Saturday, October 25, 2008

Global Peace Festival 2008 Day 2 Part 1: Celebration at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

We started our journey to Bukit Jalil sharp at 9.30 am from Hexi Restaurant after our breakfast. It was not a smooth journey as there was jam at Bandar Tasik Selatan giving us an early prediction that many were going to the same destination and the car park may full
L- Our assumption was wrong when we saw this lorry turn upside down... can go buy TOTO...haha
R- Christine and her mei mei, didn't ask her name.. so, just called her mei mei
We managed to reach in time despite an early confusion on the exact location of the stadium. Well, I forgot which entrance to the Putra Stadium and instead we went wrong to Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil...
L- We went into the stadium and saw Jaclyn Victor was practising her singing for the later show..The stadium at that time was empty
R- Christine and a Thai delegate, thanx MF for calling him upon request from Christine
We took the chance to take photo with him too
Well, there should be a rehearsal for a parade for later event. That was why all the volunteers were required to gather before 10 am. However, the event was cancelled without proper acknowledgement to all and not many GPF officers knew about it. There was no counter or any GPF officers stationed at the entrance to answer our queries. This was really very disorganized! Thus, the GPF officers that I contacted asked us to 'lepak' or hang around the place until 1 am. OMG! Hang around for 3 HOURS?? So, we left with no choice to mingle around the booths set up outside the Putra Stadium under the VERY HOT sun.
Our first stop was at the small stage outside the stadium. There was an on going Silambam performances from mostly kids and few adults.
L- Look at the stick carried by the young kid. I predicted that elder kids used the wooden stick while the younger one used this petrol pumper alike stick. It was so cute~
L- Then, I met with Edward hanging around too.
R- MF was taking photographs for Christine and her sis. Well, salute to him~ He was holding the umbrella using his neck to press on his shoulder, the left hand carrying two paper bags containing the women diapers, Kotex (one is free gift i think) and a cap hanged on his jean. He was the idol of perfect NN (can't elaborate much here...haha)
These were the photos
Next, Wan Nah and Leon played this musical dance which was O2Jam alike. Of coz they played for something which was to win a goodies bag from Ribena. To qualify for contesting, you need to purchase any Ribena' items sold in the front counter.
Our next stop was to take picture from this Thai delegates with their own costumes.
The bystanders also wanted to join us.
Beside the Thai girls, we also took pictures with the Thai guys. L- My left was the gentlemen from Yemen while my right was from Turkey
L- This little kid was initially playing inside the playing ground set up using the hot air. Out of sudden, the playing ground collapsed and she started to cry. Her mother then brought her far away from the scene. Our effective cameramen managed to take the kid's photo.
Erm.. i forgot the red shirt kid was from where.. I just remembered his sweats from his ears sweat my ear too while taking the photo. It was large amount.. guess he was playing non stop for a very long period of time.
MF was doing a jumping shot while Alvin who took his photo kept laughing after seeing the snapped photo. Thanx Rajes for his brilliant move to capture Alvin photo as well.
Ice branded or blended? Even if it is ice blended, it was not! We bought the wheat grass ice blended which was just iced wheat grass and the taste was aweful. I never tasted such weird wheat grass drink be4. Even if you give me money, I swear I will never try it again! The A&W Drinking Competition
Aiks.. if MF joined this competition, he would have win it! There were 3 rounds of matches. The winner of each matches will then compete in the grand final round. If not mistaken, a student from UTAR, UM and UPM respectively won the earlier matches. I forgot who won the Grand Final round. What you need to do is very simple..just drink a glass of A&W as fast as you can. What amazed me was the spirit of the game shown by their supporters. UM and UTAR supporters were shouting each others with their own 'spirit cheers'. This shall be practised by UCSI as well (i cant find such thing yet) as it can boost your confidence and spirit of togetherness!~ Besides, it also shows your groups' identity.
Hahaha..this lady was trying to sell a CD with a collection of songs. I was actually the one who approached her and asked her to take photo with us.It was really pai seh as she need to put down her 'luggages' she was carrying be4 taking the photo. Sorry for not making business and TQ for the photo.
At about 1 pm, we then entered into the stadium. The seats are based on first come first serve. Each of us was given a mini plastic fanner and a glow in the dark (GID) stick. The left picture was showing the GID stick on Alvin's camera. We were seated a row after the VIPs seat and a row behind the Hong Kong delegates. Then only I saw Pei La & Lucy whom me and Lai Teng were looking for yesterday for a picture. What a coincidence! L- There were 4-5 small TVs about 16 inches at each edge of the stage.
R- Me and Yen Ching who was on the way to her seat.
ARgggg... It was Mandarin class again but this time w/o Lai Teng. She asked me 'After days of coming Malaysia, i still cannot find what so special in Malaysia. What are the nice places and signature foods in Malaysia?' OMG..i find difficulty in answering her question. The only answer i told her was our people from different ethnicity. Regarding on place... KLCC (she nodded and said yea it was beautiful place)... foods.... HOW TO EXPLAIN?? Our foods is some sort same like in China which we consume mainly vegetables and soups. So, i told her..our food her is a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indians as well. I want to say ROJAK..but i really dunno how to explain to her...HAHhahHahAhaHAhhaha
R- We were on the live big screen TV !! HELLO every1~~
I was asked to joined the HK delegates for a picture
Many came in a big group except us
L- I became the cameraman for the HK delegates
R- A truly joy and fun can be seen from their faces.. this is what the youth should do..
While waiting for the dear VIPs, this Chinese orchestra tuned into their rhythm to entertain the audience. Due to the 'heavy jam' and various reasons, the VIPs were always late. The orchestra has to play repeated song that made me feel so sleepy.
I SMS Lai Teng to come down for a photo with Pei La and Lucy. She brought along a friend who due to limited time and spaces, we didn't introduce each other. At that time, the performance was about to start and all were seated in their place. So, to stand at the stairs and every1 looking at you was not very convenience.
L- Nicholas
R- Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hjh Zaleha Ismail Y.B. DATO' RAZALI BIN ISMAIL, Deputy Education Minister II delivering his opening ceremony speech
Each of the three VIPs then were to insert a 10 cents coin dummy into the holes of the stand
Then, a bigger 10 cents coin dummy popped out~ It was written with Power of 10 cents.. the campaign launched a month of ago nationwide
Donation to:
L- International Relief Rriendship Foundation (IRFF) Cambodia R- Majlis Kebajikan Kanak-kanak malaysia (MKKM) Prize giving ceremony for FUTSAL competition
L- Second runner up from Nottingham.. R- Check out the sandal.. well, this was an official ceremony attended by a minister.. they should be well informed of the protocol..
The first runner up from Team Perpaduan X (forgot which alphabet.. hmm.. i think they should have given a better name.. Who in the world know what is perpaduan other than malaysians and perhaps indonesians?)
The champion went to Team Perpaduan X (forgot the alphabet)

