Saturday, October 25, 2008

Global Peace Festival 2008 Day 2 Part 2: Celebration at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

After the speeches, the concert kicked off with the performance from Shruti. Well, who is Shruti? She started singing since age of 13. She was totally an alien to me... and her dressings was sort of weird combination.. Just don't think the whole sets were match.
Do you know her??
Next was the dancing performance by the winner of GangStarz show casted in TV3.
R- The guy in the centre was going to spin 360 degree for minutes..amazing!
These people were highly skilled and their movements were superb
Next, was the dancing performance by Urban Groove
The two guys were fantastic!@ The guy in the right was going to spin as well but it was more difficult task compared to the previous one as he is more muscle build.
The guy in dark green performed all the difficult tasks while the ladies on the right was okay with normal stunts
The two guys were the key player of the group
Indian joget
R- Hindustan dancing
or the Bollywood dancing which DATUK Shah Rukh Khan was featuring
The dance always incorporated with some loves and jokes elements
Vince from Akademi Fantasia
Was him Vince Chong? His face looked different
Ning Baizura with her powerful vocal
The crowd of youths.. We should be singing the YMCA song
L-Datuk Mahathir Lokman as the emcee for the official opening..then just now was what?
R- Arrival of VIPs..this was the real opening of the event
the army force band
well well, what did Mr Sudesh, VP of UCSI doing there? He looked like very busy and was guiding Datuk Mahathir in calling name of the institutions to be on stage.. Read my previous posts on how terrible under his management NO one joined the GPF and NO transportation for students who intended to come for the event despite his earlier agreement to send THREE buses of students..
check out the kids..
L- The small kids were all in Malaysian religion costumes
R- Check out the cutie shoes wore by the Chinese kid wearing cheongsam..CUTE
yo yo..where was you looking at??
i wonder whether they know what they were doing.. kids are so naive that sometimes the teachers cheated them to be on stage with SWEETS or CHOCOLATE...hahahhaha..jk
forgot who told me.. we had to sing Negaraku..when was my last time singing our national anthem? the kids also sang along.. my friend was saying they were very cute looking at their lips movement as they sing along as well.
aisk.. i also never tried wear Chinese male costumes before..
this was the performance from Istana Budaya
initially, the place we seated was the VIP view since the very beginning of the event.. when the real VIPs arrived, the view turn 180 degree and now we were facing the 'backstage' of the performers
R- Malay silat?
'tarian masyarakat majmuk Malaysia'
In the mid of the performance from Istana Budaya, Christine, her mei mei & MF went out to have something to fill the groaning stomach. The picture was taken at the exhibition site with history, drawing and etc about GPF. Sadly, there was no proper acknowledgement to the visitors of this site. Not many know about this exhibition. When the time I reached here earlier in the morning, it was empty. Really disorganized~

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