Friday, October 31, 2008

Mr Nicholas Lee, Director of Collegiate Ambassador for Peace pay a visit to UCSI University

Arggg ... i need to curse some one when i read his notes... Every single word come out from his mouth or the tiny small wording on the whiteboard cannot be trusted. I took some time to search thru internet to verify the information. To my surprise, not even 50 % of the infos given can be found in internet and most info are not accurate.

Well, that is the introduction to my study week. Today, I went to the proudly newly granted University to handle the proposal for the proposed Pharmacy Night aka Prom Night to be held next year. While walking towards to Block C, I can see many banners hanged at the car park area bearing ' We are now UCSI University'. Yea.. we are so proud with the increment in the fees~~

Forgot to mention, my slogan as alwiz 'free & easy' ™ (learnt form Guru Pitka). I wear a collar t-shirt and a short pant. Yea.. you are yeng~ I am not worry as I am not dealing long in the SOP as Mr Jony was on leave. I only need to handle something with Ms Kitty. Alright, the intial stage was clear. While talking halfway with her, a heard a strong famillar voice, it was Prof. Noran. I quickly step out from the office and stood beside some seniors. Haha.. I shocked them caused they have no idea what I was doing. Great, my action just in time that she didn't get to see me even though she walked out from the SOP. So, I continued talking with Ms Kitty on some related 'interesting' issues. I kept looking outside in order for me to escape for which Prof. Noran will return back any time. This time I do not have enough time to walked out from SOP. Instead, I sat on the chair and quickly grab a nearby bag and put in front of my leg to cover my sexy legs. Haha... as mentioned by Dr. Chin who spotted me initially. He is very cooperative.

Besides that, I get to know that there is a deepavali celebration function at MPH and some lecturers including the one whose Alvin was looking for was not in. My time management is proven quite good this round. After dealing with Ms Kitty, it was about to reach 3 pm, the meeting time with Mr. Nicholas Lee, the Director of Collegiate Ambassador of Peace.

We do not know what is the purpose of the meeting as Phang only said he wanted to meet us. So, since I need to go school for the earlier business, I attended the meeting. Mr. Nicholas was asking us the experiences in the recent GPF celebration. I answered him that the Sunday event was sort of entertainment and we have no interaction with others as we sat according to our group. The more meaningful event to me was the Service for Peace at Kampung Kerinchi which I really work very hard for it. Besides, I get to know new friends locally as well as internationally.

Mr. Nicholas was explaining on the upcoming service project in Sabah which we may stay there for a week. It is a service for the refugees especially from Philippines which the children do not receive the basic education and start selling cigarettes or unhealthy products for surviving not living. They have no homes as the name explained 'REFUGEE" which the presence in the country is illegal and not recognised. I found this project meaningful and quite interesting. Besides having the donation run throughout the country via Power of 10 cents, whats more important to them is the knowledge (as Nicholas said), but to me is a simple education that can make them slowly craw out form their poverty and become useful in the society (KF said).

My exam will be till the end of November and the service project will be in December. If nothing goes wrong. I would be looking forward for this project. Hope should there is any workshop, it wont fall into my exam periods. Another issue is that even Mr Nicholas himself do not know more about the projects as in what the participants should do, how to register, whats the payment and etc. He and some others are drafting the project and will be giving feedback to us soon.

Besides that, he was mentioning on how we can carry our own service project in our own Uni. Well, our UCSIPSS has a good track records in doing such projects like the Public Health Campaign and the PDK Selayang fundraising & visitation. Alvin took the opportunity to explain our upcoming service projects thru UCSIPSS which there is possibly a collaboration with the GPF to further supports to our projects financially as well as materials needed.

Mr. Nicholas also showed us few video presentations of the recent GPF and asked us to see whether we are in it or not. I have searched the website and the blogspot and there is actually none. To our shock, the developed A5 photos that he brought along has our photos. One of them was showing the 4 VIPs photo including Mr Nicholas, Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail and 2 others while we (me, alvin , MF) were sitting just 3 row behind. Yea.. I did mentioned in my previous posts that we were seating at VIPs side.

Mr Nicholas was so nice to offer us the photo, but we rejected as we have all those photos posted in the website and blogspot and even MORE than that. What we want is actually our silly face behind them..hahahaha... Now, the next would be the sort of main reason i post this. He said he will add us in Facebook and we can dl from there. Aiks.. Aiks.. Facebook again.. I think i'm the only person who do not have facebook yet depsite continuous invitation thru email. Well, I lazy to maintain 2 site as I alrdy have Friendster (which many say no longer active). Hmm.. I alrdy very seldom update my Friendster, takkan want me sign for Facebook and left it aside. To me as for now, blogspot is my highest priority and blogging as for now has become part of my life. Hahaha.. I think I need to register a facebook ASAP...

