Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles, Jalan Tengkat Tung Shin

Looking for a nice beef noodles? This place is more commonly know as Famous Beef Noodles, Jalan Alor. This is because it is located at Jalan Tengkat Tung Shin which is located behind Jalan Alor. From Jalan Alor, go straight toward the far end and then cross to opposite road which is also opposite to the parking lots opposite Federal Hotel. Haha.. confused with the opposite? Digest slowly. Thanks Boon Jin for leading the way. She eats there frequently almost every week. As you can see, it is a hawker stall along the road side. In terms of cleanliness, expect some frustrations. If you are lucky enough like us, you may see BIG RAT~ (quoted from BJ). On the other hand, the food served here are clean and tasty.
Choices of food including lou shu fun with minced beef, beef ball noodles, pork ball noodles and mixed beef soup.
Pork ball with Dry Noodles, RM 5 Ironically, it seem to be minced beef rather than pork.
Minced Beef with Dry Noodle, RM 5
Beef ball noodles soup large, RM 5.50-6.00.
The prices written are approximate price since I had forgotten. Though many claimed that the beef noodles are the best in town, I would rather say that it was just OK. Not too bad nor too good.


jfook said...

Hey dude, I bought my camera already. Canon IXUS 120. Thanks for your advice. Pretty useful. And the beef noodles look tempting as well. :)

Unknown said...

is not the best but if you crave for 1, here's the place

Su YSW said...

Agreed with you! This stall is slightly above average only ^^ but surely not the best in town

Jocelyn Keys said...

omg i love those foood!

i love hawker's noodles and many many many!:)

yum yum

Jasli said...

The famous Kota Bharu Beef Noodles (Lim Siong Kee) is in PUCHONG (newly opened)- located at Cafe KH20 (No.67, Jln Kenari 20, Puchong Jaya) opposite IOI Mall. Open – Morn - Lunch (Mon-Sat). Somebody commented 'tis the best beef noodles in Malaysia, in Kota Bharu and now in PUCHONG. Come - Try the best of KELANTAN Beef Noodles now brought to you in Klang Valley.

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