Sunday, December 13, 2009

Broga Hill, Semenyih

Broga Hill also known as Bukit Lalang is located at Semenyih somewhere near the Nottingham University. This was the first time I hike this place. After the 'hiking', I would like to rephase to 'walking'. The level of difficulty to 'walk' up to the top of the hill is 1 out of 10 (Gunung Nuang being 9). Therefore, this place is very suitable for those who want for a casual walking or light exercise. I heard this place is good for sunrise too but it is definitely impossible to hike early in the morning with this bunch of people. Shhhh... They wake up late... (secret). Perhaps, shall go to try next time.

On the way walking up.. Wei Kiat, are you okay?

L- Cheerful Cindy R- Girl powers! Don't ever try to touch them. Otherwise, they will treat you wtih a punch. Dangerous girls!

Alright, here is a reminder for those who want to go Broga Hill as well. Take right path at the beginning of diversion. When you reach to a base of a slope with a lot of lalang, take the right path up. Do not take the left path which will lead you deep into the jungle. You can find way up to the hill too but the path is difficult and dangerous.

 R- Cheerful faces walking up hill. Between, it was quite windy when you reach to the lalang area.

Pit stop. The picture was overexposed but I only found out later.

 Finally, we reach to the base of the hill. Just climb up this stairs and you will reach to the top. The terrain up to here is not difficult right?

 Pictures time. It was difficult to become their photographer. Either I have to be in the front or tail them behind.
 T- CC
D- Me and Wei Kiat. I was shocked when he suddenly lean on me. Haha.

 Introducing to all my readers, a pretty girl named Cindy. However, she is not available anymore.

Cindy and Suk Yen, mother of the pig family.

CC, Hooi Hoon, Yen Yie, Cindy

Group photos~ Suk Yen, CC, Yen Yie, Cindy, Hooi Hoon, Shin Ying, Me, Wei Kiat

 Wei Kiat spotted one couple pak toh'ing at the top of the hill. There was another couple at right bottom. So, wait no more. Bring your gf or bf there too. Nice place, nice view and nice AIR.

Behind the scene

 We spotted this bunch of funny people. In the first pic, that guy was adjusting his dslr and setting the timing. In the second pic, that guy was seem running from the spot he set up using his tripod towards his friends. We was wondering why they didn't ask the passer by to help them take the photo. Next question was why they set the tripod so far away? The person image will be very small. They should put their tripod nearer to get the people face bigger and at the same time able to capture the back hill view.

 Next, me, CC, Cindy & Hooi Hoon went to another peak which was about 100 m away. While the rest circled in red in above picture took their sweet time rest and chatting. Picture taken at another pick with maximum 20 x digital zoom (if not mistaken).

Hooi Hoon and Cindy~


With the pretty ladies~

Hooi Hoon, Me, CC, Cindy~

Jumping shot~

 We spent quite long time time here taking pictures and making video clips. Since Cindy clip was not that good, let me show you the one by Hooi Hoon.

Welcome to Broga Hill by Hooi Hoon~

I like these photos very much. Different scene with different effects. Both are suitable as a MV video models~

 Alright, I saw them waving at us asking us don't be crazy till so long and faster go back to meet them.


Jumping scene~ Again, would like to remind dear readers, click to ENLARGE.

Wei Kiat & Suk Yen~

Suk Yen, Cindy & Hooi Hoon

 Not tired of the 'walking', Suk Yen and Yen Yie fought against each other on who can carry another person better.

Me & Wei Kiat~

alert! Dangerous girls again. This time they will shoot you!

 T- Some gay scene by Wei Kiat & CC. Wei Kiat was pulling of CC leg's hair.
Bottom left- The monkeys 'Shu Ng Hong' act

Yo! Suk Yen was telling you that we were now going down hill and time to eat!

Candid act~

 Finally, we reached down to this sort of abandoned palm plantation site. For those who wish to come here, just go straight from Notthingham University until you reach to this site on your left. The parking is between the trees. FOC~


Catherine said...

wow. visiting so many places recently. holiday?

conan_cat said...

i went to broga hill twice before :D apparently it's a very popular activity for the youngsters nowadays! the view on top is really fascinating, not to mention the clean and nice air!

Tony Wan said...

Wow....Not bad ya.... Must plan to go there xD

mybiebie said...

nice place...will visit soon hopefully.

KwOnG FeI said...

@catherine: now

@conan_cat: agreed!

@tony: yea..nice, simple and refreshing outing

@mybiebie: hope you can make it

~Live Life~ said...

Yeap...nice place...been there...seemed like u guys had a whale of fun!!

alan tan said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

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