Hey, it is now study break! But, I just cant resist myself to click to my blogspot and to check the latest happenings thru other blog as well. Yesterday, I bumped into Mr Mazlan blog, it was indeed a shock discovery as you really cant imaging whether a person next to you or your friend do blog or not. I updated a lot of news of my Setapak High school through him, TQ very much and shame to me as being the junior and not knowing the latest info about my own secondary school.

Thats all for now. Have to continue the more important thing. Hey, one more, Razak Baginda was acquitted news in the morning and the petrol price to be decreased from tomorrow, Saturday to RM 2.15..yay.. but i alrdy pumped rm 30 this week.. AIKS~~~~~~~

MS KITTY~~~~ I forgot to pass you the draft 1 proposal which was supposed to be the main purpose i go find you~~ ARGGGGGgggggGGggggGgggGgGgGgGGGg


vkvun said...

since the price going down,then y not u fast fast use finish the RM30 petrol,then go pump again loh, with the new reduced petrol price.Nice??hehe

KwOnG FeI said...

sot de!
i pump now and one motnh later.. the price still at low price..then why pump in d hurry
who know de sot government next month might decreased back to 1.92/L should the global price oil kept decreasing..

vkvun said...

now the price will be reviewed every 2 weeks wor. then if price drop till 1.92/L, then bring me go kai kai ah???

KwOnG FeI said...

i charge very cheap as a tour guide..
since u r my friend, can even give you discount..

vkvun said...

friends still need to charge ah???haiz. so sad

shuennie said...

aiseh~~~somebody do not have Facebok~~Even Dr. Rao and Mr.Jony has one...Which CENTURY were you from?? XP

ahmei said...

lols agreed with Shuennie.
Ms Priya also has one lor =x LOL
KF u need to update urself lah xD

btw Petrol's price is decreasing but the food price is quite "stable" after the shock increase. @_@ perhaps u can logde complain to consumer club haha~ I always wish to do this but don't dare.. xD

KwOnG FeI said...

for shaming me of not having facebook:
i felt pressured to have one ASAP..
as i said not that I dun want, I lazy to update..
seem like all UCSI lecturers are in facebook..
k la..
i am in the Zaman Batu..

for food increase:
hm.. no need complain one.. the consumer association clubs cannot do anything with the current louyah government.

the one one person can try to revert the changes a bit is Dato shahrir ahmad lor..

pity him.. a powerless minister..
his boss said increase without his knowledge then give sudden price shoot..

and now his boss is sleeping.. he have to do the follow up jobs by goin to the hypermarkets and beg them to lower the prices of the goods..

to the current government: WHY at the 1st place you so CLEVER shoot up the petrol price and causes necessarities price to increase as well?? And now see the burden works to revert back..

and our yo yo government said the rm 625 rebate will be cancelled next year..see, not even more than half a year, policy changed AGAIN..

M'Sia a totally bodohland and yo yo land~~ PEACE

Shu Yi said...

Wow~another service project in Sabah. It should be nice.
But....huh~too far!!

KwOnG FeI said...

new place means new experience..
we only need to pay flight ticket..
then most probably homestay thr..
quite interesting..

haha.. thought u will condemning of nt having a facebook ..luckily is not..

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Mr Wong, as for now, your tertiary education is more important.

Nostalgia can come later after you graduate.

We wouldn't want to "yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran."

But you are doing well and on the right track. All the best.

Thanks for the mention.

KwOnG FeI said...

To Mr. Mazlan;

Please don't call me MR, your are more senior to me. You eat 'more salt' than I do, i'm just growing kid. You can call me kwong fei (",).

Thanx for the wish.

So, I will be getting updates from you on Mr. Ho retirement. I'm sure you definitely know more than me.

xh said...

hey, tht project oni open for UCSI students or wht? :)

KwOnG FeI said...

the project is for volunteers across the nation..
but they only target to students in various universities; private or public..
any 1 may join d event..
but, i think it is exclusive for Malaysians only..
those immigrants Malaysian who live in Singapore are not entitled..
despite still working in Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

wah, I feel so honoured loh...i see my name appear so many times in this post!! like VIP!!! hehehehehe...makes me feel like you are dealing with a very important person....kekekekek

Miao Miao said...

alamak...long time didn't leave comments in your blog, forgotten where to put my name...still ET..

don't worry, I also x hv facebook...we sama sama live in zaman generation X :P

KwOnG FeI said...

hmm.. anonymous is Mr Nicholas? Don't shock me..

to miao miao,
haiya..cannot la..i received numerous complain liao..
after exam, we sama-sama register la.
venturing to new world of technology..wakakaka
if nt kena marah pulak..
i will post here to mark the memorable moment when i had registered.. sigh~

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