tel: 03-56390000


hi said...

I see a beautiful peacock.

Charlene said...

nice blog!!!!

Catherine said...

you went with the tickets you won from nuffnang right? lol...

seem very fun. the last time i went to Sunway Lagoon was about a decade ago. Now got so many park already... should go some time.

Dream Blog@Yennie said...

Hey, I know Wan Nah lei!!!!
She's my primary schoolmate!!

JiNg JiNg said...

well, today only i got my lagoon tickets from nuffnang but sadly is valid until 5th dec, which is on tomoro. and i cant make it, sad. =C
seems like u had great fun. lol

Elaine C. said...

I heard Sunway Lagoon getting more and more expensive >.<
That's why i stopped going there already. Haih.
But i heard if ur sunway/taylor's college student you can go in for free with student card.

KwOnG FeI said...

@stephen: it was lucky for us to have taken the photos when the plumage was spread out

@charlene: u too jia you~

@catherine: yeah

@yennie: u know her too.. she always bully me

@ jing jing: dat was so sad.. it is worth to go with FOC ticket..

@elaineC: yup, i heard dat too but nt sure if it is free.. btw yea.. really expensive.. unless got promotion or free ticker.. Otherwise, Genting is cheaper

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