Picture of the winners and the VIPs


Shu Yi said...

Wow,i really can see my friends come from same institute are al around in your pictures, especially Malays and seniors.Rupa-rupanya my senior sat so front that day.
For the A&W drinking competition, the Malay guy won the grand final. They have been told to drink 3 glasses of A&W. U r mistaken, the Malay guy is from IPTB,my institute, not UPM. haha.Our supporters r not many, stood in front of the stage. I'm around there that time too, but stood under shelter. Since the first matches for the kids I was ady around there.
anyway, u all really took many pic that day. nice sharing....
Hehe~tell u some more. Not all the Siamese look like them that we met in GPF. Mostly they are look like chinese, but dunno y i din see anyone of this character. Eh, do u know that my hometown is at the boundary of Thailand. Wahaha. I have some mixture of this.

KwOnG FeI said...

IPTB stand for??
later i make the changes..haha thanx for telling me..
at the time of the competition, i was standing at the left side of the tent.. we arrive at the second round till the last grand final..
so, miss the kids competition.. it should be cute and funny..

Shu Yi said...

IPTB=Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainun

melvoin foong said...

This is day 3 already. It started in UM where the official launch, on Friday.


KwOnG FeI said...

i think most of us did not attend the day at UM..
not many know about it..
if not, i would have come to the function~~

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