Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UCSI University, new name, new status, new FEES payment

UCSI has officially granted full university status becoming UCSI University.. This university may be the only university in the country that has a weird name.. Instead of International Sedaya University College, it become University College Sedaya International. And now more weird it has become University College Sedaya International University. Wow.. bravo to those people giving this name. Why not just International Sedaya University or University of Sedaya International?

courtesy of Jackie Loi blog
I think they put the logo and university word last Thursday when i back Uni to check non Rx results. Check the UCSI University website. The name of previous UCSI has been changed when I viewed it last Tuesday (this week).
Adapted from the Star. Rating system to be extended KUALA LUMPUR: The Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (Setara) will be extended to private higher education institutions by next year.
Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said this would provide an overview of where public and private universities rank in the national education system. “This will provide the baseline data from which these institutions will seek to improve and ensure the continuous drive towards excellence is achieved in our national higher education framework,” he said at a ceremony to unveil UCSI University, formerly known as University College Sedaya International, last night.

Bold symbol: Mohamed Khaled (centre) launching UCSI University’s coat of arms Thursday night. Looking on are Ng (right) and chancellor Tan Sri Dr Abdul Rahman Arshad.

Mohamed Khaled said the first step towards achieving a competitive drive in the higher education system was to enable universities, both private and public, to be reviewed and evaluated as equal counterparts. On awarding university status to UCSI, Mohamed Khaled said this was because it had fulfilled the criteria. “These include qualified teaching staff, meeting the prescribed number of academic staff with PhD and masters’ research capabilities, good governance, availability of excellent teaching and learning facilities and good student accommodation,” he said.

“This is indeed a milestone achievement for UCSI and a well-deserved symbol of excellence after 22 years of dedication in the field of higher education,” he said. UCSI University group president and vice-chancellor Peter Ng said he was proud that the university had transformed from a computer training centre with just two computers to four campuses in four states in over 20 years. “We will soon offer hospitality and tourism courses at our Sarawak campus and petroleum and gas courses at our Terengganu campus,” he said. The eventual objective was to create niche specialisations at its branch campuses, he said, adding that it would soon offer doctorate programmes.

I heard that there will be 10 % increment on the semester fees for all courses. Yea.. for the sake of the word University on the certificate, you need to pay more.

Qualified teaching staff? Well, i think my whole class will agree to me that there is somebody not qualified in teaching profession in my course. Not good to elaborate much here.

Rating system? It is undeniable UCSI University among the top private university (not include the foreign universities branches) in the country. So, I am eager to know how well UCSI University is rated.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I think a lot of peeople have misunderstood the rationale behind the name. I've seen many other private companies before, where a merger happens, and they rebrand, a change of name will usually result in a change of perception, or else be forgotten.

It seems here that the acronym UCSI no longer stands for University College, since they have attained University status. UCSI is a stand-alone acronym which has already been implemented for their subsidiaries. (A change in name would result a change in name and registration for all these companies.) So I guess that is why they retained the acronym UCSI.

I doubt it is said as University College Sedaya International University.

It is simply UCSI University. Simple, no?

I hope that clarifies the enigma. :)

KwOnG FeI said...

perhaps due to the registration issue, they retain the name...
between, the University should make an announcement or perhaps seek opinion from the students on the name changed.. erm asking opinion is like we are the boss rite.. at least they tell us why you choose the name and so on.. so the students get the clearer picture and able to explain to others..
for newbies, i think it is a must question for them as any acronym as to my concern has its own word or meaning..
when i think it again, wow.. UCSI University is double U..haha

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