Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mister Potato Fiesta 2009, Mist Club Bangsar - Videos

Continuation from the post event summary, here are the videos throughout the night. Enjoy!
Lucky draw session. Congrats Nicole for winning the hamper! Mr. Potato aka Mr. Sham dancing 'Makarena'. Who can follow his steps? There were 6 contestants altogether. I can't stop laughing seeing his dance.
Contestant 1- phatgurl. Quite similar to the steps by Mr. Potato. She was crowned #1 Man in Mr. Potato Empire or simply the CHAMPION.
Contestant 2- Jimmy. Check out the red flower on his hat. His performance was too energetic till Liang called him 'feng tau'. It means you are shaking heads non stop as you were taking ecstasy pills.
Contestant 3- This uncle was so funny. He dance out of tune and somehow looked like Chinese drunken kungfu to me. His performance was quite entertaining.
Contestant 4- Check how she flex her butt which attracted Liang who asked her to re-demo to the audience.
Contestant 5- Man in Black (MIB) in action. Check out his backward jump!
Contestant 6- Aja. She managed to dance similar steps like Mr. Potato. Perhaps, due to much pressure and great performances from other contestants, there ain't any great element in her dance.
Wildcard- Adiel, Foong Poh Chan & Atiqah. Rematch 1- Ladies first as said by the crowd. Flexing butt again~ Haha. Rematch 2- This MIB was performing two superb jump again.
The latest song by HUJAN which was Mr. Potato. Never been played anywhere before. You guys are lucky to hear that. The audience was thrilled with the 'new song' as said by HUJAN but burst into laughter when they knew it is Mr. Potato song. Anyway, it was a nice one! When one of the audience asked the vocalist 'Cantik, rambut', he replied 'rebonding, style baru'. Haha.
Mr. Potato dancing with the music played by HUJAN. Listen to the last word by Mr Potato aka Mr Sham aka Mr Funny Man, 'Wah, hebatlah diorang!'. Between, just get the info from FB, Noh is the vocal & plays guitar, AG plays guitar, Yusof plays drum and Hang Dimas plays keyboard.
Mr. Pierre was dancing together with Mr. Potato. It was a funny performance by him.
Who can scream out 'I Love Mr. Potato' the longest or the most cheong hei? The winner went to the fifth girl. All those performed were awarded as winners and took home a hamper. Congrats Chie Chek too!!
Hope all of you who watch these videos are thrilled with our bloggers aka Mr. Potato performances. Bloggers rock, yeah! Special thanks to Nuffnang & Mr. Potato Chips! Between, Happy BOXING day!!


phatgurl said...

oh my... u got most of the fun parts on video... ~!!!

KwOnG FeI said...

@phatgurl: and the most funniest will be yours.. haha.. congrats CHAMPION!~

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