Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Angkasa Condo: Water leakage again!

Chronology of events
Friday, 3 Oct 2008
Water leakage again! It started as small leakage but no action was taken at that time. So, i assume the plumbers may still in the Hari Raya Holidays and thus x working for that particular day. The leakage is small enough to disturb my sleep and it continued till the weekends. Yet, no one come to attend to this problem and again i told myself, it's still holidays. Alright, i not know sure whether thr is any plumbers working on public holidays but one thing for sure, if the problem is left unattended, it may cause a major lost in terms of costs and wastage of water. I don't think its hard to find one if you want to compare the bigger loss if the problem persists. Or probably, the management has no idea on what is happening. One thing about Malaysians perhaps is lack of civic minded as they tend not to report such similar case unless if it give impacts to themselves. Btw, I had bad experiences handling with similar case last time. I argued and sort of scolded the guards for the slow respond to the leakage. For this time, I assume there is someone who reported the case.
Monday, 6 October 2008
When i was back from uni, the water supply was cut off. I was informed that there was water leakage in Block C and B as well (what a coincidence). The supply was on back at about 4pm++. So, joy back as I need nt to go other unit to bath. I continued my study and decided to bath later be4 dinner.
6.00 pm ++ - Aiks! Just when I wanted to bath, the water leaks again. And this time is a big explosive leakage. W/o further delay, I stepped out from my room to get the pail to store water. At the same time, I informed my housemates and asked them to quickly bath. All are in shock stage. I went for a 30 sec 'mandi kerbau' session . The water pressure is so low till the heater is not functioning. Luckily, there is another source in the bathroom. So, I managed to clean myself and washed my hair with shampoo.
6.30 pm - Guard arrived.(walau, it took so long for him to reach). All the lower floor is flooded with water including the stairs. 2 lifts take rest (alwiz happen when there is a rain + thunder) leaving only 1 lift functioning and crowded people at p5. 6.50 pm - The water supply is shut down. (walau, it took so long to close the main switch)
8.50 pm - 2 young plumbers arrived. One is holding the McD paper cup. They are discussing LOUDLY on how to repair the leakage while i was studying for tomolo quiz.
9,15 pm - Both of them are out of sight. Thought should be kau tim alrdy.
9.40 pm- They are back for repair. They actually went out to get the equipments required.
10.30 pm - Water supply is on back. From the conversation I heard, they have made temporary sealing for stopping of the leakage. Due to lack of spare parts, they need to re-visit tomolo for further repair.
11.10 pm - As predicted, the water leaks after the repair but with low water current. I quickly brushed my teeth and bath scaring of another shutting of water supply.
11.50 pm - Both of them came back for evaluation of the leak. I not sure how they fixed it. No more water leakage while the supply is still on. However, since then, I heard a loud turbo voice of a machine. Not sure what it is, but it comes from somewhere nearby the site of incidence. OMG~ I need to bear with the noise the whole night! After some time, late in the night, no such noise is then heard. Weird~
Tuesday, 7 October 2008
9.50 am - The repairmen arrived. I'm not sure what they had done but the leakage is still there until after some time, no more leakage occurs.
11.00 am - I saw a man removing the clothes used to wrap the sealing area/point of joint btw existing pipe and newly replaced pipe. OmG! To my surprise, while removing, the water starts to leak gradually. Really 'no eye see'. Well, dont bother it first..Need to go uni for DFD quiz.
4.10 pm- When I was home, I was informed by housemate that there is no water supply.
4.20 pm- Me and Christine then went to Jasmine' s house to bath. Aiks.. refugee asking for shelter~
4.40 pm- A repairman asked Joanne who happened to be at kitchen's sink from lower floor whether we have water or nt. He then explain to us the situation and told us that the current water supply may be in low pressure as they do not want to agitate or over stress the sealing at the joint btw the existing pipes and the newly replaced pipes. I then found out that the repairmen not only tell us but also to others as well. This has never happened be4 where they will inform you on the situation.
What I like despite the bad experience is the RESPONSIBILITY and good service shown by the repairmen. If you are a responsible person, you are highly sought for employment and gain trust as well as confidence by people around you. However, if YOU are not..yea YOU….then your whole life will be messy, disorganized and dependent on others (eg. a baby who need ppl to feed everything). It’s not wrong to be dat it’s just a disgrace.

Pictures and videos taken on 6 October 2008.

Angle 1

Angle 2

Angle 1- Deteriorate stage

For the previous water leakage occured in July, please click here.

For upcoming leakage, NO MORE PLS!!!


Elizabeth Monteiro said...

wow..i was completely oblivious to the situation though we live in the same block.haha.

KwOnG FeI said...

good news that it seem no more leakage alrdy!~~

save water said...

water leakage can be very distributive if it is not taken seriously.pictures shows clearly that how water leakage repair should be done on priority so that it will not be harmful for building structure.it cab spoil your interior also.

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