Friday, October 17, 2008

Rice Barrel House Restaurant, Taman Connought

This is a newly opened restaurant in Taman Connought. Many had give their negative feedback on this restaurant. So, we take this chance to experience the truth. Let's begin with their menu:

These are the set menu which cost RM 9.90 each. Previously when it is newly opened, they offer the same price without drinks. Now, it is a choice of drink or tong sui.

The ala carte prices seem expensive. The portion of food is same like if you go fuk sing.

woW! The price of the barley (fu chuk yin mai) costs rm 3.90. The portion.. you will see later..scroll down..

The drink to be specific is only Lime Juice.. no other choices

This is the expensive barley which little ingredients inside. Nothing special but shocked to learn the high price.

The comparison of size of the serving of drink/dessert

Plum steam pork rib rice

Hua diao wine chicken rice

I would say the portion of this pork ribs quite many..

same with this chicken

Environment at the place..Well, its 1 pm ++ yet very empty.. guess its awaiting time to say bye bye~

This setting quite good thing is that the air cond is still on despite less people, all the fans modern type also switch on as well as the small lamp on top of each table. I guess they haven't receive their electrical bill yet. Definitely, there will be changes next month~haha

HmmM.. the receipt bears no restaurant name or food name. What a lousy place~ Luckily, they didn't charge service tax. I don't feel like any1 serving me at all.

Question: Look at the name of the restaurant, can I know where is the barrel of rice??

All photos by: Vun Vui Kiat using Nokia N73 (2 years old soon) .. TQ


vkvun said...

Bad service, as tissue and toothpick and bill all have to go to counter, except the food and drink will be served to the table.

No service, no wonder no service tax.

look at the receipt somemore. so simple. they really wanna cut cost.

wonder how long they will survive in this harsh condition where the customers are very 'cerewet'

kbguy said...

There is no taxes bcos the restauraunt is less than 1 yr old and they are collecting less than RM200k per month.

KwOnG FeI said...

thanx kbguy for your info..
HAve you try the food? Do you think the food worth its price?

sharon said...

i dont think the food is worth the price....the service was very very bad...i waited for more than one hour for the food to come...sigh

KwOnG FeI said...

u seem to been there recently..
being 'trapped'..
and i guessed there isnt much changes since my last post..
yet, the restaurant is still 'present'..
my advice better go to McD or wok and roll for air conditioned..

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